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Average Gamer 12.4.12: Top 5 Fighting Game of 2012

December 4, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

Another disappointment coming from the Vikings this week has be pretty upset. For a long while, I didn’t want to listen to people say that Christian Ponder wasn’t a good quarterback. I made excuses for him like the offensive line is weak, the wide receivers outside of Harvin are terrible, the play-calling is the issue, etc. I was wrong and feel betrayed for standing by someone and making these excuses when the truth of the matter is this guy is just no good. For those that didn’t see the game let me give you two of the highlights I am referring to as evidence this guy is terrible. Early in the game, Adrian Peterson breaks for an eighty-some-odd yard run for a touchdown. In the second half he breaks out a huge run again and sets the Vikings up in the red-zone. Two plays later, Ponder tosses an interception in the end zone to end that drive. Later in the game, Peterson does it again. This time they are again sitting in Packer territory and look to be taking the lead. Two plays later, Ponder misses a wide open Peterson and tosses a pick again. This team has potential to be great and at this point, I am thinking we could sign Mark Sanchez as a better option, but hopefully get Alex Smith cheap in the off-season. There has to be a wide-receiver open when the defense is stacking eight guys in the box to try and stop Peterson who amassed two hundred and ten yards rushing on twenty one carries.

In the gaming world, I have been playing Call of Duty a bit more lately. One of my new games that I am enjoying is Forza Horizons. For those that have the game, how great is it that you can use Microsoft Smart-Glass as a GPS and view the whole area that way? These little personal touches are what makes Microsoft so great this generation.

On that very note, my top five this week is top five reasons I don’t want to see a new Xbox released by this time next year. With recent news coming out that the console is going to be out in time for Thanksgiving next year, I have come up with a list of why I need more time with this one.

Top 5

5. It heats my gaming area so nicely I still have one of the original Xbox 360s. The loud, overly warm systems that started this generation. During the winter or colder months, it is great to sit near the console and just enjoy the warmth of it. Also, the loud humming helps me relax and puts me to sleep.

4. Graphics are still improving In previous generations, there was a major need to increase disc size, improve graphics, etc. This time, I am not quite sure I understand entirely why a new console needs to be released. I am in awe of the geographical settings in Halo 4.

3. The Cost I can only imagine what the new generation of consoles is going to cost. Are we that far off from the first $1,000 console?

2. RROD is Gone It seems like Microsoft finally got rid of the consoles that were dying, just in time to release a new console.

1. I’m Comfortable The new console means new changes. With the new release, there are bound to be changes that are annoying and take time to work out. The current console is finally running perfectly and we are going to change all of that with a new one.


This year was a strange year for fighters. With the success of Mortal Kombat as well as Marvel vs. Capcom last year, it seemed like other favorites wanted to toss their hats in this year. I doubt it is simply because of Mortal Kombat, but Let’s take a look at my personal favorites.

5. Dead or Alive 5

This series has always been one of the harder ones for me to get into. It isn’t as simple as Mortal Kombat with controls, and the story is one of the more confusing ones for me. Graphically, the game is usually pretty amazing. It isn’t the best this year, but it is pretty good.

4. Street Fighter X Tekken

Growing up, it seemed like there were two fighting titles and you had to love one and hate the other. I loved Mortal Kombat. The game just was more fun for me. I, in turn, hated Street Fighter. I never really enjoyed it as it wasn’t the same to me. This one, I really enjoyed but don’t think it is on the same level as Mortal Kombat (2011).

3. UFC Undisputed 3

This series isn’t as great as it was in its first installment but it is still a great fighter. This one takes a lot of strategy to truly beat your opponent instead of button smashing techniques used in other more traditional fighters. While 3 isn’t on the same level as the original, it is still a very solid title that even non-UFC fans can enjoy. You can pick it up for as little as $20 new on Amazon.

2. WWE ’13

This game brought back a lot of fun memories of wrestling for me. The Attitude mode is fun, but not perfect. The general gameplay is much better than previous years as there are not as many physics issues like falling through a ring or anything. The graphics are great and there are enough modes to keep you playing for months. This game is very good if you are a current or past wrestling fan.

1. Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Another Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is by far the best fighter of the year. This game has tons of characters, customizations, and easy controls. The stories are easy to follow and offer the same interesting twists we are used to from the Tekken universe. The final boss is a pain though no matter what level you play on. I struggled against it many of times.

That is it for this week. I hope you all got to enjoy some of this unseasonably warm weather Chicago is experiencing. Who would have thought it would be sixty eight degrees in Chicago on December third. Have a great week everyone and come back next week for another fun edition of the Average Gamer.

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