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411 Games Top 5 02.08.13: Top 5 Deserted Island Games

February 8, 2013 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, so what would you do if you were left on an island?

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* For this week’s Top 5, I went with a reader’s request and asked the staffers to choose five games they would take with them if they were left on a deserted island and could never return to land to buy more games. (The staffers were not told whether there was internet on the island so you will see varying lists because of that.) The staffers were not restricted to one game system for their choices either.*

Stephen Randle (Games Zone Reviewer, Quizmaster for Four Player Co-op)

5. Mass Effect Trilogy – I’m cheating a bit, so if you want to hold me to one game, it’d be Mass Effect 2. But really, to fully experience the series you have to play all three. I didn’t realize how deep it had its claws in me until I finished ME3…and then immediately started a new character in ME1 so I could try and do better. In fact, I may not need a desert island to end up playing this forever…somebody help me.

4. Chrono Trigger – Somehow, this game never gets old for me. I’ve beaten it, start to finish, over a dozen times, and I never get tired of it. I know every trick, every enemy strategy, every item location, and it’s still the game I’ll go back to when there’s nothing else to play. I have it on my phone, for crying out loud.

3. Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri – Thank god I don’t remember where my (still the original from over a decade ago) install disc is right now, or I’d probably have it installed and be losing four-to-six hours of my life at this very moment. Now, where’s my Alpha Centauri 2? You can make five versions of Civ, but there’s no time for a sequel to Space Civ?

2. Final Fantasy VI – Contractually, I have to have one Final Fantasy game on here, and it came down to a very close race between this, VII, and IX, but you never forget your first FF and everything you put into it. Another game where I can practically play it from muscle memory at this point, but still enjoy it just as much as the first time.

1. World of Warcraft – I assume this island has a decent Internet connection, right? Sad as it is to admit it, even though I kicked the habit after Cataclysm, if I did have the rest of my life and no other responsibilities, yeah, I’d play a lot of WoW. Man…I miss my old guild. No, stay strong, just because they finally put pandas in doesn’t change the fact that your friends don’t play anymore. But…pandas. Dammit!

*sounds of struggle*

Okay, I’m back. What were we talking about?

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 – Super Mario All-Stars – I’m going to take a few things as fact for this column. 1 – there’s no internet on the island so games like WoW are out. 2 – I’m never going to get rescued. Need to put my money where my mouth is now don’t I! Last week I said I’d include this if I could only play 5 games ever again and here we are. I don’t regret this choice, sure its not one I’ll play repeatedly but its something I could come back to every 5 years or so.

4 – Gran Turismo 5 – Known as an average game but if I’m stuck on a desert island then I’m looking for longevity. I’ve barely played this but from what I understand there’s enough tracks/vehicles to keep me going a long time. Trying to max out/fully upgrade my entire garage and topping lap times should keep my interest. Actually I imagine I’d finally be able to keep up with the world’s best after all the hours I’d have put into this.. Think if I actually got rescued, people could see the crazy hours I’ve logged on my picks, then someone would send me an electricity bill 🙁

3 Football Manager 2012 – Talk about variation adding longevity, which league do I play, team do I pick, players do I sign? This game could hold my interest for decades, recover from burnout, then get a few more decades in. I’ve never been into watching football or playing football but for some reason I love managing a team. Weird.

2 – Minesweeper – Have I not been playing this game forever anyway??? I suspect that as the years wear on this will rack up substantial playtime from me. Lets face it as we mature our tastes change, this game is so simple its unlikely to fall out of favour with me, especially in the small bursts I expect to play it. Mind you… every game will get old over time.

1 – Skyrim – I’ll finally have the time/motivation to see and do everything! This would be a great game to take my mind off BEING STUCK ON A FREAKING DESERT ISLAND!!!! I can get lost in Skyrim, live out the life I could have had (in a much more exciting world) and then get in a few more. Course I wouldn’t want this on PS3 in case I got a crashing version cause my game is going to rake up some amount of playtime. If I could be cheeky and throw in a GOTY edition that doesn’t actually exist yet just so I can get in all the DLC (that I’m finally going to get to play soon, woo hoo) then all the better.

Sean Garmer (Games Zone Reviewer, Organizer of Games Top 5)

5. WWF No Mercy: I don’t think I could be left on an island without something wrestling related. So, if I had to choose just one wrestling game I’d have to choose No Mercy. Sure, maybe the roster is really outdated, but you wouldn’t be able to tell if you looked at WWE 13, just kidding. The CAW system might be basic, but the story system is still awesome and having matches is a total blast. The AKI engine is tremendous and it was probably never showcased any better than in this game.

4. Pokemon Fire Red: The updated version of the original games that made me fall in love with RPG’s. I can still play this game today and be hooked for hours because I still want to beat Gary and those blasted Elite Four dammit!!! At least maybe I can try to catch em’ all this time around because I’m gonna have a lot of time to lay around.

3. Rock Band 3: I just got the Mustang Pro-Guitar a few days ago off Amazon for 30 bucks new, if anything I will have plenty of time how to learn to play song tabs since I am on an island. If this is the only way I can listen to some of my favorite songs then so be it, cause I have like 1,400 songs to choose from, not even an island jukebox could beat that.

2. Chrono Trigger: Much like Randle, I’ve beat this game every which way possible but it is still my favorite game of all-time and I couldn’t be on an island without it.

1. Final Fantasy Anniversary Collection: Ok, I am really cheating here but I don’t think I could go on without having my whole collection of Final Fantasy games with me. So, why not just import all the games in one package? If I had to choose just one FF it would have to be FF IX though.

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