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Average Gamer 10.18.12: Horror Games Part I

October 18, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

Have I ever told you all how much I hate Robert Griffin III. Honestly I don’t hate him, the guy seems like a cool enough guy but what he did to the Vikings on Sunday was just plain uncalled for. This guy went to limits of dating your best friend’s sister. You just don’t need to do that. It was capped off with a seventy-some-odd yard run for a touchdown to put the final nail in the coffin. It’s okay though, I forgive him and thank the football Gods for having Kevin Kolb sit out this week versus the Vikings.

In the gaming world, I am still at it with Borderlands 2. The game is solid and the downloadable content released this week, so I have been playing that as well. I am a level forty-three and just trying to get to the level fifty mark with three others so that we can try to kill this beast of an enemy.

I am going to skip my non-related top five this week because we have a special guest to give us an average review of an iOS app. We could call him AL because he is boring and not as cool as me, or because he is over-rated, instead we will just call him Adam Larck.

Average Review with A.L.

This week I checked out Lili on the iPad. The biggest draw to the game, by far, is the graphics. The Unreal engine makes it look like one of the most impressive titles out there for iOS, with both the characters and environments wanting your attention as you wander around.

Players control Lili as they try to find rare flowers on Geos Island for her professor. She quickly gets caught between a struggle between wooden Constructs and Spirits that made them. To help the constructs, players pull white flowers from the backs of Spirits until a red flower pops up, ending the fight when it’s pulled. During the fight, damaging thorns can pop up that will force you to quickly lose your grip and fall off, forcing you to restart the fight. Winning the fight can give you a background on each Spirit.

The game has a lot of lively characters as you progress, and plenty of subtle mentions of games and other things to see as you wander around. Unfortunately, a big drawback for the game is that the battles mentioned above never really vary, meaning once you’ve seen the first few battles you’ve seen most of the game.
Still, for $4.99, the impressive world to be seen and the characters within should entertain most. If you’re interested in just combat and not atmosphere, I suggest looking elsewhere. Otherwise, stop by Lili’s world to check it out.

Thanks Adam for that great review of Lili on the iPad. He will be back next week with another review as well.

Horror Games…Part I

I love horror movies and games. I have been hooked since the first time I played Resident Evil and to this day, each Resident Evil and Silent Hill that comes out I end up picking up. There have been some terrible entries in this genre and it has expanded a bit too. This week I am going to focus on this generation of horror titles and next week we will take a look at the previous generations’ horror titles. Feel free to toss a few out there that you have enjoyed in either week’s comments section.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

This game was just was this generation needed. More scary half body nurses, pyramid headed monsters, and of course creepy children. This has always been a great series in my opinion. It has early roots on the original Playstation and has always been a favorite to play. I hope they continue making the games and I hope it keeps pushing the buttons as to how creepy it can get.

Alan Wake

This game was just strange. You never know what is waiting around corners or going to jump out at you. I hated how many times I would jumps like a small school girl during this game. The flashlight concept was strange at first but grew on your quickly. Toss in the fact that there were multiple endings and you cannot lose with this game. I loved just about everything about it but felt it could have used a bit longer of a story, so the DLC helped that. This game was pretty awesome.


This game was an awesome story and graphics but also provided a creepy moment or two as well. The story made for a real strange atmosphere and even stranger characters. This game is one of those once in a life time classics that hits on all cylinders. When this game first released I was very hesitant. I had been burnt too many times in the past by games that were going to be amazing horror/creepy action/adventure/FPS games that just fell flat. One of my brother’s picked up the game and I happened to see him playing. Soon after, his copy became my copy and I couldn’t stop playing. I was not as big of a fan of the second title but it was still a good game. Give both a shot whenever you can if you haven’t already.

Dead Space

Pick either of the games in the series and I can tell you they will make you jump and possibly even yelp a bit. These are creepy games that end up with you being scared out of your mind for quite a bit of time. I really liked both games but the second one was really good in my opinion. You should definitely check it out if you are looking for a good scare for the weekend, you will not be disappointed. With the third installment coming soon, it would definitely be worth checking out these titles sooner rather than later. This is a series that is worth following.

Dead Island

This is more a FPS Survival game but it still had its moments that would make you jump. There were several times I would be walking in an area where I thought the zombies were dead, when one would get up and attack me. The story was a little out there for me and at times hard to follow. Overall, if you have a few friends with the game pick up the collector’s edition with the DLC and enjoy.

Well that is it for this week. Next week we take a look at some of the older titles and look back at some of the truly great horror games ever. Outside of Resident Evil and Silent Hill there will be some surprise titles or titles that have been forgotten now. Have a great weekend and I will see you all back here next week.


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