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411 Games Top 5 9.28.12: The Top 5 Video Game Heroes

September 28, 2012 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, have no fear because the light has returned.

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Dan Watson (Games Zone Editor)

5. Link I would be a fool to leave this man off the list. He has seen almost as many titles as Mario and been the hero in most of them. A lot of my favorite gaming moments have come from this series.

4. Kratos He save the world basically while getting vengeance, what more could you ask for? On top of that he is just a general badass that comes to destroy Gods. The trilogy was a great action hack and slash game as well.

3. Marcus Fenix Gears of War may have been the series Microsoft needed to prove it was for real. Sure they had Halo but everyone wanted to know what else they could do. So out came one of the best trilogies of this generation.

2. Master Chief Halo really was the game that changed modern gaming. Before Halo, the focus was more on the single player experience with multiplayer being optional. Halo came and defined first person shooters and opened up the flood gates for annual COD games as well as the others out there.

1. Mario Who could deny the original hero his top spot. Mario is the first game I remember playing and to this day I love to go back and play the original. Sadly, he keeps saving the same girl who clearly cannot stay out of trouble.

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 – Lui Kang – Classic hero here, calm and peaceful, training, focus blah blah. Gets into a fight to save the earth, triumphs against overwhelming odds. Repeats a few times. Gets killed but still keeps fighting the good fight (MK sure got complicated at some point huh). In a universe full of the wierd and terrible Lui Kang is one of the few role models.

4 – Prince – Nope not that guy from Persia, the Katamari one. This guy just keeps rebuilding the universe after the King of All Cosmos keeps wrecking the place, lets give the guy some credit, it ain’t easy rolling around all that stuff. There’s plenty of determination going on here, alot of love for family and the rest of us peeps and some serious upper body strength going on. Lets give this guy some love.

3 – Isaac Clarke – Okay okay so actually pretty much everybody dies but think big picture, this is the guy who put his finger in the dam. Sure it doesn’t seem like much and compared to many is relatively easy but if he hadn’t put his finger in (stopped the Marker’s spread) then the galaxy would be in a whole load of shit.

2 – Sonic – (*sigh* I’m setting myself up with this one). Right lets face it Mario is not the ‘hero’ Sonic is. He saves one princess ALOT, and the rest of the time he’s go-karting, playing tennis etc. Sonic see’s a man bent on taking over the world and sets out to stop him. Without him Robotnik would’ve changed everything about Sonic’s game world/s, and he saves loads of animals too whilst Mario just kills anything that comes close to him.

1 – Commander Shepherd – Come on the guy saves the univere, and every generation of said universe from there on. He does whilst helping major races with some pretty major problems. Even without the Reapers Shepherd had done more than enough to deserve a spot on this list. Now I’ve neber done him as a renegade but paragon Shepherd has got ‘hero’ down to a tee, even if he does hit on every available woman (single tear, in that he’s just my hero)

Marc Morrison (Games Zone Reviewer)

Honorable Mentions Viki (from the Suikoden series), Rise (from Persona 4) and Viola (from Eternal Sonata)

5. The Boss — Saints Row 3. The boss (as a character) was a bit of an empty vessel in the first two games. With Saints Row 3 though, he/she/it really comes to the fore-front with humor, toughness and a severe Burt Reynolds crush (don’t we all have that?). The Boss excels at just doing ridiculous things, in a completely insane world but being nonplussed by the whole thing. Also, Tara Platt does one of the Boss’s voices (the Russian female), and did a superb job with it.

4. Alan Wake — Alan Wake. Alan is a great hero because you can identify and understand his plight very easily. All he wants to do is find his wife and hopefully overcome his writers block, but the darkness won’t let him and has a grasp on him. While Alan isn’t a super man in the game, he does do some impressive deeds, all in the name of trying to find Alice and to stop any more darkness from spreading.

3. Ezio Auditore da Firenze — Assassin’s Creed 2/Brotherhood. Ezio works because he sums up the line “Women want him, and men want to be him.” He’s a rogue-ish character, that seduces his way across Europe but is an unparalleled fighter with strong principles and a drive to stamp out Templar villainy where he can. It’s nice that someone in the Assassin’s Creed universe has a purpose, since Desmond didn’t, for the past 4 games.

2. Sam Gideon — Vanquish. The man with the robot suit, and gun that can morph into anything you find, Sam is the quintessential action-hero stereotype but that is why he works so well. While other heroes try to be deep by having them question events, Sam just doesn’t care and wants to get the job done. Plus 10 cool points for having a button that makes him smoke, while you’re in a cover situation.

1. Cloud Strife — Final Fantasy 7. JUST KIDDING!!!

1. The Nameless One — Planescape: Torment. The game poses the question of “What can change the nature of a man?” and the Nameless one spends the entire game coming to grips with what he (you) believes is the answer. No other game has yet come close as to wrestling with the ideas and concepts that Planescape has broached. While The Nameless One has done some unpleasant things in his past incarnations, it is up to you, and your own disposition in making him the greatest hero to the planes, or the worst scum possible. Plus, Chromatic Orb is still one of the best spells ever in a game.

Stewart Lange (Writer of the MMA 5 & 1 in MMA Zone)

5. BD Joe Some days at work suck. Hell, most days at work suck. But not if your occupation happens to be CRAZY TAXI DRIVER!!!! BD Joe is able to speed around, picking up chicks, jumping off buildings in his convertible cab while making hella cash. That’s the life.

4. Nick What a suave, sophisticated motherf*cker, in that designer suit. Just a shame the suit is about to be STAINED WITH THE BLOOD OF A BAJILLION ZOMBIES! Left 4 Dead 2 is my wife’s favorite game, ergo, I’ve played a hell of a lot of it and you know, Nick is the man. Not many people would wade through Tunnels of Love and Cold Streams wearing expensive threads, but this guy has to look good while killing.

3. Sonic This little blue bastard ruined my childhood. The way this list is going you can tell I was a Sega kid, can’t you? So many hours spent trying to reach that Death Egg zone……

2. Commander “Stewart” Shepherd No, i didn’t realize how crap it would become my character was called Stewart, but I also didn’t appreciate how hooked on Mass Effect I would become. Commander Shepherd was a true hero, what ever you made of the ending. How about we just remember the good times? No Mass Effect ending was going to satisfy me, I just wanted more.

1. Ryo Hazuki For those who forget who I am around here, Shenmue is my Lord of the Rings. I play it once a year and don’t think I’ll stop that tradition as long as I have a working Dreamcast. If you play those games and don’t feel connected to the guy, you’re dead inside. Now, where is part three, already!

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