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411 Games Fact or Fiction 01.17.13: Fallout 4,Gamefly, Vita and More

January 17, 2013 | Posted by Daniel Anderson

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of Fact or Fiction. As always, I am Daniel Anderson, and I hope everyone has had a good week. NFL playoffs are in full swing at this point, and I find myself in my normal NFL postseason routine rooting against the Patriots. Anyway, this week we have 411’s Gavin Napier going up against Adam Larck. Let’s see what they have to say, shall we?

1.) You like the thought of Fallout 4.


Gavin Napier Fact: I love the Fallout series. I started with Fallout 2, went back to get Fallout 1, and have invested significant time into Fallout 3. The Pipboy theme is a constant on my PS3. If there’s a Fallout 4 on the way, I’ll be among the first in line.

Adam LarckFact: Sure. I really liked the third title and New Vegas. I think if 4 follows in the footsteps of the past two titles from Bethesda it will be a great game as well. I’m curious as to what the setting will be though. Now that they’ve done Vegas and D.C., do they continue to stay in North America or finally branch out? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

Score: 1 for 1 – I look forward to a new Fallout. I really look forward to see what location they set the game in this time.

2.) Gamefly will benefit from the court ruling saying Netflix has an unfair advantage when it comes to the USPS.


Gavin Napier Fact:I mean, it can’t hurt, right? Any ruling that opens up options to businesses is a good thing. Speaking as someone trying to get a small business going, I can tell you that the more options you have the better. I don’t know that Gamefly is going to see a major surge in popularity from this but it’ll make their life easier if nothing else.

Adam LarckFact: Depending on what happens with the punishment. If it makes it a level playing field, then GameFly should get a bit better discount rate on shipping, although I’m not sure if the customers would see a benefit from that or not. If it stays similar to how it is now, though, then GameFly will just continue on as it has done before.

Score: 2 for 2 – I think that Gamefly will make more money based on this ruling. They will get a break with lower shipping costs, but the customers will not see any decrease in the price of a subscription.

3.) You will try The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct when it is released in March.


Gavin NapierFact: I love the comics. I loved the Telltale Games series. I love the TV show. I’ll give it a shot, likely through Redbox, before I purchase it. But there’s no way I won’t at least try it out.

Adam LarckFact: Why not. I wasn’t impressed with the trailer for it, but I’ll normally give pretty much any game a shot once. I’ll probably try it on the Wii U, just to see if it takes advantage of the GamePad and how it does. Hopefully, the game isn’t being rushed like I fear it currently is to capitalize on the success of the episode series that just ended.

Score: 3 for 3 – I am pretty weary of this game. I just worry that this will be a typical, disappointing, licensed game. I hope I am wrong, but history shows what is the likely outcome.

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4.) According to Sony’s CEO Vita sells have been, “on the low end of what we expected.” We can now call the Vita a failure.


Adam LarckFiction: Nah, not by a long shot. The 3DS had terrible sales the first year as well, but a price drop started helping it out. I think a price drop and a few more good games could go a long way for the Vita. It already has some impressive titles for it that I’ve enjoyed, and a few more key ones, like maybe a BioShock or even the upcoming Sly Cooper, may really push it along more.

Gavin NapierFiction: A disappointment, yes. A failure, no. If Sony has lost money on it, then I’m willing to change my answer. I don’t know the particulars of the financials here, but if they’ve turned any sort of profit then from a business standpoint it’s not a failure.

Score: 4 for 4 – In my mind, the Vita is drifting closer and closer to the failure zone. There are a few people who love the system, but it has yet to reach a high level of popularity. Sony is losing money as a company, and the Vita isn’t helping to turn that trend around.

5.) Pokemon X and Y will be a contender for best handheld game of 2013.


Adam LarckFact: Most Pokémon titles are, so I’ll go along with this. Hopefully, more gameplay element upgrades are being added besides just some new graphics. If it’s only a graphical change, they’ll still be a contender, but I could see a Vita game or another title like Fire Emblem possible take home the honor this year.

Gavin NapierFact: Pokemon needs are among the most loyal and devoted subset of nerds in the world. That’s not a bad thing. I’m more a comic nerd myself. The name brand of Pokemon will carry it to strong sales. Word of mouth will get it a few more. Then kids will see something new and shiny and want it, and the sales will top off. The real question is why hasn’t there been a Pokemon game modeled after Skylanders?

Score: 5 for 5 – Does anyone think this won’t be the bestselling handheld title this year? Pokemon still makes a ton of money and I haven’t seen anything to make me think this title won’t.

6.) We will see a Steam Box official reveal in 2013.


Adam LarckFact: We’ve already seen the deal Valve has made and the computer box already, but I look for an official reveal, complete with set prices and dates, to possibly come around GDC time since Valve hasn’t been huge on E3 in recent years. Still, it’s already pretty much official as it is considering what we just saw at CES.

Gavin NapierFiction: For some reason I just don’t see it happening. I hope I’m wrong, though. It could be a lot of fun, even for people that are already on Steam through computers, and potentially add a level of portability to the games. Something just doesn’t feel quite right with me, though.

Score: 5 for 6 – I wonder if we will see an official reveal this year. We saw some concept boxes at CES, but I can easily see Valve not releasing anything official until 2014 if Sony and Microsoft release their new consoles.

Bonus Question: Which THQ property would you like seeing Double Fine purchase and develop into a game?

Adam Larck I’d love to see what Double Fine could do to revamp this series. I was a fan of Brutal Legend, and think they could do some impressive things with this series and giving their unique spin to it. However, I could just as easily see them passing up on most of the licenses, unless they have to pick up their own loose ends from Stacking that THQ published. None of the games really scream Double Fine’s style to me, so they’d basically be picking up a series and completely redoing it to their liking. Is it possible? Sure, but it’ll cost quite a bit more to do it that way.

Gavin Napier Given what they were able to do with Psychonauts, I’d love to see them take a crack at the Destroy All Humans series. Offbeat and quirky, it may be right in Double Fine’s wheelhouse.

That wraps up this week’s edition of Fact or Fiction. Adam and Gavin went 5 for 6, just barely missing out on a Perfect Score on the last question. I hope everyone has a good week, and until then, happy gaming.

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