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411 Games Fact or Fiction 06.13.13: PS4, Xbox One, Scrolls and More

June 13, 2013 | Posted by Adam Larck

Welcome to another week of Fact or Fiction. This week, I’m taking over as temporary host as Daniel Anderson is away on business.

This week, we have Dan Watson taking on Todd Vote. As a note, Anderson made these questions up before he left and answers were given before E3. Make sure to read next week for a Fact or Fiction chocked full of E3 questions and comments.

1.) The PS4 will have similar used game features and online requirement as the Xbox One.

Todd VoteFiction: Correct me if I am wrong here, but hasn’t Sony already went on record as saying they have no intention of restricting used games? Unless that was just a veiled comment, and they intend to “leave it up to publishers”, like Microsoft is doing… If Sony is smart, they will take a look at all this backlash that the X-Bone (that’s what I’m calling it) is getting and completely avoid any of the same things.

Dan WatsonFact: Sony has been pretty quiet so far about this console and these requirements. Sure they said it wouldn’t need to be “Always On,” and that it would “Play Used Games.” Guess what Xbox One does that as well. I think Sony has just been a bit smarter about holding its cards until it can hopefully bury these “issues” by throwing games at us that take some or most of the attention away. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony is identical to Microsoft it its approach. It may not be the same time scale, maybe the PS4 just needs to link up once a week instead of once every 24 hours, but I bet they do similar things.

Score: 0 for 1 – Sony adamantly set themselves apart from Microsoft during their press conference. Now is the time for Microsoft to either admit to their mistakes and change or keep facing fan backlash for their decisions.

2.) You like how Microsoft is approaching used games with the Xbox One.

Todd VoteFiction: HELL NO! I think it is stupid to try and restrict used games. You want us to hold on to our games, make shit we don’t want to sell. The only games I have ever traded in or sold after playing are the ones I have no intention of ever revisiting. For the current generation I can count the number of games I’ve traded in or sold back to retailers, and the number is still in the single digits. The games I traded in were crap, and I couldn’t stand to play them. I think once I buy something I should be able to loan it to whoever I want, whether that person is on my friends list or not. It’s not like any of us are making a profit on the used game market. If they have a problem with the way used games are handled, it should be something they work out with the retailers, not take out on the gamers.

Dan WatsonFiction: This is the online pass on a larger scale. Now, I cannot even borrow a single player offline game because I won’t have the license to play the game. This concept that you don’t own the game, you are only borrowing the ability to play it is B.S. Why should I pay $60 (I am sure the price will go up) to just borrow a game? Am I still borrowing the NES games that I can play without being connected? Microsoft shot themselves in the foot here and if my previous answer is correct, Sony may have done the same. This is a terrible concept and idea that is only going to upset gamers and ask us why we were paying so much to rent titles from a company.

Score: 1 for 2 – Unless Microsoft really wants to alienate gamers and companies for the next five-10 years, they need to reconsider their used game stance ASAP.

3.) The once every 24 hours online requirement for gaming (not watching TV or Blu-rays) will keep you from buying an Xbox One.

Todd VoteFiction: No…no it won’t. I don’t have the greatest connection, but I do have a good enough connection to be hooked in most times. Having to check in once every 24 hours won’t be so bad. It sure beats the always online deal they were talkin about. There are plenty of other factors working against Microsoft right now, I won’t hold this one against them to much.

Dan WatsonFiction: This doesn’t bother me so much. I am on the Xbox every now and then and if I don’t connect to the internet, then the system isn’t on most likely. Where I am concerned a bit is that for the past three weeks my Xbox wouldn’t connect to my router, so I guess in that case I won’t be able to play games which is okay I guess but what about people that broadband internet isn’t readily available? What incentive do they have to purchase this console? There is none. I am okay with it, but think it was a poor decision.

Score: 2 for 3 – If I end up not getting an Xbox One this won’t factor in for me. I have a stable connection that hasn’t gone down for multiple days at a time, and even if it does I’m not really worried about not being able to play. However, they’re really shun-ning a lot of gamers that have limited or no Internet to game.

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4.) Despite the crowdsourcing being canceled (and refunds given) we will still see a Shadow of the Eternals game released.

Dan WatsonFiction: Once refunds are given, you have chased gamers away. Why would anyone want to purchase a game that is having these type of issues? If you gave me my money back, I wouldn’t come back to do business with you.

Todd VoteFiction: Judging by the fact that the Kickstarter failed to generate any buzz, and that is really all I am going off of, because I have no idea what this Shadow of the Eternals is, I have to go fiction. If they can’t generate enough interest and buzz in a Kickstarter crowdsourcing deal, why would they think the game would sell well enough to warrant being made?

Score: 3 for 4 – Ever since announcement the news on this game has gotten worse and worse. I know fans want a sequel, but maybe it needs to be looked at and a better option chosen.

5.) You have little interest in Mojang’s Scrolls.

Dan WatsonFact: I am still shocked this title is getting released. I am not interested in playing it and have other titles that have me much more interested. My backlog still needs to be cleared before the holiday season rolls around and we get a new dropping of games. Hopefully I can clear my list before the new consoles drop without having backwards compatibility.

Todd VoteFiction: The fact is I have no interest at all.

Score: 3 for 5 – Scrolls is like Minecraft originally was for me. I have little or no interest, but I may eventually check it out.

6.) You agree with Michael Pachter that the Xbox One and PS4 will release for under $400.

Dan WatsonFact: This is with a kind of attached to it. I think they will release for under $400 if you sign up for their contract deal. I could see Microsoft offering Xbox One at $350 if you sign up for Live for two years or $450 if you don’t. Could be a tossup either way. PS4 on the other hand, I think learned from their slow sales on the PS3 due to high prices. I think this time we will have the basic version at $300 and the nicer model around $400.

Todd VoteFiction: This is the one time I would actually like to agree with Pachter, I just don’t see any way at all where it happens. If he had said under $500, I may have agreed with him. I just don’t see how they can sell them for that cheap, at least initially.

Score: 3 for 6 – Now that we know the price, I’m not really surprised. I think the Kinect being bundled in is basically what is keeping the Xbox One higher than the PS4.

Bonus Question) Feel free to talk about whatever you want.

Dan WatsonI am sure there are some great news bites coming out of E3, but it is Monday morning and it hasn’t started yet. The Blackhawks looked great Saturday night and now we move forwards into the Championship. I guess it is nice to see one team I root for there every three years.

Todd VoteLeave me alone, I have to get back to State of Decay….

Adam Larck – E3 has had some interesting moments so far, but the biggest definitely has to be Sony stomping on the Xbox One and Microsoft. After having problems in the past with the PlayStation Network hack and having to apologize last year, Sony came out and showed that they are getting back into a dominant form for the next console war. Microsoft has to figure out a way to turn things around for the Xbox One, otherwise PS4 will jump out to a big lead early on.

The pair finish this week going 3-for-6. What do you think? Agree or disagree with their answers? Let us know. See you in seven!

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