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411 Games Top 5 11.09.12: The Top 5 First Person Shooters

November 9, 2012 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, welcome to the column that respawns every five seconds.

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Honorable Mention: Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

5. Left 4 Dead

The zombie genre of games is all played out to some, but if you ask me there is nothing that can’t be improved by the addition of a shambling corpse or seventy. That includes first-person shooters, and Left 4 Dead is a prime example of that. The co-operative play aspect was very well done and made for a fun storyline; it was a lot like playing inside the world of George Romero. And really, when we’re talking about zombie games isn’t that what we all want?

4. Doom

There were first person shooters that came about before Doom, but this was the one that really pushed the genre to new heights. It’s stunning to think that the game is almost twenty years old now and that there are people (some probably reading this) who think of this game as ancient history. id Software’s title really set the template for all FPS’s that would follow. This game took up more of my life than I really care to think about and introduced terms like “BFG” to the pop culture lexicon.

3. Unreal Tournament

Talk about games that took up too much of my life. Unreal was the game that pushed multiplayer like no other; it took things to a level previously-unseen in that respect. The single-player was basically just multiplayer with bots. More people honed the skills that they would use in later shooters here than in any other game. I still get a little excited at the phrase “Capture the Flag” because of this; that was were the fun was REALLY at.

2. Halo: Combat Evolved

People like to act like they’re too cool for Halo these days, but there is a reason its one of the most popular game franchises around. Halo, much like many of the games on this list, advanced the genre in new ways. It raised the game on multiplayer and yet didn’t sacrifice storyline, making sure that both single-player and multi-player were given equal importance. Halo was the Xbox’s killer app and can be given no small amount of credit for the console’s widespread success; it helped change the landscape of video games.

1. GoldenEye 007

No FPS was as fun to me as GoldenEye. No FPS was as infuriating to me as GoldenEye. I couldn’t even begin to estimate how many rants I’ve gone on about proximity mines and Golden Guns, completely unfair hiding places (that I would then exploit myself) and cheap tactics (which I would try to figure out how to use). GoldenEye is an FPS that has been often imitated but never equalled. People always gripe about how movie-based video games are never good and I always counter that they’re wrong; they’re RARELY good. It has happened though and that one success has made all the other terrible games worth enduring.

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 – Doom – Okay lets face facts, this (and a few other of my entries) doesn’t cut it today, not even close, but there’s a reason FPS’s took over from Beat-Em-Ups as the go to genre and this game is it. Even my step dad played it at work and he only played 1 other game (Rayman for gods sake!) I named the Cyberdemon as one of my top 5 villains and it was this game that got it there. Remember the joy you had playing with the BFG for the first time? How about getting your hands on that chainsaw.. actually why has it only been Gears that uses a chainsaw much? When I eventually pick up the Doom 3 version just out it’ll be this game I play first.

4 – Borderlands 2 – Its a guilty pleasure, is it really really as good as most other FPS’s out there… probably not, but I get to use triple barrelled rocket launchers, and acid spewing shotguns, and can kill midgets. This is porn for gun lovers.

3 – Goldeneye – Oh why were you the only one they got right??? Why did they not just do an actual upgrade instead of a reimagining? I loved this game so much. I doubt, in fact I know, I’ve not played another FPS as much. It was a game that kept on giving, finding out how many proximity mines you could lay down, writing your name in paint, rushing for the golden gun, finding out that running sideways was faster… ahh the memories. But lets not forget that the campaign was pretty awesome too, with its tiered difficulty levels that didn’t just make guys tougher and you weaker but added additional missions to be completed so you had to tackle the toughest difficulty to see it all. Do you think they just pulled a Vince/ECW, brought it back rubbish so we’d stop talking about it, NEVERRRRR!!!!!!

2 – Battlefield Bad Company 2 – If you’re going for online this is the one for you. Its not all about twitch shooting people from behind and granade spamming. Its about working as a team and going for the objective. Who’d have thought that the gun game that applied actual military tactics would be the best at what it does :-s

1 – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – If it wasn’t for this game we might have had a new genre king but out came one of the best games in history. It just done it all, great game for single player and multiplayer, great characters, a reason to keep playing other than topping the table for that round, good maps, a defining moment (we all know that sniper section). Battlefield may be the current uncrowned king of the FPS but that’s only because its always lacked in single player. Sod it I’m off to play this now, and I’ll still love it.

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