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Average Gamer 10.26.12: Horror Games Part II

October 26, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

Today is a pretty important day when this goes live. I will be celebrating my Twenty-Eighth birthday. At this point there isn’t a ton to look forwards to with birthdays so you kind of just enjoy the day and go from there. The problem is that the weather is going to be terrible. Today’s high is seventy-two degrees tomorrow will be a high of forty. This is Chicago weather at its finest.

In the gaming world, I have finally gotten a level fifty character in Borderlands as well as beaten the game twice and every side mission from the original story. I am currently working on my second play through of the downloadable content and beating the side bosses there as well. I have died a ton in this game. I wish they kept track of how many respawns you have used because I’d be willing to bet I would have maxed out that bad-ass challenge by now. Outside of that, I haven’t played a ton of games. I should be getting a copy of Dance Central 3 to review here shortly.

Time for my buddy A.L., Adam Larck, to give us a review on a game.

Adam Larck’s Average Review

This week I’m taking a look at Jumpster, a fun iOS title from G5 Games and Vogat. The biggest draw for the App is definitely the cost: nothing. As you can guess, that means there are plenty of microtransactions to help them make money. Like most F2P titles, you can go through the entire game without spending a cent.

The gameplay is simple enough, having you pull back on your character to launch him between various bodies of water while trying to get him to his ship. In the process, there’s oil blotches you can pick up to help you level up to unlock more items and levels. Each time you flick him, your energy bar goes down, meaning you’ll eventually have to stop to let it recharge up.

If you have an iOS device, there’s no reason not to check this out. It’s a free title that’s pretty fun to play, and can pass the time just as well as most paid Apps out there.

Horror Games Part II

Last week I posted a few of my current generation favorite horror titles. I guess some of you argue that they are not horror titles. Well, it is what it is. Is an action/adventure title with horror undertones not a horror game? I was still trying to figure out which games some were referring to when they said three out of the five were not horror titles. Ah well, let’s get on with the All-time favorites list. Critique as you would like to, but if you would like to do more than critique let me know. I have plenty of openings for columnist and writers on the site and would love to have some new blood join up with us. My email address is [email protected]

Clock Tower

This was a very creepy game to me. For one you didn’t have a conventional weapon or battle system at all. Instead of killing or fighting, you hid or used your environment to help protect you. It was also creepy because that little bastard that would chase you with scissors and scare the hell out of you. I played this game on the original Playstation however; it was available on the SNES as well as the PC. There is still work being done to make this game into a movie, however, it has been in the process since 2008.

Silent Hill Series

I was so confused when I first played this game. The world would change around you and at times things were good, then all hell would break loose. It was extremely frightening to me when you would walk past a car and a walker would come out from underneath it. The loud radio sounds also helped to make the game scarier. You knew it was coming but you just didn’t know where it was going to come from. I have spent a lot of time
in this series and have really enjoyed each game within it.

Eternal Darkness

Gamecube’s best game in my opinion. This game was Nintendo’s first self-published title that was rated M. It was awesome going through history as different characters and seeing their demise and the demon getting stronger. The whole time, I was wondering how this game would end. Each area unlocked another awesome puzzle and story that was very enjoyable. I would love to see more games like this come out. It was extremely well done in my opinion and may be the best game on this list.


This game took you through a really strange story. It was almost like something that got out of control just way too quickly. You start out as a crime scene investigator that is framed for a double murder. As you go through the game, things get crazier and eventually you find the monster. One reason I like this game is that there are multiple endings like many other horror titles but each ending just fits right.

Resident Evil 2

This game has shown up on my list several times throughout my gaming stories columns. Hearing the dripping sound still has me tense up and wait for the licker to come out of nowhere. On top of that, Mr. X running around and bashing through walls made it that much tougher and scarier. I love jumping while watching a movie or game but this one seemed like you were constantly on edge for a long while.

Those are my favorites. After thinking back through horror games I have played and hadn’t, one series I wish I would have gotten involved with was Fatal Frame. I have heard that that series was quite scary and well made.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hopefully, if you live on the East Coast of the US, you are doing okay after what is being called a “perfect storm” hits land this weekend. For those that were hit by the hurricane this past week, or know someone who was, I hope you are all doing okay.

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