411 Boxing Fact or Fiction 03.09.10: Toney/UFC, Gomez vs. Castillo, Tyson, Wapakman

March 9, 2010 | Posted by Ramon Aranda

We’ve got two fresh combatants in this week’s Fact or Fiction as Jonathan Yaghoubi (0-1) enters the ring to take on Michael Payne (0-0) from across the pond. As usual, I’ll be the third man in the ring so let’s get right to it!

Round 1: Regardless of who wins the Super Six World Boxing Classic, there’s no doubt that he’ll become a major star given the accomplishment.

>Michael Payne: FACT – How can he not become a major star? He will have won a tournament with the best super middleweights in the world in. They are all top talents at different stages in there career. Some are already world champions, some have been world champion & others younger and proving themselves at world level. Whoever wins will be in a great position.

Jonathan Yaghoubi: FACT – Say what you want to say about the Super Six but one fact is obvious as we head toward stage two of the tournament. Without this high-profile tournament, fights like Dirrell vs. Abraham or others would never happen. For the first time in a long time, those that control boxing are doing what they always should do. They are placing the collective interests of the sport ahead of self preservation. All the fighters involved know what the consequences of this tournament is.

The series of competitive fights all six of these men have to go through is going to be one of the toughest periods of their career. Not many fighters today are going through these series of fights these men are going through. There are no tune-ups or warm up fights in this tournament. Every single fight that is being fought in the classic is a going to be no easy picnic. With that being said, the man that comes out on top at the conclusion of this tournament will certainly become a much bigger star as a result of it.

The recognition as the winner is certainly going to be a great thing to have on your resume. It will no doubt change the career of that fighter. If Abraham were to win, he will finally get the love he deserves in America as the elite super middleweight in the world. Boxing fans know how good King Arthur is but he is still relatively unknown to the American public. If any of the Americans were to win it, there lives and careers would change forever. Five or ten years from now, those men will always point to the classic as the turning point of their career.

Scorecard: Solid similar points but Jonathan gets the point for going in-depth.

1-0 Jonathan

Round 2: James Toney’s venture into the UFC will be disastrous.

Michael Payne: FICTION – Although I don’t think he will go on to dominate in UFC i don’t see it being completely pointless. Like the signing of Kimbo Slice he will sell tickets and people will be intrigued to watch. Dana White has proved he is a very clever business man and getting a real boxing star on his books will keep interest. But Toney’s lack of MMA experience will stop him going all the way.

Jonathan Yaghoubi: FACT – I was more than stunned when I heard the news that Toney had signed with the UFC. First off, Dana White comes off as a big hypocrite with this one. He talked about how much of a joke it was when 47 year old Hershel Walker signed to fight with Strikeforce. Walker shut White up big time in his first fight as he looked in fantastic shape and easily destroyed his opponent. Well now the joke is on you Dana.

Toney becomes the most decorated boxer ever to fight in the UFC. His boxing skills are above anyone in the UFC, and probably boasts the best chin. He will go down as one of the great middleweights of all time. He went through a great stretch from ’97 to 2005 when he went undefeated in 15 straight fights. But that was in the boxing ring.

To win in MMA, you need to be in fantastic shape at all times and have the dedication to be the best. Toney has been in less that stellar shape for quite some time now and won’t be fighting any stiffs like John Ruiz or Hasim Rahman when he steps into that Octagon. Any decent UFC fighter will absolutely destroy the fat, slow, and old Toney in no time at all. When Toney fails to knockout his opponent early with one of his powerful punches, what is he going to do when he hits the ground? Toney is not a martial artist and has no grappling skills.

However, if Toney takes MMA seriously I think he’d surprise a few guys, he’d never be a champ but I think standing up he’s rock some guys. I just don’t see him taking serious at all. Toney didn’t have any discipline when he was in his physical prime and was a champion. Toney chose cheeseburgers over training. He had some great hands, but those were attached to a flabby midsection, the result of too many buffet all nighters. He never chose to show up in shape, and relied on heavy hands. He will not, I repeat will not excel in this sport.

Scorecard: This one’s not even close.

2-0 Jonathan

Round 3: You will make it a point to watch Wapakman (Pacquiao’s movie) out of pure curiosity.

Michael Payne: FACT – It looks awful, it probably is awful but i have to watch it.

Jonathan Yaghoubi: FICTION – The only way I will see this if it happens to be on TV one day or one of the movie channels. I have no interest in seeing Manny Pacquiao as an actor. If the movie was some big box office hit with major stars in it, I may try to go see it. I had never heard of this movie and it doesn’t sound like it’s going to win Oscars anytime soon. As I read reviews for the movie, it sounds like it’s just a really bad movie. Manny needs to stick on what he does best and that is boxing. I am a fan of his singing as it’s a good way for him to appeal to the American public more but that is about it.

Don’t get me wrong people, the guy IS TALENTED, but his talents are better put elsewhere and not in movies or even politics. Just because he is rich, doesn’t mean he is capable to do anything.

Scorecard: 3-0 Jonathan

And now for the championship rounds!

Round 4: Alfonso Gomez vs. Jose Luis Castillo (on the Pacquiao-Clottey undercard) will be a fun-to-watch war.

Jonathan Yaghoubi: FACT – Though this is no huge fight by any means, the styles of the two men could well make the scheduled ten round welterweight bout an explosion. Castillo’s days as a big attraction appeared to be over.This may still be the case, but a win over the useful Gomez – who is coming of a decent win over Jesus Soto Karass – could possibly ensure one last big fight for the former WBC lightweight king.

A far bigger hitter than Gomez, even at welterweight and while fighting on as a faded force, Castillo would very likely take the fight to Gomez right from the start.Gomez, is tough, however, and Castillo’s fellow Mexican warrior would surely relish the aggression coming his way. Neither guy has been in too many dull fights, and there’s nothing to suggest the fight would be boring. In fact, the exact opposite will be the case, and the two proud Mexicans could end up giving us the best fight, action-wise, of the entire card.

With both guys knowing how much there is to fight for, and with both men having a big heart and a ton of courage also, a Castillo-Gomez clash would definitely be well worth seeing.

Michael Payne: FACT – They will both go all out at each other. I see it going to the later rounds with Castillo just edging it and stopping Gomez but it looks on paper like a great fight.

Scorecard:Jonathan continues to push Michael around with overall better explanations for his choices.

4-0 Jonathan

Round 5: You would be interested in a Hatton-Khan match-up

Jonathan Yaghoubi: FICTION – I have no interest in any Ricky Hatton fight any longer. His days as being a significant fighter are long over in my mind. In the two biggest fights of his career, he tanked big time with devastating knockout losses that will never recover from. The knockout loss to Pacquiao was one of the most severe knockouts I have ever seen The look on his face after the fight had me wishing that I would never want to see him fight in the ring against anybody.

As for Khan, a fight against Hatton does nothing for his career. It’s a no win situation for the young Khan and will do nothing to advance his development. The fight maybe a big one in England but it means nothing in the States. The fight he should focus on is against Malignaggi. Paulie is on a hot streak right now coming off his back to back impressive performances against Juan Diaz and both would be a perfect match for each other. Throw on the fact that the fight would be held at MSG which should help Khan out big time in terms of getting recognized in America. It’s not that big of a risk for Khan either as his suspect chin will not be tested by the light hitting Malignaggi.

Michael Payne: FICTION – I think the timing for these two to fight has gone. I love watching Ricky fight but i believe he should call it a day. He has done a lot in the sport but he should get out now and work on his promoting. Khan is on the up and i have a feeling he would beat Ricky if they fought now, which is something I wouldn’t like to see.

Scorecard: Is there even a question?

5-0 Jonathan

Round 6: Rumors of a Mike Tyson comeback will be false.

Jonathan Yaghoubi: FACT – I am going with my heart that my head on this one. Part of me wants to see him back because the heavyweight division has been dull for like forever and he would inject some life back into the division for sure. But the other part of me doesn’t want him back because how his last few fights went.

Tyson has not fought since he announced his retirement after journeyman Kevin McBride made him quit in 2005. It was the third time in four bouts that Tyson was stopped. Another journeyman, Danny Williams, knocked him out in 2004 and he was hammered by then-champion Lennox Lewis in a 2002 title fight. We all know this proposed comeback is all about paying bills and doing the only thing he knows how to earn money; fight.

In the end, I just don’t think Tyson has the drive anymore to do anymore training for a fight. Add the fact that the more Mike subjects himself to becoming nothing more than a distant sideshow, the more the public’s image of the artist formerly known as “the baddest man on the planet” will be a distant memory. That is all Tyson is known for and I don’t think he will sacrifice that just to make a few bucks. Or would he??

Michael Payne: FACT – I really hope he doesn’t come back. He has proved on several occasions that he has nothing left to give. If he does come back it will simply be for the pay and that is not the best reason to be in the ring. It will be a shadow of the original Tyson.

Final Scorecard: And Jonathan sweeps it with a much better performance than Mr. Payne.

6-0 Jonathan

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