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411 Mania Games Top 5 01.04.13: Top 5 Wanted Super Smash Bros. Characters

January 4, 2013 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, don´t we all wish we could have favorite characters in a fighting game.

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*I meant to do this topic a while back when Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal came out, but all of the end of year topics kinda took over. So, I figured I should bring this back now. Welcome to Games Top 5 Most Wanted Super Smash Bros characters (if license restrictions were not a problem.)

Francisco Ramirez

Note:I decided my additions would consist of a Ninja Allstars pack, and yes I did decide to omit the Mortal Kombat Ninjas on purpose because come on, that’s too easy!

5. Jago (Killer Instinct) – Killer Instincts Jago is already part of a beloved fighting game so it is no brainer to have him as part of the cast.

4. Shinobi (Shinobi) – Sega’s Shinobi was one of two badass Ninja’s in the 8 and 16-bit era, the other is further down. Include the version from Shinobi III and forget the PS2 version, I’m sure damn near everyone has.

3. Black Manta (Wrath of the Black Manta) – A blast from my childhood past! Do yourself a favor and play Wrath of the Black Manta on the NES. Black Manta is a ninja, so he has all the qualifications to be in this game.

2. Shadow (Final Fantasy VI) – Everyone’s favorite RPG Ninja, Shadow would easily be one of the most popular characters in this Allstar game due to Final Fantasy’s overwhelming popularity.

1. Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) – The king of video game ninja’s as far as I’m concerned! How could you not include him, already part of a fighting game series, appearing in Dead or Alive. Not only that he is one of a handful of video game characters to survive from the 8-bit days. His games, until Ninja Gaiden 3 just recently, were great, and hardcore, it was hard to survive. So including the King of Ninja’s is a no brainer.

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 – Pac-Man – My quirky pick. I’m thinking he’s a small character who’s hard to hit but has rubbish defense until he gets his powerup somehow (collection, ability bar, health at certain point etc) and then he gets x seconds of invincibility and turns the tables on his opponents. He’d need to be balanced well though so we don’t see any Gon/Oddjob cheapness.

4 – Kongol (Legend of Dragoon-) Hey if its my game then I’m getting someone from Legend of Dragoon in there and since we always need a big guy I’m going with Kongol. He’d even get to morph into a Dragoon as a special. He’s gotta have his Crush move, little did I know when I was shouting ‘Kongol CRUSH’ at the TV as a kid I was ripping of the Hulk, another character I love.

3 – Goro (Mortal Kombat Series-) I just don’t get why this guy gets so little love from the MK games. He owned in the first game though and thats how I want to see him again, as a boss character who’s overpowered and cheap. The guy was undefeated for 500 years of mortal combat, taking on the best of both worlds, how many other fighters have that kind of pedigree?

2 – Raziel (Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver-) ever Kain’s pawn in the Soul Reaver series. This is going to be my standard guy who’s accessible but difficult to master. He’ll ultimately be the one to succeed, even if its because he just keeps coming back to life, handy trick that. Course it won’t feature in the game but i’d like him to be able to phase shift the level once he powers up, other than the background I’m imagining it as some kind of nullifying affect whilst it lasts, stopping opponents from doing specials perhaps.

1 – Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z Budokai-) Overpowered!!!! I don’t know what you means (looking shifty) Hey if Sonya Blade can fight Superman then I’ll come up with something to let the Prince of Saiyans compete. Hmm perhaps he can be my end boss, playable only after you beat him. Oooo in fact thats how all my game is going to be, you start with Raziel and you unlock who you beat. Anyway I’m sure you’ve probably all seen/played as Vegeta so you know he’s got fighting pedigree. Why not Goku? Pfft you either know the answer to that or you don’t. Hail to the Prince!

Todd Vote (Games Zone Reviewer)

Just to try and come up with something different, I will go on record right now and promise my list will not include any characters from the Mortal Kombat, or the Killer Instinct series.

5.Sam (Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick) – Let’s face it, every game like this seems to have to have one comedic character. Sam brings absolutely nothing to the table other than the ability to get kicked in the ass by someone much larger than he is. But oh the fun that could be had by kicking him in the ass.

4.Lucas Kane (Indigo Prophecy) – If the style of game we are creating, then I think Lucas Kane would fit right in. By the end of Indigo Prophecy, he can hold his own with the best of them.

3.Nick Scryer (Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy Nick Scryer is a game hero who never really got his chance to shine. For whatever reason, Psi-Ops was overlooked by a lot of people, and shame on you for missing it. It is one of the best games that Midway has produced towards the end of the PS2/Xbox console generation, and in my opinion, one that is in desperate need of a sequel.

2.Gideon Wyeth (Advent Rising) – Gideon much like Lucas Kane, is looked at in his game as the last hope for mankind. He is told by an alien race called the Aurelians that humans are looked at as gods, but there is another race, called the Seekers, that are out to destroy humanity. Gideon develops quite a bit of power throughout the game, which makes me think he would fit in greatly with this type of game. Another game that deserves a sequel.

1.Captain Smiley (The Adventures of Captain Smiley) – Twisted Pixels attempt at a comic book game was just an absolute blast to play through. Captain Smiley is one of the funniest games I played on my Xbox 360, but again, coming from Twisted Pixels, that should have been expected. Smiley would wreck shit in a Battle Royale/Smash Brothers type of setting.

Sean Garmer (Games Zone Reviewer and Games Top 5 Organizer)

5. Digimon: Sadly, Namco Bandai never could make a game the same quality of Nintendo´s Pokemon. Personally, I always thought Digimon was superior to Pokemon as far as an anime series goes. It also happened to be my favorite anime or cartoon show growing up as a kid. So, for my own nostalgia purposes I would like to see some Digivolving Monsters in a Super Smash Bros game. If anything, Patamon vs. Pikachu would be a cool battle to see.

4. The Avengers: Captain America is my favorite super hero, but I don´t think just having him in the game would appease too many people. It would be awesome to see Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Wasp, Ant Man, Spider Man and more added in with other characters to create a real SUPER Smash Bros. Hey, someone can dream right?

3. Alan Wake: One of my favorite characters in gaming, a man who could literally kill you with his thoughts or perhaps his words. Wake could still use his flash light and gun in this game and also use the “Darkness” to his advantage this time. If Nathan Drake can be in a game like this, why not Alan Wake? If anything, they both have interesting stories to tell.

2. Master Chief (Halo Series): Everyone´s favorite Spartan Soldier may never be in a game of this kind, but it sure would be nice to see him in one. I mean who wouldn´t want to have a rotation of weapons to shoot Mario, Luigi, or even Solid Snake down. Cortana could even be a special attack he uses to distract your opponents, while you use the Sword to slice them up.

1. Chrono (Chrono Trigger): Anyone who knows me, probably knows I would choose the main character from my favorite game ever. Chrono is a wonderful pick because he is skilled with weapons and can use magic that would make him a quick favorite of anyone looking to decimate their friends. If they could find a way to allow you to do double techs or triple techs with friends, that would be fantastic.

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