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Average Gamer 11.6.12: Holiday Shopping Edition Part II

November 6, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the non-sports edition of Average Gamer.

This column moving up a few days each week has caught me off guard a bit and is still a work in progress. With that being said, I hope that enough research has been done into this topic for you. Also, you may notice that there will be no talk of organized sports this week. Between some happenings from Sunday and the NHL situation, I just get too frustrated with them.

In the gaming world, I have been pretty busy. I picked up WWE ’13 and have loved that game. The Attitude Era mode is pretty cool in my opinion. I really enjoy reliving some of my favorite moments in wrestling history. I have also picked up Need for Speed Most Wanted, but haven’t had a chance to really get into that. Finally, I have beaten Borderlands 2 entirely, including its downloadable content. The final boss in the DLC is a pain and I have yet to have it not freeze on the host and boot everyone without allowing the opportunity to loot any of the drops. I will be picking up Halo 4 this week and Call of Duty next week.

Top 5

So we need a topic for top five this week. I am going to go with top five winter holiday movies that I enjoy watching. Toss in your favorites below.

5. Bad Santa This movie always get me to laugh. A drunk of a Santa impersonator and a fat kid, toss in a minority little person with a foul mouth and you have the recipe for a great movie.
4. Any of the Claymation Movies These have been a staple for me every year. I make it a point to stop whatever I am doing so I can watch these.
3. Fred Claus Vince Vaughn in a holiday movie just didn’t seem right. It wasn’t a family movie at all in my opinion but it had a ton of laughs.
2. A Christmas Story A true holiday classic. Those that do not like this movie just don’t know humor in my opinion. It doesn’t have to be offensive to be funny and this movie proved it.
1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation This movie is the complete opposite of what I said for Christmas Story. This movie is offensive and harsh but it’s hilarious. Seeing cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) empty his RV toilet in the street was great. There are so many laughs in this movie that it instantly has to go to number one.

Holiday Shopping: Games for Everyone

The holidays used to be a time for me when I would get all of the games that I had missed out on when they first released. I also received my Super Nintendo as a Christmas gift. It truly is a time to grateful for what you have. So, with all that I am going to just name out the games that I recommend. Some of the games will not work for you or your loved ones but I want to try to give a full spectrum of games for each type of gamer.

NBA 2K13

This game is perfect for the sports junkie. It is the best sports game this year and combines everything you need to make a sports’ fan happy. For one, the single player options are great. You can play as a created superstar and take them through the different levels of the pros until you get to retire or are forced to retire. For those like me who need to see a score of real-life sports, there is a ticker at the bottom that keeps you posted. The multiplayer experience is just as good as the single player. Online franchises help keep gamers interested for long-term periods of time.

Skylanders: Giants

This is a perfect game for the youngster in your life. You have the ability to add to the game by collecting more Skylanders as you go. The game is still sixty but comes with a starter kit. Each character after that is seven to eight dollars. The game is also compatible with your original Skylanders characters. A fun option for the non-hardcore gamer as well, as it still gives you a platform feel.

Borderlands 2

Whether your gamer is a RPG fan, Adventure fan, or a first person shooter fan, this game has it all. The story is great. There is a huge push for humor in this game, more so than the first in my opinion. Each area of the world has challenges that will keep you playing for long past many other games out there this year. This is a definite pick up if you or your gamer has friends playing this title.

Assassin’s Creed 3

Have a history buff as a gamer? Well this game may be for him/her. The story takes place in a much more recent time and a more noticeable location to many with the Revolutionary War period. The gameplay is solid and the story is amazing from all accounts that I hear. It is well worth spending sixty on but look for a Black Friday deal as most years that AC titles have come out, they are a bit cheaper on Black Friday.

Halo 4

I wasn’t going to put this on the list until I saw the reviews for it. Most are saying this is the best game in the franchise and by a large margin. This is perfect for your First Person Shooter Gamer and also for those that have been a fan since the beginning of the franchise. The multiplayer is sure to pay off huge this time around with a Spec Ops type game mode as well as your normal death match games.

Mass Effect 3

Need a game at a bargain price that is still a great game? This game is it. If it would have come out later in the year, I would say it would easily be game of the year. With it coming out so early, many have forgotten about it. The story is great, the multiplayer is exceptional, and the long-term support with DLC is perfect for a bargain gamer. If they don’t have the first two games of the series pick all three up for no more than sixty dollars I am sure at most retailers/Amazon.

Here are a few other titles that may be worth picking up but I haven’t had enough time with or haven’t heard enough about: WWE ’13 (Great for those who loved wrestling in the late 90s), Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Great Arcade Racer, haven’t had enough time to rate story or multiplayer), Forza Horizon (Have heard decent things about it, not as good as the last Forza though), and Tekken Tag (Decent fighter but tougher controls than a Mortal Kombat but easier than Marvel vs. Capcom).

Well that is it for this week. I hope you have all enjoyed the column. Come back next week when we look at accessories and consoles.

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