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Video Game Reviewer. Games Roundtables, Game of the Year Roundtable, Games Hall of Fame. Four-Player Co-op, Triple Threat
Write Video Game Reviews in the Games Section. As well as organize everything roundtables for 411 Games. Co-Write the Triple Threat with David Martell and Zach Brown. Co-Write Four-Player Co-op.
Wrote America's Football (about Soccer) for 411 Sports. Wrote Soccer Fact or Fiction for 411 Sports. Organized NBA Roundtables for 411 Sports
Went to E3 2009, Write Sports articles for, Founding Member and Work in Video & Audio Production for JGS Inc. Youth Leader at Calvary Church of Denton
Before I began to write for 411: I Wrote the Triple Threat Wrestling Column on Myspace with David Martell and Alex Mattis. (This is how I got on to 411). Ran my own angelfire wrestling website for three years. Wrote my own RAW, SmackDown, and PPV shows on paper for an entire year back in high school. Written columns for various sports. Wrote my own Video Game Reviews.
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