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411 Games Top 5 10.11.12: The Top 5 Pokemon Games

October 11, 2012 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, gotta catch em’ all.

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Robert Cooper (Writer, Hammer of Doom Metal Report)

Just a note on my list, I’ve yet to play any of the DS Pokemon games because I don’t have a DS. Plus, I will only include one game per generation, because as much as I would love to have Blue and Yellow, and Gold and Silver, it’d d make for a boring list.

5. Pokemon Stadium 2 Yeah, this game had its’ problems, like it was a bit repetitive and the moves that they give some of the Pokemon in the game is a bit dumb, but at the same time, I spent numerous hours back in the day playing this, hell, I still play this weekly with friends. The minigames are a ton of fun, there are an endless number of battles with the stadium mode, and there was also a pretty fun gym leader mode, as well as the ability to play gold/silver/red/blue/yellow on the tv, which was awesome!

4. Pokemon Snap This game was a weird game to say the least, while granted, I’m not the biggest gamer in the world, but I can say that I’ve not really playeed any other games that are quite like this. It was a rail camera game that was tons of fun to play, and trying to get all of the pokemon that were in the game gave this more than enough playing time on a first time go through. But what had me coming back so many times was trying to get the damn picture centered, because without that Professor Oak wouldn’t give me double points, and we all know that if you can’t live knowing that you didn’t get the highest score for the picture.

3. Pokemon Emerald- I wanted to put Ruby, because that’s the version I had played the most in high school…but I have to admit that this game is better than both Ruby and Sapphire. It brings the usual awesome thing that you get from the 3rd game in a generation, you get to catch both Kyogre and Groudon, in addition to the giant green dragon from the Sky Tower, Rayquaza. This game had all of the things I loved about Ruby and made them even cooler, like double battles, in Ruby, you only had to worry about double battles if there were a pair of people for you to face, in Emerald, two seperate trainers can face you at once, same thing happens on the second go through of the Elite Four, god help you.

2. Pokemon Yellow This was my first Pokemon game, I got it in 2nd grade, and I played it until it got lost in high school (yep, I played Pokemon in high school), I thought about putting Blue in here instead, (because I’m playing that one right now), but Yellow did the same thing that Emerald did for Ruby/Sapphire, it took what the other two games did, and added enough to make me like it a little more. The main things that I love about this game is that you got a Pikachu at the start, which does create an annoying problem for every young child at the time, stupid Brock and his rock pokemon; and I also loved that you got all three of the starter pokemon from the first two games. This game is just a lot of fun, and even all of the grinding can be forgiven, it’s especially fun to forego the grinding and use the item copy cheat, you all know what I’m talking about!

1. Pokemon Silver I really did want to put Yellow as the first one, but when I thought about it, I just couldn’t. I love this game, so much that I own both Gold and Silver. It improves on most everything from the first Generation, and introduces 100 more pokemon to the game, and while I do like to think that there were only 150, but when I think to the first episode of the Pokemon anime, I remember that there was a Ho-oh right there, so there are at least 251 Pokemon. Once you got the first eight badges, defeat the elite four, get the other 8 badges, and then FIGHT YOUR CHARACTER FROM THE FIRST GAMES, I was like “NO WAY!!!”, and then stomped him with my Lvl.82 Typlosion. Most of the new pokemon made sense design wise, and they even managed to give us another pokemon that was screwing up me trying to move forwards(stupid Sudowoodo), and they even brought back the ol’ Snorlax, sadly. This game is a classic and one of my favorites of all time, and the only reason that I decided to pick this instead of Gold was because I had this first, and like Lugia more, plus, I never played Crystal, so I can’t put it here. But I love this game and it’s a total win!!!

Sean Garmer (Games Zone Reviewer, News Writer, Games Top 5 Organizer)

5. Pokemon Red/Blue: I remember being in Elementary School when this came out and all my friends were talking about it. So, I begged my Grandparents to get me both games for my birthday and magically they went to the store and they found the last two copies Toys R’ Us had. I will never forget staying up all night playing it for many nights. This was my first introduction to RPG’s (my favorite genre of games) and man did Nintendo have me hooked, I spent all day one time trying to beat the Elite Four and when I finally completed the game at like 10PM that night I was so exhausted I fell asleep watching the credits. This was also the only Pokemon game where I actually “caught them all.” Not to mention, it was a game my sister and brother loved to play too.

4. Pokemon Colosseum (Gamecube): Sure the story was kinda linear and neutered because Nintendo did not want to cripple the franchise it had built for the Gameboy or DS. So, they kind of gave us a mix of Pokemon Stadium, with an actual story and the ability to sort of catch 380 pokemon. I dug it, it was one of my most played games on the Gamecube because I could battle if I wanted or I could play the Shadow Pokemon story. It also featured 2 on 2 Battles, which was pretty awesome.

3. Pokemon Puzzle League (N64): I never paid much attention to Tetris, I always thought it was too complicated or boring. I don’t know if it was the bigger blocks, the fact that you sort of sent out Pokemon to do “battle” or that you faced characters from the game and anime. Whatever it was, I enjoyed the heck out of this game and would find myself trying to master it for hours. I still could never get past a certain point, but I still find myself playing this game today.

2. Pokemon Snap: My favorite non-traditional Pokemon game has to be this one because it is so uique. Who knew someone could make just going on a track taking pictures of creatures fun. If it had to happen though, you knew it would be Nintendo who could figure it out. The premise seemed simple enough, but trying to actually photograph all the Pokemon was not an easy challenge. Plus there was also the whole “centering the image” for double points that made it frustrating too.

1. Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal: I loved this one the most because it had the most to do. You could go to two different regions of the Poke World and get not just 8 badges, but 16 in total. Not to mention, you had team rocket, 100 new Pokemon to catch and train, and the Elite Four as well. I always liked Lugia as a special bird he was awesome and it also had better adaptations of the Night and Day thing too. I think this was the series of Pokemon games I got the most hours out of and will still find myself plugging them into an Emulator to spend a few hours building Pokemon from time to time.

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