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411 Games Top 5 04.27.13: Top 5 Game Franchises That Should Die

April 27, 2013 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, all good things need to come to an end some time right?

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* Normally, we try to always be positive about games here in the 411 Games Zone. However, this week I thought I’d ask the staffers if they feel that there are game franchises that should move on to greener pastures. So, this is the 411 Games Top 5: Game Franchises That Should Die! *

Stephen Randle (Games Zone Reviewer, Quizmaster for Four Player Co-op, and Writer of Wrestling News Experience)

5. Call of Duty – I’m just tired of this goddamned franchise selling millions of copies every year and making boatloads of money for Activision, despite minimal innovation, ensuring that rather than explore any new ideas, they just lean on the one that makes a shitload of cash. I can’t blame them, but I can hate them for it. I would also be willing to substitute “Madden” and “EA” for this entry.

4. Final Fantasy – It pains me to say this, but the series that was a huge part of my formative gaming years called Final Fantasy has been dead for a very long, and I didn’t even notice. Probably because they kept putting games out with the same title. Nearly every quality of the franchise that I enjoyed has been slowly excised over the years, leaving a barely recognizable husk that seems to consist of pretty graphics, confusing and nonsensical plots, vapid and unmemorable characters, levelling gimmicks that masquerade as complex and unique despite being completely linear, and boring combat systems, leaving absolutely nothing that resembles the games I did love, once.

3. World of Warcraft – Every day that this game continues to exist is another day where I could possibly consider going back to it. Sure, I lost several years of the prime of my life, damaged my educational progress, endured ridiculous guild drama, nearly became every bad stereotype of a gamer that exists, and ended up hating myself for continuing to hold on in the faint hope that my friends would ever come back to what had become a boring shell of its former self, but now it’s got pandas!

2. Farmville – Fortunately, Zynga’s probably going to put themselves into the ground soon enough and this one will end up dealing with itself, but Farmville is a blight on humanity that steals your time and doesn’t even provide a fun experience in return. At a certain point, you aren’t even playing a game, you’re just clicking for five minutes to gather and re-plant crops and then closing the window. How in the hell did this thing get popular in the first place?

1. MOBAs – You know, League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients, all those online team-based tower defense games that seem to exist solely so that people can act like high-and-mighty jackasses to people who actually play games for fun instead of training relentlessly to learn optimum hero team strategies for a freaking video game! Yeah, let’s make a genre that you can only learn by playing with other people online, that can’t possibly end badly. Fuck E-Sports. That is all.

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

*Disclaimer* I don’t actually wish any of these franchises to fold, it would affect people’s jobs and all I have to do is not play the game and let the people who enjoy it have their fun, but for the sake of the column here we go.

5. Resident Evil – So whats the plot now? How many different viruses are up and running? Should we make that an Ask411 Games question? I have no problem with Capcom staying in the zombie market and even the games playing like RE but either change the name or reboot the franchise. We don’t need anything more added to the current story and all you’re doing now is ruining the memories

4. ‘New’ Super Mario Bros – Come on Nintendo, I know that ‘technically’ each version is a ‘new’ game but quit already. It can’t be that hard to come up with a Mario title, hell you made ‘sunshine’ acceptable, we’re pretty easy going when it comes to the fat man so try not to let you’re lack of creativity extend to naming your games.

3. Uncharted – I’m actually very cool with them keeping the Uncharted name/gameplay but Nathan Drake has to go. He’s going out on top so there’s no shame but VERY soon we’re going to stop caring. Uncharted 3 may be a great game but I cared alot less about the story than I did previous versions and when I managed to play Golden Abyss I felt I had already seen everything interesting in Drake’s life and the game dragged because of it. You’re allowed one more game with Drake as the lead Naughty Dog then please give us a new guy.

2. Final Fantasy – here’s a top 5 for you:

5 – I have no interest in upcoming original FF games.
4 – Today I saw FF13-2 for a very cheap £4.99 and still had no interest buying it.
3 – FF games constantly dominate top 10 downloaded PS1 games list. The new games don’t get 1/100th the love.
2 – I’m not even sure Square Enix know what the hell they’re doing with the franchise anymore.
1 – When I saw FF10 HD on the store last week I immediately was cancelling the next few days plans in my head cause I was really excited that I could replay this title. And then I clicked it was just a trailer. I am WAAAAAAYYYYYYY more excited about their older titles.

1. God of War – Urghhhh, if I feel I seen the important things in Drake’s life then carrying on the Kratos saga is depressing. I’ve played 1-3 and both PSP titles and rushed to play each of them. I haven’t looked twice at Ascension. I’ll get in down the line I’m sure but I really don’t believe there’s anything interesting left to tell about Kratos’ past. Now if they went with the present and had him hunting down other gods like Thor or Anubis from other mythologies then you’ve got yourself an eager buyer.

Jeremy Thomas (Writes A Ton of stuff around 411)

Honorable Mention: Sonic The Hedgehog

5. Diablo – Look, it isn’t that Diablo III was so bad that I want to see the whole thing croak; the thing that is more important here is Blizzard. I want to see Blizzard do something different than their three money franchises and in order for that to happen, we need to see a cash cow get turned into hamburger. There’s no way that will happen with World of Warcraft and StarCraft is chugging along fine, which makes Diablo the best bet. I was disappointed with Diablo III as well, but I promise this is nothing personal.

Well…not MUCH personal, anyway.

4. Madden – Listen, Call of Duty may be repetitive, but at least there are vague notions of setting change. What does the Madden franchise offer differently except for rosters and a slight graphic upgrade? Add in the fact that I’m not a fan of football games and this is an easy choice for me. This franchise has been coasting along as the ultimate in lazy franchises for years, and it’s time to retire the jersey and do something new.

3. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – You’ve seen these games, but you’ve probably never played them. And good for you, because they’re terrible. TV shows often get cheap cash-in games–the House game was particularly bad–but few of them get a whole franchise of games. Ubisoft has kept the CSI franchise going for years, whether on the PC and consoles, mobile devices or now even Facebook. It’s a terrible set of games that are consistently dull and tedious and the only thing that’s seen their slowing down is the end of various iterations of the series; with CSI NY sure to be cancelled this year we can hope that we won’t be seeing any more, even if the core series is still on the air.

2. Final Fantasy – I love Final Fantasy. You love Final Fantasy. We all love Final Fantasy (well, except for Todd Vote). Square’s franchise was one of the greatest things about video games for years. However, ever since Final Fantasy XI the franchise has been on an unstoppable downhill slide and it’s clear that Square Enix has no idea how to right the ship. While I would love to say that this one will eventually come back and be great again, I don’t honestly believe that is the case and it’s time to give it the axe.

1. Farmville – If you’ve never heard me rant about Facebook games like Farmville, I’ll quickly summarize: screw Farmville and all iterations of the social simulators with no point other than BUILDING A GOD DAMNED FARM. If I want to farm, I live in a state that has a significant rural population not that far away. But I don’t want to farm, I want to play video games with an actual point to them. There is no point of FarmVille that I consider even remotely fun. I would like nothing better than to introduce digital poison into the crops so I can kill off every Facebook farm in existence.

Todd Vote (Games Zone Reviewer)

5.Final Fantasy – I thought about going with the whole RPG genre here, but that would not be fair. Some are great, some have amazing stories, some have changed with the times. Final Fantasy, just seems like such a jumbled mess lately when it comes to even getting a new game in the series, maybe it is time to just let it die. Or at least let it lay in rest for a few years. Build something the fans of the series can be proud of.

4.Resident Evil – As much as it pains me to say this, perhaps it is time to put this once great franchise to rest. I didn’t have near as many problems with RE6 as most people seem to have had, but I can admit when the horse is dead. Resident Evil is not the same fright fest good time it once was, it is a shooter now that happens to feature monsters. That is fine with me, but the last two games seemed so similar, they need to kill the franchise or do something to drastically change things and make them fresh again.

3.WWE series – With this series, it isn’t so much that I do not want to see another wrestling game, I happen to be a big fan of them. But I was really hoping that with a new company producing the games, we might finally get something different. The WWE games have been basically the same since the PS2 Smackdown series. That is not a good thing. Kill it off, start from scratch and bring us something new.

2.Farmville – Used to play it, haven’t in years. Still get requests. I know you can turn them off, I just haven’t yet. Much easier to wish for the death of the game.

1.Call of Duty – There was a time where you would have been hard pressed to get me to believe there was anything bad about the Call of Duty franchise… And I will stand by the fact that they are still solid games each and every time out. That being said, like the reason for most of the entries on my list, I feel that it is just time for something new. The money grab is obvious, and I can’t fault the company for doing it, it makes sense, why change something that sells a hojillion copies each year? But from a gamer’s standpoint, it is definitely time.

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