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411 Games Top 5 11.16.12: The Top 5 Launch Window Games

November 16, 2012 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, we are ready to launch!

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Adam Larck (Games Zone News Writer & Reviewer)

Soulcalibur (Dreamcast) – The Dreamcast was the first place I was introduced to the series, and I still think it helped make the system a strong console for fighters.

TimeSplitters (PS2) – This game was a blast to play with friends. This showed just how entertaining an FPS title could be with unique elements. Now if only we could get the next title in the series.

5. Super Mario World (SNES) – Super Mario World took everything that made the first few titles fun and expanded on it immensely. More levels, branching paths and the introduction of Yoshi was great. Plus, it showed just what the SNES could do graphically with Mario as a step up to 32-bit.

4. Wii Sports (Wii) – This title helped really sell the system to families and the older generation. Wii Sports, particularly bowling, was a blast for everyone to play, no matter what the age. Sure, it helped that it came packaged with each system, but many families started buying the system just to enjoy this game. A great strategy by Nintendo.

3. Halo (Xbox) – Without Halo, we may never have seen the Xbox take off and the 360 may have never been thought of. Halo was a system seller, hands down, mainly because of the multiplayer. I went to a friend’s house and could have cared less about any other game he had, except for Dead or Alive 3. As soon as Halo was popped in and Sidewinder was loaded up, I was hooked.

2.Super Mario Bros. (NES) – In a time where games were failing, Mario not only helped make a console, but helped turn games around altogether. The game was simple to pick up and enjoy, but a blast to play. In fact, you still see Nintendo replicating the game even today. Even they knew that you don’t fix what isn’t broken.

1. Tetris (Game Boy) – Tetris showed what was best about the Game Boy: short bursts of gameplay that were addictive. This game kept me entertained for a 14 hour car trip, and was a must have for anyone that had the handheld. Even today it’s one of the essential handheld titles for almost any system to have.

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 – Wii Sports – Its pretty much just a tech demo for the wii console but became the most played ‘group’ game to date. This was the game everybody played and had a good time with, it was this game that casual gamers wanted to play and not Twilight Princess. If they could release stats of how long people have been playing this game for it would probably rival any single Call of Duty game.

4 – Super Mario 64 – Mario in 3D, like that’ll work…. okay sometimes I’m wrong. Some would argue the best game on the N64 was also its first one. Mario showed that he could keep up with the generation leaps unlike his other 2D platforming rivals.

3 – Halo – The game that built Xbox. I doubt the 360 would even exist if this game hadn’t been released. Proof that people will buy systems for one game, as long as its a great one.

2 – Tetris – Oh you crafty buggers, launching this title on a system that customers weren’t quite so trusting of yet. It hooked everybody who played it and made your mum much more forgiving about shelling out for the system. A classic game that will never age.

1 – Super Mario Bros – The game that saved gaming!!! How could this not be the best launch title ever. Gaming was in the slums, the whole business was about to go bust and then came along the NES with this game and single handidly made gaming relevant again. Sure the whole ‘Nintendo approval’ thing helped gain customers trust over time but it was Mario that made people realise that games were fun and that they weren’t willing to give up on it yet. And we still haven’t.

Dan Watson (Games Zone Editor)

5. Resident Evil

This game just makes the cut, well not really it was 6 months and three weeks after the launch of the Playstation according to a few sources I had visited. Either way, this game made the Playstation for me. If it wasn’t for Resident Evil, I may have never left the Nintendo 64 and its endless amount of great games at the time. Once I took at a look at this game and the first zombie scene, I was hooked. Sadly, that scene no longer holds true to the series as the series is in a downward spiral from where it once was.

4. Pilot Wings 64

I really enjoyed Pilot Wings 64. This game was amazing to me. Granted, the game was just a bunch of mini-games but they were fun and worth playing. Could you imagine if they would have made this game on the Wii? It would have been gold and fit right into their other titles of mini-games, except it would have been worth it. Sadly, this was the last Pilot Wings I have played.

3. Tetris

You know this is a tough list when a legendary title like Tetris is listed at three. It was tough to pick the best launch titles of all time, let alone place them in a top five format. The music in this game still is catchy and sticks in your head. The game is so good that they have remade it several times without changing the gameplay much at all. That is how you know the game is solid is when it still attracts people without changing a single thing.

2. Super Mario 64

If there were ever a game to buy a console for at launch this was it in my opinion. Imagine how amazing this game was in its time. In my opinion it still holds up as one of the best games of all time and can be played today without anyone saying look how terrible the graphics were. This game was far ahead of its time and holds a place in my heart as number game of all time.

1. Super Mario Bros

Of course this would be number one. You have the game that honestly created the need for a home console. This was the first game many people of my generation ever played and are still playing today. It was extremely simple and extremely repetitive but we loved it. Kids today are spoiled with their large array of games and amazing graphics, growing up this was all we needed.

Francisco Ramirez

5. SSX (PS2) – Of all the game genres available, who would have thought a snowboarding game would be the best game at the PS2’s launch? While the PS2 is still the highest selling console ever, its launch titles didn’t exactly set the world on fire, luckily SSX was a great game and enough to tide you by until we saw some better releases.

4. Super Mario World (SNES) – Some will argue for Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Bros. I will stand my ground with Super Mario World. This game was epic, and immensely fun. Yoshi, capes, Star Road, and a beautiful world. Still fun today and the SNES launch title to get, well either that or F-Zero.

3. Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) – Talk about killer app, this was the game to play on the Dreamcast’s launch, it is still the game to play after the Dreamcast demise. One of the deepest fighting games, yet highly enjoyable. Soul Calibur kept my Dreamcast running, and I still feel the itch to bust the old Dreamcast out on occasion for this game and Power Stone of course.

2. Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox) – I am of the opinion that if it wasn’t for Halo, the Xbox would have been a footnote, and had the lifespan of the 3DO or Jaguar. The Xbox is now headed to its 3rd generation, and much of that has to be because of Halo.

1. Tetris (Gameboy) – This little puzzle game helped move millions of Nintendo’s portable system. Tetris was also available on PC, and the NES, but there was something about having Tetris on the go in the Nintendo Gameboy that felt so right. The perfect portable time killer, and the perfect launch title.

Robert Cooper (Writer of Hammer of Doom News Report in Music Zone)

Honorable Mentions
R-Type-(TurboGrafx-16)- Have I played it on the system?, Nope, but I do not that the game is awesome and it deserves a little mention.

Myst-(Sega Saturn)-I just watched a friend of mine play it a few weeks ago, was a fun experience, and though it isn’t exactly the most bombastic gameplay compared to nowadays, it was still fun.

Soulcaliber-(Dreamcast)-This game was -pretty awesome, granted, I never owned a Dreamcast to play much of it. But when I did play it, it was a great time. Plus, the franchise is still around, that speaks for something.

5. Tetris-(Game Boy)

I never actually played this on gameboy until one day, I found it at my grandma’s house and played a few rounds of it. This game was perfect for the system. It was highly addictive, and fit just right on the system. It’s so simple, and is still around today, and I still play it every once in a while.

4. Wii Sports-(Wii)

I personally never was much for this game (or the Wii), but I have to admit that it made quite a big impact on many of the more casual gamers who bought the Wii and got this game with it. The game is pretty fun, and shows off the motion controls of the Wii perfectly.

3. Halo-(Xbox)

I got an Xbox the first Christmas is was out, and saly, could not play Halo until my friend let me borrow it a few years later (my mom thought that if it had an M Rating that it must be like GTA). This game is the main reason the xbox stayed afloat in the beginning. I really enjoyed the game, thought that it really set itself apart at the time, especially when you look at the flood(no pun intended) of WWII games that were being released then. Master Chief is a gaming icon, and Halo 4 just came out this week, so I’d say for a launch game, this game was succssful. Unlike Blinx the Time Sweeper….which was fun.

2.Super Mario Bros-(NES)

I was REALLY tempted to put this at number one, but considering that my pick for number one shaped my childhood, I can’t not put it at number one. What really has to be said that hasn’t been yet. This game was amazing for the time, and it still holds up today. It also brought the gaming industry from the hell that ET put it in. I never beat this bastard, but I can say that this game is of course the main reason anyone owned an NES back in the day (like I was around).

1.Super Mario 64-(N64)

Speaking of the main reason to own a system, this, along with Goldeneye and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron were the main reasons that I owned an N64. I remember I was a wee lad of 7 years old when my parents gave my very first gaming system, and what came with it? Super Mario 64, of course! This is also I game I never beat in my over 13 years of owning it, I might just suck at it. But this game was amazing, the level designs were great, the enemies were varied, as were the levels themselves. The camera was only semi-annoying and the kids that tricked me into wasting days of my life trying to somehow unlock Luigi were horrendous. This game is an all time classic, and holds a special place in my heart!

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