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411 Games Top 5 01.19.12: Top 5 Video Game Stories

January 19, 2013 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, everyone likes a great story.

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Todd Vote (Games Zone Reviewer)

5.Alan Wake – Alan Wake had a great story, and it unfolded in such a unique way, it really kept me coming back for more and more. The two DLC packs served to expand the story, and I loved both of them as well. I can’t wait for a full on sequel to this game, it is probably one of my favorite titles of this generation.

4.The Walking Dead: The Game – This is probably the most recent game you will see on my list, but that should not take away from the quality of what was going on here. I know I waited every day after each episode for the announcement of when the next episode was going to hit. The choices you made stay with you. I’m not playing through again trying things differently.

3.Mortal Kombat – I know, not a lot of people play fighting games for the stories, I guess I am different. Nearly every game I play is for the story alone, aside from maybe sports games. Mortal Kombat, I think, has one of the best stories as far as the fighting genre goes. So much so that each new game, I find myself going through the tower with every character just to see what their potential ending wields.

2.God of War – I’m a big fan of Greek mythology. The story from God of War is right up my alley. Kratos’ rise, and subsequent fall is straight-forward story telling at it’s best in my opinion.

1.Super Mario Brothers – Okay so the actual story was paper thin, but who the hell didn’t get pissed off and keep going every time we found out that the princess was in another castle?

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 – Darksiders – I originally had many other games on my list (Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption, DC Universe, Dead Space etc) and I realised it was much more the gameplay or the atmosphere that kept me coming back so I’ve tried to keep this strictly about the story. A Horseman of the Apocalypse is tricked into starting the Apocalypse early, humanity is destroyed and the Higher Beings aren’t very happy and strip War of his power, throughout the game he is regaining his powers and trying to prove his innocence. That’s a pretty big story. Just getting to play as a Horseman is a hook in itself.

4 – Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain – Kain is the top vampire, he and his clan rule the world, as he gets older he changes, gaining new abilities and over time his clan gains them too, until one, Raziel overtakes Kain. Kain is very unhappy and dumps Raziel in a whirlpool of torment. He suffers for centuries until he is given some semblance of life and given a chance to get revenge. This game has the best intro cutscene I have ever seen, I was glued to it from then on. It’s a simple but powerful set up that makes all the twists that come later more meaningful.

3 – Final Fantasy X – The world is suffering under a great evil, whenever things are getting too good this evil comes and smashes it all down, humanity (and other creatures) are never able to rise and grow like our own world has. This is a story about trying to overcome that… okay, lets face it, this is largely about the love story between Tidus and Yuna. How many of us secretly had a crush on Yuna? I certainly did, it was a shock to me when one day I realised my girlfriend at the time looked like her! I bet she would’ve loved how I unconsciously fancied her because of a game character. Best love story in gaming.

2 – Legend of Dragoon – Simple set up, village is raided, girl is captured (needed for nefarious purposes), hero goes to get girl. That gets resolved after a few hours though and it becomes about larger issues. Its the slow burn mystery of it all that done it for me. Who’s the black monster? Wait you mean the bad guy isn’t the main bad guy, and neither is that one, or that one! Do I have to lose this tournament? I can’t even hit the guy I’m fighting! History of the dragoons is pretty cool. Damn thats a mighty large dragon. The high points kept coming keeping me constantly engaged, which for an RPG is a tricky balance.

1 – Mass Effect 2 – The gameplay is average at best, but fuck me what a story. Every so often big robots come and destroy the universe, you’re out to stop them. Yeah I agree that story is so so, its the characters stories that are important. The race trying to stop itself becoming extinct, but if they succeed they may take over the galaxy, the scientist who crippled said race looking for redemption whilst feeling justified, a mother who needs to stop her evil daughter, it just goes on. Screw trying to save the world, I wanted the mission done so I would get new dialogue with my crew and find out further stories from them. Oh and then the mission where you can lose them all… nuff said.

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