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411 Games Top 5 02.01.13: Top 5 Video Game Collections

February 1, 2013 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, we all like collecting things together.

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Wyatt Beougher (Writes A Bunch of Stuff in the MMA Zone)

5. God of War Collection – Confession: I went from Playstation 1 to N64/Xbox, so I missed out on a lot of the great PS 2 titles. God of War was one of the titles I had seen and really wanted to play, so the God of War collection and God of War 3 were the third and fourth games I purchased for my PS3 when I finally bought one (inFamous and its sequel were the first two). I wasn’t disappointed, although I nearly broke a controller trying to get through to the third Fate sister in GoW2.

4. Metal Gear Solid Collection – I’ll admit – I was one of those Xbox fans who bagged on Metal Gear Solid IV for having five minutes of action interwoven between 45 minute cut scenes, but I wasted no time in picking up this collection before trying MGS IV because I wanted to see what I had missed, having only played the first MGS back when I had my PS1. And while it certainly seems like the games featured less action and more pretty cinematics with each iteration, replaying the first game was an exercise in pure joy that took me immediately back to my freshman year of college.

3. Mega Man Anniversary Collection – Mega Man 1-8, plus two previously-unreleased-in-the-US games? Yeah, this one was a no brainer, since I grew up on these games. Mega Man 2 was the first game I ever swapped for, giving up my copy of The Legend of Zelda for a few months to a friend from school so that I could try out the Mega Man game my friends were talking about. After playing it, I was hooked, and I conned convinced my parents to advance me enough allowance to buy my own copy, and spend the next couple years hinting around that Mega Man games would make excellent birthday/Christmas gifts.

2. The Team Ico Collection – Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were two games that I had heard a lot about, and I was extremely exciting for “The Last Guardian” (I still am, but that excitement has been largely displaced by anticipation for “The Last of Us”), but when I bought my non-backwards-compatible PS3, I didn’t really have a way to play them. Fortunately, just a few short months later, this collection came out, and wow. Not only did these games (especially SotC) live up to the hype, but they actually exceeded it for me.

1. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Grand Theft Auto III, the game that revolutionized sandbox gaming, along with Vice City, the game with (arguably) the best music of the entire series, AND San Andreas, the best GTA game ever? All in one package for a single low price? It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 – Oblivion/Bioshock – I’m not sure if this set came out in America but in the UK its been out for years. What a set! Someone must’ve thought, to hell with having any kind of meaning for a collection, let’s just put 2 fantastic games together. Neither game had yet been followed up so Bioshock was still a glittering jewel of a game and Oblivion still how to get more bang for your buck.

4 – Team Ico Collection – As soon as the GOW collection came out this was what people were hoping would come next. They didn’t have to wait long. Ico still has good gameplay and sound effects whilst Shadow of the Colossus still has some of the best boss battles ever created. Will we ever see the Last Guardian though 🙁

3 – Orange Box – So I never played Half Life 2 until this collection. Whilst it had obviously aged/been copied so often its impact was less I could still see why people enjoyed it so much. I look back at what games were out around the same time and it was clearly ahead of its time. Team Fortress 2 was a fun multiplayer game and Portal ahh I do love Portal. Its strange that they never split this set and sold it as downloadable individually on consoles.

2 – Mass Effect Trilogy – Damn thats alot of fine RPG action in one set. I envy the people who were able to play it all through in one go for the first time with no wait. This may not be the greatest gaming story ever told but its definitely the greatest delivery of a gaming story. I was just blown away by the presentation and detail that went into the characters, conversations and settings. Mass Effect 2 is in my top 3 games this gen.

1 – Super Mario All-Stars – Sure it came out on the SNES but Mario may never be topped. The gameplay is always spot on and seeing the series evolve in those early days is great, finding out new power ups a pleasure and finding out the Princess is in another castle a…. nope I can’t defend that repeatedly. If I could only play one game for the rest of my life I just may pick this collection.

Francisco Ramirez

5. Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Collection (PS3, PS2, PSX) – Sure this isn’t even out yet, hell it might not even make it stateside! As far as game compilations or collections go, every core Final Fantasy game in 21 discs and 1 umd, well that might just take the cake for sheer quantity. With a price tag of about $447, it might just be the priciest as well.

4. Mega Man X Collection (PS2) – Mega Man X all the way to X6, with an added bonus of Rockman Battle & Chase kart game. While the Mega Man Anniversary Collection holds more games, I’ve always favored the X series more. Although this does lack the 3d PS2 Mega Man X titles, those are good at best, the earlier X titles in this collection being superior.

3. Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (PS2) – The only way to play Street Fighter III on the PS2, even though it was ported way after the game hit the arcades. While perhaps the black sheep of the family, the complexity and advances in the popular 2d fighting series still hold up to this day. Hell the PSN downloadable version is one of my biggest time killers. Add four versions of Street Fighter II, and this holds up to this day simply due to the nostalgia factor.

2. The Orange Box (XBOX 360) – One hell of a name for one hell of a package! Half Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, that alone is worth the price. Add the multiplayer goodness of Team Fortress 2, and the icing on the proverbial cake, Portal.

1. Super Mario Allstars (SNES) – Honestly I can’t think of any other game compilation or collection better than this. Sure, it was released in the early days of the SNES, but here is why it stands out for me, it was free! With the purchase of a Super Nintendo, you could receive a free copy by just paying shipping and handling. Regardless of the promotion, it still went on to become a “Players Choice Million Seller”. That is amazing, considering that I, once again, got the game for free. How could it not be successful though, enhanced ports of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 and for the first time in the U.S. The Lost Levels. All those games are top quality and still highly enjoyable today. Collections and compilations come and go, but Super Mario Allstars is still one of the better ones if not the best.

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