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Average Gamer 11.20.12: Holiday Edition Part IV

November 20, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

This may be my happiest I have been in a long time. This week is my favorite week of the year with having football on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday again with tons of food throughout the week. On top of that Notre Dame is now the Number One ranked team in all of College Football. Toss in the fact that the Vikings get a declining Bears’ team on Sunday and we are in good shape.

Also, this Friday (or at many stores Thursday night) kicks off the holiday shopping season. We have plenty of deals to run out and pick up on Friday or Thursday night and gamers should not be disappointed. Looking at it, we have many new and good games priced at half or less than half of full retail cost. Some games that I am looking to pick up include Forza Horizons, Dishonored, Transformers: Fall of Cyberton, and maybe a few others. If you missed out on any of the major releases other than Halo 4 and Call of Duty, each of the other games is on sale.

For me this week, I have been focused on several games. Recently I reviewed Hitman: Absolution. That review should be up around the same time this goes live. I’ve been busy bouncing between Halo and Call of Duty as well as tossing in Borderlands 2 and a few other titles as well. It is really a tough transition going from Halo to Call of Duty. The buttons are similar but different at the same time. I will be trying to zoom in Halo and end up tossing a grenade or knifing someone in Call of Duty and zooming in again. It just takes time I guess.

Because we have so much above, I am going to give my top three non-serious things I am thankful for this year:

3. The end to the political races My home phone never rang before September. Then out of the blue, I start getting calls asking for my support and help. They never stopped it seemed. I would start eating dinner and they’d call, in the middle of a football game, boom there they were, it just kept ringing. It is silent again, thank goodness.

2. The Vikings and Irish Doing So Well Growing up in the 90s and 2000s was tough to be a Fighting Irish fan. I had to hide it for the most part. In college, many of my friends were Illini fans so I tagged along and cheered with them. Now, I can go back and cheer for my beloved Irish.

1. Everything is the same as it was last year I wanted one year of no change. Last year, I got married, moved into our apartment, and things just kept changing. Well, this past year only my car has changed and all else has remained the same.

Accessories and Consoles for Everyone

This week we are taking a look at consoles and accessories for the holiday season. Many of us have waited for price drops or changes before jumping on a PS3 or a 360 or maybe you were waiting for the new WiiU or a new handheld. This year gives us all of those things plus a large amount of accessories to choose from. Let’s jump in.

Xbox 360

Maybe you never bought into Microsoft and the 360 or maybe you have an original console like myself. This year seems to be the year to buy a new console if you are interested. The prices around different stores seem unbeatable by most standards. There is a bundle offered this weekend of the console with a 250 gig hard-drive, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Skyrim, and the wireless controller for $250. How you can beat that? The games along are probably $80-$100 and the controller is another $50.

Turtle Beach Headsets

Many would say these are the headsets to have for online gaming. I was never going to pay $60 or more for a headset. Well, now I don’t have to. These headsets are selling for $20-$50 depending on the model and offer a great gaming experience. Now may be the time to pick up one if you are ever going to.


Based off some reviews, this console may be creating the next revolution in gaming. One review I had read pointed out that thanks to Nintendo the other two companies have some advances that weren’t available to Sega. They pointed out the Xbox 360 controller can thank Nintendo for its design pointing out the directional pad being made mainstream by the NES, the diamond shaped four buttons thanks to SNES, and the triggers and directional stick thanks to N64. Maybe this GamePad is the next big thing, or maybe (and this is where I sit) it is the next gimmick to go out the window in two to three years. Either way, if you are itching for a new console and cannot wait until next year or the year after, here you go.

Sony Playstation Vita

From all accounts, this seems to be a much better console in the handheld gaming market than the PSP was. I will be the first to say that Sony really gave this a boost by offering a free copy of a PSP version of a game with the PS3 retail game. Now if you are a Sony person, you get two games for the price of one. This makes the $60 price tag on a retail game a lot easier to swallow and justify that you are getting two games instead of just one. There are some great bundles out there for this and a ton of great titles as well.

Microsoft Kinect

Xbox and Microsoft are really pushing this accessory. The price hasn’t changed much but the support through games has increased dramatically. I was unsure how well it was going to take off when it first launched and now you can tell that Microsoft is giving it every opportunity to succeed. There are plenty of games that are either exclusive to Kinect (Fable for one) or have Kinect functionality within it. If you have the space, pick up one.

Well, that is all I have for you this week. Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the excessive amounts of football available to you. Have a great week everyone and be safe.

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