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411 Games Top 5: Greatest Villains in Gaming History

September 20, 2012 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, the dark days have come to the games zone.

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Stephen Randle (Quizmaster for Four Player Co-op, Writer of Wrestling News Experience in Wrestling Zone)

5. Diablo – Diablo series: Others have tried, but none can match the pure evil that is the Lord of Terror, who spends every waking moment (and most of time when he’s dead and trapped in a stone…twice) making sure that life in Sanctuary is just a little more hellish. Sure, Diablo III is a huge disappointment, but for sheer frustrating difficulty in all three installments, nothing can top the ultimate battle with Diablo.

4. Bison – Street Fighter series: I may be guilty of giving his this spot based entirely on Raul Julia’s performance in the crappy movie, but who’s going to argue anyway? Also, his cheap behaviour in Street Fighter II was part of the reason I resigned myself to sucking at fighting games forever.

3. LeChuck – Monkey Island series: The pirate who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit”. Mostly because every time you foil his plans he always finds a way to come back to life in an even more demonic form, looking for revenge. Sure, he can be defeated by something as simple as a bottle of root beer, but the minute you forget about him, he’ll be back. Plus, he’s a pirate. Pirates are awesome.

2. Bowser – Mario series: Sure, he keeps falling back on his only plan (1. Kidnap Princess. 2. ??? 3. Profit), but what makes Bowser so great is how he’s managed to evolve into a truly interesting and three-dimensional character over the years. While other Big Bads would be happy to just be the guy at the end, games like Mario RPG and Paper Mario have showed us the complex and nuanced Koopa many people have come to sympathize with.

1. Kefka – Final Fantasy VI: Screw Sephiroth. Sure, he killed Aeris and almost destroyed the world, but everything he tried to do, the most evil clown in the history of gaming actually accomplished one game earlier. Kefka was actually a pretty shocking character at the time, since for the first half of the game he’s portrayed as a mentally unbalanced, foppish, incompetent underling of the Emperor, but once he (SPOILERS FOR A REALLY OLD GAME THAT YOU’VE ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME FOR NOT PLAYING BY NOW BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME) reveals his ultimate plan and actually destroys the world, he becomes the most evil, and most successful, bad guy in the history of the game. And he’s a freaking clown.

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 – Goro – First off I’ll say I’m not including anyone who didn’t originate in games. Now Goro… guy was undefeated for 500 years. In a universe full of powered up badasses Goro ruled them all. Know how Armageddon happened because there was too many guys with super powers/skills, it didn’t happen earlier cause Goro killed them all. I’d bet Shang Tsung (champion before Goro) took one look and decided to be a backstage kind of guy. I just don’t get why the series has never focused on him more since the first game.

4 – Space Invaders Aliens – Have you met anyone who has defeated these Space Invaders? All these years and nobody ever has, these guys will kill you, its just a matter of time, they’re getting closer, you’re killing loads, but thats okay, they got spares. They sent the pawns in first anyway and kept the faster spaceships at the rear. You’re dead mate, try all you want… for another quarter. Maybe I should have put the developers names instead?

3 – Cyberdemon – So the games called Doom, it was a little thing, you may have heard of it. If you kept playing you eventually met this guy, a demon with a rocket launcher… a big fast demon. Cyberdemon was actually the fastest guy you met and the guy just kept those rockets coming at you. Its been worked out that you’ll need around 40 rocket shots, 400 chaingun bullets, 25 point-blank double-barrel shotgun blasts to defeat him, even the BFG couldn’t take him down, usually you needed 3-4 shots. Sure he wasn’t clever but would you want to meet this guy?

2 – GlaDOS – Okay I kinda want to meet GlaDOS, just as long as ‘Science’ and ‘testing’ didn’t come up, I’m okay with cake. GlaDOS let the world know that once again we were happy with a ‘thinking man’s’ bad guy. You hear her throughout the game but only meet her personally at the end and… well it was an average boss battle. I’ll confess I did die on my first attempt as I was half listening to her instead of focusing on the task and THAT’s her strength, she’s a disarming little minx, and we can’t help but love her, despite the acid baths.

1 – Nemesis – What a motherfucker this guy was, he created a constant climate of fear, screw all the zombies, this was a personal battle game, you versus your nemesis, and you ran like a bitch, throwing everything, anything at this guy and he kept coming. Even through doors! Yes he broke the series rules, he shrugged of your attack and he just wouldn’t stop. I can’t believe developers didn’t rip this guy off, there should be plenty of games that have similar bosses *shrug* maybe they knew Capcom couldn’t be topped. I’m hoping Resident Evil 6’s lookalike can bring the feeling back, the feeling of panic when an unstoppable juggernaught is tearing through everything to kill me, for an entire game.

Todd Vote (Games Zone Reviewer, Four Player Co-op Contributor, News Writer)

5.Shao Kahn from MK2 and 3 – Talk about a cheap ass boss. Seriously, was there anything more frustrating about the early MK games than having to come up against a boss on one of the tougher difficulty settings? Fuck this guy. He was tough in the reboot, but in the first two games he appeared in, he was just a cheap shot artist, and a dick. Shouting things like ‘you suck’, or ‘That was pathetic’.

4.Ares from God of War – While the Hydra may have been a better boss fight in general, and set the pace for the whole series, this fight has a special spot for me. Why? Because I happen to love giant monster movies like Godzilla, King Kong, and the like. Everything except Mothra; Fuck Mothra. Anyways, once Kratos opens Pandora’s Box and grows to great heights, I was like a kid in a candy store. Add in all of the things Ares did to ‘create’ Kratos, and its a no brainer for him to make the list.

3.King Dedede from Kiby’s Dreamland – I don’t think Dedede get’s the attention he deserves as a villain. Maybe it is because most times he ends up being a pawn in some grander scheme. But the dude is just a bully. Stealing all of his kingdom’s food, and things of that nature. Sure, he has been sort of aligned with Kirby lately, but just you wait. He will make his intentions known…

2.Megatron from Transformers games – Megatron just never gives up. He wants to rule everything. His constant scheming and plotting has cost the Transformers their home world Cybertron. Megatron is a great villain.

1.Bowser – Quite possibly the most inept villain, it was still hard to give this spot to anyone else. Bowser has tried some 347 million times to stop Mario and take over the Mushroom Kingdom. He fails, miserably every time, but you have to admire his spunk for never giving up.

Marc Morrison (Games Zone Reviewer)

Honorable Mentions: Culex (Mario RPG) and Rodrigo Borgia (Assassin’s Creed 2)

5. Whispy Woods (Kirby series) – No villain gets pushed around more than Whispy Woods, but you always end up feeling bad for the guy. He’s immobile, fairly weak, and when you beat him, he (usually) cries at the end. I just want to give him a big hug at that point, especially after you beat him in Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

4. Kane (Command and Conquer) – While I only really got into C&C 3 and Red Alert 3, I enjoyed what Kane brought to the table. He was portrayed well by Joe Kucan (even though he’s not an actor), bringing a sense of gravitas to the role. The best villains are ones that believe their own ideology, and Kane certainly fills that role quite nicely. The Avatar Warmech was also a lot of fun to use.

3. Dr. Fetus (Super Meat Boy) – How is a poor, misunderstood Fetus in a jar NOT going to become evil? All he wants is the love of a good Bandage Girl and to kill the clueless Meat Boy. There is a lot of humor in this game, usually derived from Dr. Fetus. The last encounter with him will drive you nuts, but once you see him die, you’ll actually feel just a little bad for the guy. Till he flips you off, that is.

(Here’s a good song encapsulating Dr. Fetus:

2. Ragnaros (World of Warcraft) – While other WoW bosses come and go, Ragnaros is still the most visually impressive and most iconic. He’s a big fire lord with a huge hammer who yells at you a bunch. What’s not to love? It’s even more fun when you have the “Lil’ Ragnaros” pet, and you manage to kill the big guy with him out. I usually /hug my pet after that.

1. Jowy (Suikoden 2) – Jowy is a superb villain because you can see that he is clearly trying to do what he thinks is right. It’s just that he (and the main character) are locked into two different sides of the conflict, and it’s only exacerbated by the rune on his hand. What’s more is that you could imagine the scenario being reversed, if it was Jowy that wound up at the mercenary camp and your character being rescued by Pilika instead.

Coop (Writer of the Hammer of Doom News Report in Music Zone)

Honorable Mentions
-The 2-on-1 Handicap Match (WWF No Mercy)-everytime this match came up in story mode, I hung my head and knew that I was 7 different types of screwed.

– Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)-If I had finished Final Fantasy 7, he’d have been higher, but he’s pretty damn badass all things considered.

– Ocelot (Metal Gear series)-I’ve never actually played a Metal Gear game (never owned a Playstation), but I know that this gun twirling badass deserves at least a mention.

5.GLaDOS (Portal)

For a bloodthirsty robot that wants you more dead than Bill Cosby in a pudding shortage, she sure is a lovable villain. I think what makes her so great is the fact that she does want you dead, but she will dance around saying it, and just being 100% passive-aggressive about that fact. I think her greatest offense is withholding cake from me.

4. Doku (Ninja Gaiden)

The xbox Ninja Gaiden, if anyone is confused. I originally had thought about putting the final boss as the entry from this game, but after a bit of thinking, I decided to put Doku on here. The guy is pretty brutal and as a boss battle, he is a damn hard fight, as anyone in Ninja Gaiden is. As a character, he is a thorn in the side of Ryu Hayabusa till his last breath, and even after that he continues to troll.

3.Darth Malak (Star Wars: KOTOR)

Knights of the Old Republic is one of my most favorite games of all time, which should not be a surprise, considering the game is 100% awesome. Malak is the main villain in the game, and he makes a very fast impression, blowing up one of the worlds, a Sith controlled one at that, in the game pretty fast in the game. He is by far one of my most favorite expanded universe jedi/villains, besides Darth Bane. I think what sets him apart from the rest, besides having some pretty great schemes, is the fact that he’s missing half of his face, that just screams badass villain to me.

2.Bowser (Super Mario series)

This decision was hard, whether to put him as number one or number two, if he would actually succeed at his kidnap the princess plot(has he ever done so, I’ve not played every Mario game), I might have put him at the top of my list. This dude is very persistent, and he does plan ahead, like him building so many castles, so that Mario can never find the right one. I think part of his mystique has been gone ever since he started brushing up on his go-kart racing.

1.Ganon (Legend of Zelda series)

I think him being number one is fitting, both him and Bowser deserved this spot, but I found Ganondorf/Ganon to be the more epic final battle. I remember playing “Ocarina of Time” for the first time, and finally getting to Ganondorf after it taking forever and a day, and when I started to fight him, I just stared in wonder at the epic scale at which the fight was. There are many other fights with him, of course, because he is typically Link’s final adversary, but his no-nonsense demeanor in all of the fights that he is in makes him my favorite villain of all time.

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