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411 Games Top 5 03.02.13: The Top 5 Playstation 4 Announcements

March 2, 2013 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, next generation consoles are here.

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Stephen Randle (Quiz Master of Four Player Co-op, Games Reviewer, and Writer of Wrestling News Experience in Wrestling Zone)

5. Media Molecule’s Presentation – They didn’t really name the game, or if it actually is a game or just “look what we did”, but that sculpting/art/puppetry show they presented was intriguing to me from a creative perspective. I can’t believe it, but they made Move interesting.

4. GAIKAI Tech – Pretty much everything their rep said, from “try before you buy” to spectating live gameplay to turning the Vita into an extension of the console to the potential for streaming the entire Sony library, was interesting to me. If they can actually accomplish even a significant fraction of what they’re promising, it’s going to be an incredible experience.

3. Getting Developers On Board – Sure, they may have taken a few too many shots at the Cell processor, but the message was clear: we went out and got every developer on the planet to help us build this thing. Seeing the sheer number of development teams who appeared both live and in promo videos was a complete 180-degree turnaround from the PS3, where all the news was about how nobody liked programming for its complicated infrastructure.

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2. Humility – Carrying over from appeasing the developer, Sony made sure that potential consumers understood that the message for the next generation of Sony console is “We fucked up with the PS3, we turned off a lot of people, and we’re going to make up for it”. Sure, it’s a PR move, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it, especially after last gen was basically “we’re Sony, buy our shit, jerkwads.”

1. Console Power – I don’t get horribly excited about hardware specs like some people, but I do recognize that the PS4 will be leaps and bounds more powerful than the PS3. I appreciate this because it means that my console will no longer be a more expensive, less powerful PC, but instead on par with the rest of the technology I own, and that means more possibilities for what the system can do. While a lot of what was presented may end up being “pie in the sky”, the specs as delivered at least make it plausible that some, or all, of what Sony has promised may be delivered.

Sean Garmer (Games Reviewer, Games Top 5 Organizer)

5. Media Molecule’s PS Move Thing At first I was confused, but after it was all over I was sort of intrigued by what I had seen. Is this a sculpting sim? Will this be an extra feature that comes with the PS4 out of the box? I don’t know the answer because Media Molecule did not provide any concrete information, but this could be something that makes the PS Move relevant. It’s certainly way better than the horrendous show killing Wonderbook of Spells they showed off at E3 2012.

4. Dual Shock 4 So, maybe the design of the controller is not much different than Dual Shock 3, but I am interested to see what Sony will have developers do with the touchpad, how the controller can be used in motion gaming, and most of all the lovely share button. I’m not someone that enjoys watching “Let’s Play Vids” but I would like to show a friend how to beat a level, especially since most of my friends live far away and I may not be available to do the “watch them play and take control” thing that Gakai wants to do. Now, with a click of a button you can upload a gameplay video that a friend can watch and use as a guide without all the hassle of having a camera, uploading to youtube, editing, and whatever else. This is certainly a great thing for Sony.

3. Creativity Abounds & Holiday 2013 Release Date Sony wasted no time having people come up on the podium and talk about how great the PS4 is going to be. What interested me more is that everyone talked about how imagination, creativity, and freedom were going to be possible on this system. Developers could finally make the games they always wanted on the PS4 and the best part is that the system will be integrated with everything that’s needed for that. I concur with Randle that I don’t go crazy for “Specs” either, but I have to say that after hearing all the developers talk about the PS4 I really want to see what they show off at E3 2013 now. We all knew a Holiday 2013 release was coming, but now everyone can officially start hyping up the release window.

2. Knack & Drive Club I would have put Watch Dogs here, but I’ve already seen it and the video they showed did not make it look like a PS4 game to me. Knack is a new IP that seems promising and the premise of the character is interesting but I hope we get to see more about him at E3. I wasn’t totally blown away by Driveclub, but watching the way the cars were recreated and the feeling you have of being “in” the car was very cool. I totally think this could give Forza a run for its money and Gran Turismo needs to be careful of becoming extinct as well.

1. Gakai: A World of Possibilities Randle mentioned that a lot of what was announced about Gakai, such as the “hoping to one day have the entire playstation library available on the service” being pipedreams and he is probably right. However, I think one thing that they announced is not something too farfetched. The ability to be able to demo anything in the PS Store before playing is something I’d love to have. There are so many games that do not tell you enough through a “trial” you have to play whole levels before understanding the experience. There were a lot of XBLA or PSN games I may have bought if I was able to play the game for a while. I also think the ability to watch your friends play a game will help drive sales because it can help gamers make decisions a lot easier than just reading a review or listening to a friend talk about the game. So, maybe none of these things happen, but you never know they just might.

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