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411 Games Top 5 8.16.12: Top 5 Most Beautiful Games

August 17, 2012 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, sometimes things just look so nice, don’t they?

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Graphics are a big deal in gaming nowadays. How nice a game looks can be a decider in buying a game, whereas when we were growing up there was a ceiling and you kinda knew what the games in the Atari generation, the 8 bit era, and the 16 bit era were going to look like. However, that does not mean those era did not produce some beautiful games, or at least beautiful for their time. So, in honor of Dust: Elysian Tail coming out this week with its beautiful animation, here are the Top 5 Prettiest Games.

Mark Salmela (Games Zone Reviewer)

HM: Wirehead: What happens when you write a movie script that’s so bad it can’t even go direct to VHS? You make a couple extra fail sequences and turn it into one of the hottest Sega CD games on the market!

5. Night Trap – There’s nothing prettier than watching a bunch of good old-fashioned American “high school girls” prance around in kinky nightgowns. Night Trap features the latest fashion stylings of the late 1980’s, and those “provocative” pajamas will make any red-blooded American male all hot and bothered.

Oscar Worthy

4. Slam City with Scottie Pippen – What cha gonna get? Gonna get, respect! Man, hip hop was the bomb back in the 90s. If you ever wondered what a full motion video Fresh Prince of Bel Air basketball game would look like, look no further. You’re stuck facing off against the most ruthless street hoops competitors this side of Compton with opponents such as Fingers and Juice. And if you can manage to survive long enough, you’ll get to have your girlfriend whisked off her feet by the sexual predator himself, Mad Dog. Who knew all you had to do to win over a girl was give her some weeds you ripped out of the ground off camera?

3. Bram Stoker’s Dracula – When I think about what makes a person a legit badass, roundhouse kicking a bat in the face ranks right up at the top. The graphics to Bram Stoker’s Dracula were so realistic for the time I couldn’t sleep for a week after getting my ass kicked by an onslaught of rats and flying books. To this day I still won’t go near a library for that very reason.

2. Corpse Killer – Corpse Killer is an on-rails shooter where you fight an endless amount of zombies in Jamaica so you can rescue your GI Joe doll partner from the clutches of evil. Where’s Usain Bolt when you need him? I’ve never seen more realistic zombies in a video game. Hell, I’ve never seen a zombie with a sense of fashion before. The first time I saw a zombie crip-walk on screen wearing baggy pants and a backwards hat I was in love.

I’ll save you little buddy!

1. Target Terror – Was this one ever in doubt? I’ve never seen something so beautiful in my life. Some people choose to marry farm animals, some people choose to marry their sister, and some people choose to marry robots. Me? I want to marry a video game. Target Terror is the best thing I’ve ever seen, all my life. There is a no prettier game than a full motion video game.

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 – Deus Ex: Human Revolution – This game looks like the Matrix gone orange. I just oozes cool, sure some of that it down the gameplay but really you spend alot of time skulking in air vents (apple spit, that’s not cool) it’s the game’s art style that make you feel like a badass, and of course they include slow-mo as well.

4 – God of War 3 – Well if you want to talk pretty this game’s graphics just blew me away, I honestly couldn’t believe I was playing a game that looked so good. I actually did stop and stare at how the light reflected of Kratos’ armour. Its games like this that are probably going to holding back the next system, if games can look so good now then whats the next gen going to do? Prob very little, but expect there to be alot of detail in the backgrounds and moveable objects lying around.

3 – Donkey Kong Country – This game still looks good today, today after all these years and a Snes game can still hold up. So imagine what it was like playing it then. Oh I rubbed it in my Megadrive friends faces. Abit on the short side but still plays well today. Ahhh Rare, remember when you could do no wrong, then you joined Microsoft.

2 – Borderlands – Errr confession, the art style actually put me off paying this game till about 2 months of seeing my friends list playing it. Now I get it. I believe they orginally had a fairly generic graphic style and the game played fairly generic because of it, but once someone suggested going comic book the game developed a life of its own. Check out the preorders for the sequel, some places higher than Black Ops 2. Sure many of them will be for the loot hoarding but that gets mundane for me, this game had style, thats what kept me playing (cause it sure wasn’t the story!)

1 – Journey – Oooooo so pretty, did you see that bit where you slide through a tunnel and the lights pouring in and it just looks incredible. Is there a more peaceful game out there? Were you not feeling for your character as he struggled in the snow? All of this is achieved by the art style. Picture this game using realistic graphics, it’d suck ass and be way to short for the money asked but by going simple they have a best seller on there hands that has moved some of the most hardened of gamers.

Gavin Napier (Writer of This is the End(ing) and Writer of Handicapping the News in Wrestling Zone)

5.Batman: Arkham City – Gotham is an ugly city, but when you’re perched on a balcony as Batman, looking across the city’s skyline, it’s a pretty impressive sight. The weather elements are handled perfectly, and nothing looks out of place. The game makes you feel like you’re actually in Gotham. Not much more needs to be said.

4.Assassin’s Creed – Not a game I’ve played, but I´ve watched friends run around the levels, and I’m always impressed with how smooth things move. As with other choices on my list, the attention to detail in both temporal and geographic eras really improve on the game.

3.MLB 12: The Show – I love football and boxing and basketball, but I’m a romantic when it comes to baseball. These games look better every yer, and this year’s installment is no exception. Fenway Park under the lights is stunning, and adds to the feel of the game, no matter if it’s a blowout or a white knuckle bottom of the 9th. Same goes for Wrigley, Jacobs, Oriole Park, and so on. Just a thing of beauty.

2.Red Dead Redemption – Sandbox games aren’t really my thing, but I gave this one a chance based entirely on the Old West theme. The result was being treated to beautiful, washed out landscapes of an unspoiled frontier in American history. Find a spot on a ridge to watch the sun drop on the other side of the desert, and you’ve got screenshot worthy material from Red Dead

1.Uncharted 2 – There’s not a whole lot to not like about Uncharted 2 as a whole. In an era of games, though, that all stand a reasonable chance of Wong gorgeous, It remains one of the few to make me say “Woah” in regards to graphics. The locations that Nate travels to are all absolutely breathtaking, and rendered with attention to detail. In many ways, this game remains the standard of current generation gaming for me.

Sean Garmer (Games Zone Reviewer, News Writer, & Organizer of Games Top 5)

5. Mirror´s Edge: The thing I remember most when playing this game is how beautiful the city in this game looked. It looked like I was playing in a virtual reality New York, while scaling buildings, slamming through doors, and dodging enemy fire in such wondrous splendor. The coolest thing is the graphical detail never went down throughout the game. This is truly one of the most underrated games of this generation of consoles and a certainly a pretty game to watch someone else play too. If only EA would take more chances with new IP´s like they did with this game.


4. Ninja Gaiden 2 (Xbox Version:) Do I need to explain why this game on here really? Ryu Hayabusa has never looked better. It was so nice to be able to slice and dice enemies in beautiful areas and learn more crazy moves as the game progresses as well. It just feels like you have invaded this land that keeps impressing with gigantic and hideous bosses and did I mention a Nasty sword too?

3. Odin Sphere Vanillaware are masters of the updated side scrolling action game. Not only did this game have fantastic gameplay and a nice story it has some of the best animation ever in a video game. I just loved the dark brooding scenes filled with lots of fire and pain. I was hoping someone would announce they were making an anime of the game after I finished it I kept wanting to see the animation run through my head. If you have a PS2 and still have not played this, go find this game right now!

2. Final Fantasy X: This is on here because Final Fantasy X was the FF that introduced me to all other RPG´s not named Pokemon. Well, it is also on here because it has some of the best CG scenes in all of gaming (who can forget that intro scene with the Blitz Ball arena?) and graphics in general. It´s also the first game I´ve ever seen to have an actual love scene in it, maybe some might be turned off by how much they pushed the love story of Tidus and Yuna but it really made that game. All of the characters were just so interesting and aside from Tidus and Yuna, looked so different from other characters we had seen in Final Fantasy. Not to mention they allowed us to play Blitzball which is like underwater soccer or water polo. I still love this game to this day.

1.Okami (PS2 Version): My Lord if there ever was a game that showed us what a truly motivated team could do with art, this was it. The main character is a wolf who also sort of a god as well. The whole game is done as if you are in a water color painting and it is the epitome of beauty in gaming. Every time I went somewhere in the game I was amazed to the way Okami moved in the water to the way he did this cool thing with flowers. It sucks Capcom let the company in charge of the game go and it also shows what giving time to new IP´s can do. There are other more impressive games out there today, but this game still makes me sit in awe of how awesome it looks every time I put it in the system.

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