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411 Games Top 5 10.26.12: Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

October 26, 2012 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, music, it soothes the soul?

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Todd Vote (Games Zone Reviewer & News Writer)

In no particular order:

honorable mention

GTA – Sure it might be a bit of a cop out to throw the whole series on here. A case could be made for both Vice City or San Andreas to be at the top of the heap, but all the GTA games offer a variety for all tastes.

5.God of War – I absolutely love the music used in the GoW series. The music perfectly acompanies the carnage that is unfolding on the game screen. I takes a big score to match the chaos that Kratos unleashes.

4.Super Mario Bros. – I am only talking about the regular old NES game. Easily one of the most iconic scores of all time when it comes to video game music… Admit it, even as you read this you are vocaliIng the da-da-dum-da-da-dum…. its okay Sean has a video of it right here to help you out.

3.Halo – While not a huge fan of the Halo games, I am a huge fan of the music used in the games. hell I even downloaded some of the music when I started playing Guitar Hero III. Just goes to show that even

2.Mortal Kombat – I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to my undying love of all things MK, but this time I think it is fitting. MK’s music as far as fighting games go is only one upped by one game…

1.Killer Instinct – Come on! Who didn’t spend a lot of time jaming out to the Killer Cuts CD that came with this game for the SNES? I kmnow I was unable to get enough and still track them down once in a while when I am just sitting on the computer messing around.

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 – Shadow of the Colossus – Alot of this game features no music at all, so when it does kick in, when you’re against an epic creature, the music makes it feel like a legendary fight, sure the great gameplay and ‘how do I win this’ feeling helps but never discount how much music affects us. That’s why films/tv use music/sound effects all the time.

4 – Legend of Dragoon – A very personal choice here, I doubt this will appear in anybody else’s list. I’ve heard this music so many times it just feels important and special to me. It adds so much to the atmosphere of the game with a persistant sense of longing that makes you want to complete the game just to fill the void, and to do that you have to keep playing the game.

3 – Bioshock – Somewhere, beyond the sea. Somewhere, waiting for me, it was the music to this game that really sold the setting. They could have told me it was 2052 and with a different soundtrack I wouldn’t question it. By setting the game in the past (course they’ve went alternate world now) they were able to make use music to make us feel nostalgic for a place we hadn’t yet seen. Thankfully Rapture held up its end.

2 – Super Mario World – Gamings most famous music features in this game. To this day I still hear people humming Mario tunes and it doesn’t take many notes for it to become obvious what game is on that person’s mind. The music is just fun, even the more ‘scary’ music. I’m willing to bet I could hum Mario’s music from my deathbed hopefully many years from now, even if I never play another Mario game again.

1 – Rock Band – Whilst I do love my previous entries and what they add to the games themselves I wouldn’t sit and listen to any of them for a couple of hours. I would happily listen to this one. Songs like ‘Creep’, ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ and hell yes ‘Enter Sandman’ this is gaming’s greatest soundtrack (without DLC before anyone goes down that path). Whilst I cursed it at the time I now even have fond memories of ‘Green Grass and High Tides’, the song that has kicked my arse more than any other.

Marc Morrison (Games Zone Reviewer)

Crazy Taxi 1 –- Sure it only had two bands on the soundtrack, Bad Religion and Offspring, but they were the two best bands to have on it. While Offspring’s “All I Want” is associated much more readily with the game, it’s Bad Religion’s work that made me a fan of theirs.

The FP — While technically not a game soundtrack (it’s a movie soundtrack), it works *completely* as a game soundtrack. The crux of the movie is that it is about “Beat Beat Revelation” (DDR), and every song on the soundtrack would work as a song in that game. I actually bought the soundtrack to the movie, which speaks volumes about how good it really is.

5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night — Come on, Symphony is in the title! The joke aside, SOTN had some very good music in it, brought to bear with the cd format. Every track “works” in the game, with a blending of different musical styles to help make Dracula’s castle come alive. The “Lost Painting” song is probably my favorite from the series, but every song in SOTN is great.

4. DiRT 2 — A lot of the music in DiRT 2 comes from European musicians so it was fairly fresh to my American ears. Notably the Biffy Clyro song “Mountains”, and the two Bloc Party songs “Helicopter” and “Talons” really drew me in. Having Mountains play as you watch the Colin McRae tribute video is incredibly moving to watch. The rest of the music helps to differentiate DiRT 2 from other racers by having a different feel than most other games.

3. Shatter — Shatter, by itself, is a decent enough game. Shatter, with music provided by Module (Jeramiah Ross), makes it a fantastic game. The music is the most integral part of the game with each song bringing you into the level and making you want to see more. “Amethyst Caverns” is probably the stand out song (along with a great music video), but the “Kinetic Harvest” song is also quite catchy. The soundtrack is worth giving a listen to, even without the game.

2. Namco x Capcom — This is a bit of a cheat, but whatever. Namco x Capcom’s soundtrack is mostly a grab bag of various Capcom/Namco songs. Ken’s Theme, Ryu’s Theme, first level of Strider, as well as music from Tekken, Soul Calibur and such. Even a Rival Schools song is included (Batsu’s theme), which is crazy, but great. The original music is also good, with the title track, “Subarashiki Shin Sekai” being the stand out song. The intro video works incredibly well due to its inclusion.

1. Burnout 3: Takedown — Probably a controversial choice by many, but “oh well”. I really enjoyed the music in Burnout 3 with it being a *perfect* match to all the action and insanity in the game. Every track works in tandem with the game, making you want to drive all the more dangerously, or to just get you pumped up to play it. I’d say Silent Drive’s song “416” is my favorite, but really, 1208, Mudmen, Go Betty Go, The F-Ups, Sugarcult, The Von Bondies, The Ordinary Boys, and Autopilot Off all contribute a song that have become some of my favorites to this day.

Sean Garmer (Games Zone Reviewer, News Writer, Games Top 5 Organizer)

5. Super Mario Bros: Just for that classic theme during the first level of Super Mario Bros. 1 it should be on anyone´s list, but there is also the dark level music, the music when you go down a pipe, the snow level music, it´s just all pretty classic from Mario.

4. Kingdom Hearts series I love Disney animated films and now having a daughter its great I get to show them to her. One of the awesome things Disney has always done right is there music and I can´t complain when Square-Enix brought us a way to hear slightly altered versions of themes from those classic films. Not to mention you add in some final fantasy orchestral stuff and you have a soundtrack worth listening to for years to come. Oh yeah, I forgot the theme song “Simple and Clean” is pretty awesome too.

3. Legend of Zelda Series: Everyone knows the Zelda theme but there is a reason why they have a symphony tour celebrating Koji Kondo´s masterful works, simply because the series has some of the most memorable music in all of gaming. Sometimes I love playing Zelda games just to hear the music and not many games on the planet can say that. In fact, I plan on going to symphony concert when it hits Miami, FL in December.

2. Final Fantasy Series: Nobuo Uematsu is one of the greatest composers that have ever lived, not just because he is the man in charge of music, score, and everything else involving sound for Final Fantasy´s first 10 main entries. If you´ve never gotten the opportunity to go to a Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert I highly recommend you check that out. Just to experience hearing some of your favorite Final Fantasy themes played right in front of you is nothing short of awesome. Not only that but they provide video accompaniment so that you can see where the music took place in the game as well. Final Fantasy has some of the most well known themes in all of gaming throughout its history. I probably still like hearing the short “I won” tune the most lol.

1. Rock Band 3: If for some reason this is the first time you´ve checked out the Games Top 5, then you have not heard my go on and on about how much I love Harmonix for creating the Rock Band series. I also have to commend them for continually giving fans DLC for over five years. I just bought the Chicago 3 Pack DLC on Tuesday. I think RB 3 has given fans the most diverse set of music on disc and on DLC. Probably my favorite track on disc is this one…

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