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Ask 411 Games 10.29.12: Wii U Launching, Wrestlers Diving, Seaman Porting, More!

October 29, 2012 | Posted by Mathew Sforcina

Well, hey there, welcome to Ask 411 Games. I am Mathew Sforcina, and I’m in slight pain right now, thanks to an errant DDT this afternoon.

Thanks Spaceboy.

Anyway, on the gaming front I have little to report, given that I spent most of the week working, so yeah. Got a little Minecraft in, playing around with the new stuff on the Xbox version, but that’s about it.

So anyway, enough of my blathering about useless information, let’s turn to my blathering about slightly more useful information!

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Jason starts us off with techno music.

The WCW/nWo Revenge clip got me thinking. Why did they choose such weird techno sounding music for that game? I could forgive not having everyone’s theme at that time, but the soundtrack was brutal, and by default the volume was set incredibly loud, which is what I initially thought your warning was for.

Well one thing going for it, each arena had its own, distinct theme. That was something.

And the menu music was actually a ‘proper’ song, Steve Vai’s ‘Erotic Nightmares’.

But the man you can thank for the music was Kouji Niikura, who also did the music on such titles as F1 Pole Position 2, Dragon’s Earth and… Clock Tower.

Anyway, some people like the soundtrack, certainly AKI and THQ liked it, as he came back for WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and did the music for that as well.

So the guy who did these had a certain style, but also space limitations meant that there was a finite amount of data that could be given over to music. So the less detailed the music, the more could be fit in. And after all, while today there is an expectation as to what a wrestling game’s soundtrack should be, there wasn’t really a set expectation back then.

But yeah, just blame Kouji Niikura. He made the soundtrack, so clearly HE liked it…

Mr. Ace Crusher turns to Dreamcast games.

Sega has been releasing a rash of Dreamcast games onto PSN/XBLA. Any chance of seeing the legendary Shenmue 1 and 2 or Seaman? I’m still surprised Seaman never got re-released in North America outside the dreamcast, but I think even Japan got a sequel to it on the ps2.

We’ll deal with the two series in turn.

Shenmue 1 and 2 is an odd one, as there are reports that the games are, in fact, done, ready, converted, Sega could upload them any day they liked, they are 100% ready for Prime Time, on both XBLA and PSN. Supposedly, Sega are holding back due to the fact that they don’t know about Shenmue 3. That they want to wait for Shenmue 3 to begin construction before they release them, that they’ll put them out as a lead in for 3. Which does make sense on some level, but it’s kind of a dick move on the other.

However, that is very much a rumor. The closest Sega has gotten to anything substantial was a throw away comment during an interview with Sega Brand Manager Ben Harborne about the Jet Set Radio re-release, with him saying that Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia were the most popular games that the fans were after.

So while I don’t quite believe that they have the games ready to go, sitting on a computer somewhere, I do think they are the most likely next games to be announced. They are just far too popular not to convert, once you’ve begun the “Re-releasing all our good and/or popular games onto the new format in lieu of making the same level of quality and/or popularity games for the new generation specifically” path. Sega will re-release the Shenmues, with or without a 3rd on the way. But a 3rd would make it much sooner.

Seaman on the other hand…

The last recorded mention of the game was another off handed comment, this time in a Japanese Newspaper, that said that it was one of the games Nintendo was looking to bring onto the 3DS, with a port or sequel for the game. This could mean there would be no other re-release, or that it might make it more likely, it’s hard to say.

However, Nintendo president did go on Twitter and declare that the report was untrue, in that the same article that said ‘Nintendo is bringing in Seaman’ also said the company would collapse soon if they continued on their current path. He didn’t talk about Seaman at all.

So what of the game? Certainly the current market seems perfect for the franchise. Thanks to online play, pretty much every console has a headset microphone, and if it came out on Xbox only, it’s perfect for Kinect, although Microsoft already has Kinectimals…

I dunno. On one level, the game is pretty weird, even by most standards, and quirky/weird games don’t always lead to sales. It seems like it would be a good fit, but other, less weird games already fill that niche. So I’m not sure it’ll happen soon. Maybe once Sega already have put out most of the more mainstream games, perhaps, but until then, I don’t think it’ll be that likely.

I find I have little questions to cover. So here’s some videos, with thoughts stemming from them.

I don’t get the Slenderman thing to be honest. I mean, at least he just kills you. There’s far worse things to have happen to you. Death’s easy compared to having to suffer unspeakable horrors for what seems like eternity. I mean, if he was really something to be scared of, he’d get you and force you to play Superman 64 for 5 minutes.

I gotta admit, this is a damn fine trailer. Even if I’m slightly annoyed at the change to Elizabeth and, worse, the grappling hook. I thought the old one was perfect, but I guess if it needs to be able to take people’s faces off…

I do really hope that at some point in a WWE game we can play as Hornswoggle, and have other small wrestlers. I want my Mini Mankind and Mini Vader in a game darnit!

And hell, here’s some more for the hell of it.

And that brings us to… Actually I need a little more time to handle Eternal Effect’s question, and that I don’t want to drag up the Heavy Rain stuff (yes, there is some replay value, but my main point, that it’s not enough of a game to qualify as THE game, is still valid), I’ll have to improvise slightly.

So, here is a prediction I want to make, here and now. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But I want to put it to paper, and explain why.

The WiiU will do OK at launch. Not superb, not suck, but OK.

It’s been said by Nintendo that the WiiU is the attempt to bring back the ‘core gamers’ to the company, that it’s designed to be the lure for the hardcore gamers back to Nintendo. I think that this both overestimates the amount of core gamers who left, and underestimates how picky those that did leave are.

See, I’m somewhat safely in the ‘core’ group. I own a large number of games, always buying more, hell, I write a weekly column on gaming, that’s pretty core. But I own a Wii. Had to, to get the Smash Bros game. And eventually I might pick up the WiiU for the next Smash Bros game.

I think that the perception that the Wii was just for casual gamers came not from those players who were loyal to the 360 or PS3 only, but from the gamers who owned a Wii and felt that most of the games for the console were either shovelware…

Or just plain crap.

It wasn’t that the core gamers weren’t on the Wii. They were part of the millions sold, they just wanted games for the consoles they owned!

And even if you accept that, and say that the WiiU will appease them… I dunno if that’s going to happen. The WiiU seems to have made steps in most areas, but what they got rid of (the clunky controls, the technical limitations) they have replaced with others (one tablet controller, the Miiverse). And the games they have on offer at launch are games that aren’t going to make someone who avoided the Wii prior jump over.

But that said, it’s Nintendo, and it’s a Wii, albeit the Wii 2. So I think that the launch will do well enough to be classed as a success, but it won’t be anywhere near the greatest launch of all time or anything.

I know, it’s a really out there, bold prediction, but they can’t all be good ones. Remember, questions, and please do send in some more questions, can go in the comment section, or, better yet, to [email protected]

Until next time, which hopefully won’t suck as much.


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