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Average Gamer 11.27.12: Best Sports Games of the Year

November 27, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and weekend after. It feels a lot harder to get into the swing of things after working from home for two days and having three days off. It is also a huge savings for me to not drive in for five days. On the other side of that great weekend I had, was a huge loss for the Vikings. They needed that win against these terrible Chicago Bears and they blew it. The Vikings are supposed to have this amazing pass rough that didn’t do anything against a very beatable Bears offensive line. It was truly a sad situation. The Vikings need to play each game from here on out as if they are in the playoffs. With losses this season to Tampa and Seattle it is going to be tough to get a wild card spot when two of the teams already hold tie-breakers over you. The Vikings have one of the toughest schedules coming up with @ Green Bay, Chicago, @St. Louis, @Houston, and Green Bay. Only one of those games seems winnable right now and even that one is questionable.

In the gaming world, I have continued spreading my time around. I have beaten Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Borderlands’ 2 new DLC, and have played a good share of Halo, Need for Speed, and a few other titles. It was a great gaming couple of days that worked out well for me.

Non-Gaming Top 5

Top 5 television shows I am currently watching…

HM The Office This to me is on the same level of watching a loved person pass away. You don’t want to leave their side but you know this is the worst you have seen them.

HM The League This show in my opinion has slid downhill fast. I used to love this show but lately it feels like it has lost a lot of its luster.

5. American Horror Story This season has pushed the limits of even cable television. I cannot wait to see how it ends.

4. Last Resort This show may not make a full season run with the way the ratings are sitting, but I have really enjoyed it.

3. Chicago Fire If it wasn’t for Revolution, this would be my top show of the year. I have really enjoyed it but am still waiting for more of a payoff with the storylines.

2. Walking Dead This upcoming weekend is the fall finale and I am excited to see where it goes. Talk about a turnaround season, last year we spent six weeks searching for a young girl, this year we get answers immediately and there is no long drawn out issues.

1. Revolution This has to be the top new show of the year. The acting isn’t the best but the story has me interested. Long-term though, I am not sure how you can keep the story going. Toss a few ideas in the comments if you are interested.

Game Time

We are just a few weeks away from the end of the year and it is about that time to start talking about top titles and terrible titles. I wanted to start with a fairly easy genre and build up from there. We will hit Sports, Arcade, FPS, Fighters, and Racing genres as well as RPGs and a few others as well. My goal is that the week of the new year to hit the best overall games.

This week being sports, I should lay a few rules. First, it has to be a sports title from this year of course. Second, wrestling and UFC will be considered fighting genre titles. Third, these are just my opinions, please toss your own list as you would like below.

Top Sports Titles of 2012

5. Madden 13

I was a bit torn to put Madden on the list at all. The game didn’t change a ton but changed enough to keep me somewhat happy. The big change I enjoyed was the multiplayer dynasty and superstar modes combined. It is fun to compete against friends as coaches or players to race to the Hall of Fame. The ideas in this game are great and the overall feel of it has been pretty good as well.

4. FIFA 13

Soccer games are like hockey games, as long as you understand the general rules of how to play, the games are tons of fun. FIFA stepped up this year with an amazing title and put out a great game. If you are looking for a fun sports title that you haven’t gotten into yet, this game may be perfect for you. Generally speaking, this game offers gamers of all kinds the ability to have fun with a sporting title and not have to invest a ton of time into learning the controls.

3. NHL 13

In a year without pro hockey, we must rely on titles like this to fill the gap within us. This game is pretty good and some of the new upgrades truly do help the game. I do not think it is as good as NHL 11 or 12 but it is still pretty good game and one of the better sports games on the market today.

2. NCAA 13

You know what would have made this game number one? If they would have put someone from Notre Dame on the cover would have made it the top game. No, I am just kidding around but this game is extremely good. It plays much smoother and faster than Madden while also offering more modes and more depth in each mode. This is the game that EA should put out every year for the pro teams instead of college athletes. If you are looking for a football game to play alone, this is it. The challenge here is greater than Madden too. Take a low ranked (one star or below team) and turn them into a powerhouse without losing your job. Good luck on completing that without lowering the difficulty or finding some other loop hole.

1. NBA 2K13

2K has hit it out of the park with this title. NBA 2K13 has no competition in the gaming world. There is no EA produced game at all. Yet, 2K comes out and puts out one of the best basketball games ever with this one. I don’t care that Jay-Z helped with the game, and it doesn’t really even matter much to me. There are tons of game modes, great online communities, and plenty to do if you are playing alone. The graphics and physics are great as is the in game music. There isn’t much where this game drops the ball at all.

Well that is it for this week. Hope you all have a safe week and let’s all hope that snow holds off a few more months. See you all next week.


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