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1000 Heroz (iOS) Review

June 22, 2011 | Posted by Adam Larck

Title: 1000 Heroz 

Publisher: Apple

Developer: RedLynx

Genre: Racing

Players: 1

1000 Heroz will give you almost three full years of new content.

Honestly, it’s pretty impressive for a $.99 title on the iPhone or $1.99 on the iPad. The main draw of the game is that one new level, hero and relic will be added each day for 1,000 days, giving iOS owners something to do for quite a while.

The game comes from RedLynx, the makers of Trials HD on XBLA, and it shows. The gameplay is very similar, as both are physics-based platform racers.

You control the hero of the day (or previous day) as you run towards the end in the shortest amount of time possible. Along the way, you’ll jump over stones, pits, springs and more. Like their last game, your hero’s head will bob back and forth, and their body will run full out in whatever direction you push.

The controls are simple enough on the iPhone, and work good. You have a button for forward, button for backwards (although it’s seldom used, unless trying to get through branches) and a button to jump. There’s also the regular menu and restart buttons, which I used quite a bit to try and get a better time when watching my ghost.

The ghost is probably one of the best features for the game. After beating a level, the little specter will hover above your head, letting you see where you are compared to your previous best time. This lets you estimate how well you did on a previous path, and lets you see if you should try a new path or new place to jump to shave a few seconds off. Plus, if you find yourself falling too far behind, you can always just do a quick restart and try again.

The main goal when a new level releases each day, around 1 p.m. CST, is to try and get at least a silver medal or better to unlock the special relic from each stage. The relic doesn’t do anything, but just looks interesting and adds to your overall stats. Plus, it always has some little quip about it that you can read.

There’s also a new hero that comes out each day as well. As I write this, a new one just came out proclaiming him to have found beer, and the first hangover. All the heroes have short blurbs as well before hopping into the levels. The levels are all different, but have the same background and many of the same elements.

After beating a level, you can always go back through to try and get a new best time and more coins, both of which are just used to boost your leaderboard standings. The standings can be viewed in the Hall of Records, along with your overall level and amount of relics collected. You can’t view individual relics from this screen, though, which is disappointing. One centralized place to see all the relics would have been great.

Another thing worth noting is that you can’t go back into previous days and try to set a new record time on the daily leaderboards. The daily leaderboard for a certain track is only available for change that day before moving on. It’s both a good and bad for the game. It gives players a reason to keep pushing themselves on a new map during the day it comes out, but doesn’t give much reason to come back to a level again after that, except to try and earn a few more coins.

As months start progressing in the game, the game looks like it will get a bit advanced as well. The first 80 days are in “The Ancient Age of Hungry Lizards,” but the eras keep progressing all the way to “The Age of Happy Motoring” at the end. Throughout each era, there are different time periods that change every 20 days or so, such as “The time of Fast Feet” and “The Very Long Time of Hiding in Trees.”

As of this writing, there’s only about 15 days of content to go through. So, some players may seem a bit underwhelmed by what there is to do. However, with 985 more days of content to come, you won’t be lacking a game to waste a minute or two of time in the next few months.

It should also be noted that this review only incorporates what’s currently out there. There’s no word if levels in future eras will add new challenges to get through, or if things will get as crazy as Trials HD towards year three. I would doubt it, but I won’t put anything past RedLynx.


  • New content added every day for 1,000 days.
  • Leaderboard gives reason to keep trying for faster time.
  • Interesting to see new relics you can get and the new heroes.


  • Content may seem a bit small during the opening weeks/month or two.
  • If you aren’t interested in leaderboards, there isn’t much here.
  • Going back to previous days can’t get you on daily leaderboards.

    The 411:

    For its price, you really can’t go wrong with this game. Sure, it may be simple, but you can keep going to try and get the new relics and to see information about new heroes each day. Plus, they’ll eventually be new eras to go to and quite a bit more to see. As long as you’re in it for the long run, 1000 Heroz will give you plenty to do.

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