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Average Gamer 9.21.12: Borderlands 2 Edition

September 21, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

Hello, my name is Dan Watson and I have a problem. I am addicted to all things related to Borderlands 2. I have played the game for a little over six hours and cannot get enough. Tuesday night, I ended up being sick so I worked from home yesterday. I have some flu or cold thing going on so figured it was smarter than contaminating my workplace. So while I was working from home, I managed to play a bit of Borderlands 2 and at night the same. We will cover the game shortly.

In fantasy football I lost. This is a strange year with a lot of guys who have under-preformed in years past coming back and being great. Some of these guys are C.J. Spiller for Buffalo, Eli Manning has become another fantasy monster, and Reggie Bush are just a few examples of these underachievers who have turned their stats around.
Let’s skip the quick top five and jump right into Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a game that at first, I think many will say isn’t as good as the first game. No one really remembers all the work that you had to put into the game at the beginning, you just remember Roland being able to heal you with bullets while keeping you supplied nicely with your own ammo, or the Hunter being able to launch the bird quickly and have it do a ton of damage, or Lilith umm run away from battles I guess. But like Borderlands the sequel rewards those who put in the time to build a character.


This time around we have four classes. We have an Assassin, a Gunzerker, a solider, and another siren. I am currently running through as the soldier. The turret is great and the main upgrade I have found so far is that you can reclaim the turret and speed up the recharge by reclaiming it before its time runs out. The siren so far seems to be the best character early on. Her stasis orb traps enemies and within the first ten to twelve levels you can begin healing your teammates as well. The gunzerker seems to be a bit tough to get into right away. He is a short stocky man that to start out with, doesn’t offer a ton of help. I feel that this class may be the hunter of the first game. It is going to take someone who knows what they are doing to use him correctly. The assassin is a pretty cool character. It has a “decoy” type ability that will turn your character invisible while leaving a decoy there allowing you to attack your enemies. It is a great supplement to the team. The current setup we have for the teams I am playing with are 1 of each character in one group, and the other group has 1 soldier, 1 assassin, and two sirens (with one focusing on healing). Both teams seem to work well, but the second group has far more downs then the first.


As I said, I am still fairly early in the game. The main story is pretty interesting and has some surprise cameos by some old friends. The game focuses on one hub known as Sanctuary. This has your shops, your characters, banks, and a few other places to check out. In here each of the characters gives you missions.

Most of the missions are pretty similar to the previous game. Find this item, kill these guys, etc. However, one of the added mission types is a timed mission. The first one I have encountered involves you collecting a set of packages and having to deliver them to different mailboxes. You have one minute and thirty seconds to get this done and there are enemies in your path. Other than that, the missions are all pretty similar to the previous title.


Outside of the class changes and the minor mission changes this game is pretty similar to the first. Of course it looks nicer and the story is different but overall same general game. One difference is a new ranking system that allows you to add skills to your character. In addition to just general leveling, there is a new system called the bad-ass rank. This allows you to add a percentage to your health or gun damage or shield, etc. By completing different challenges you gain ranks.

Another change is that there are no (at least so far) Claptraps to rescue for backpack space. Instead you use the game’s second monetary form to purchases backpack upgrades as well as upgrades for your weapons and bank.

The weapons in this game are much improved. The guns no long look the same as every other gun. There are different paint schemes for each weapon and some when reloaded are used as bombs that are thrown.

Finally, one issue in the previous game that I heard no one complain about that has been fixed is the new skin system. You can customize your character to use different heads, clothing, etc. and make the character your own. You can also do this with your cars.

Overall thoughts and some tips

I like where this game was taken. I was extremely worried that 2K was going to overcomplicate this game and ruin it, much like what happened to Gears of War. They did not; instead they kept the same formula and brought us into the game and more addicted than ever. They are feeding us a new storyline with new characters.

Keep your eyes peeled as you go through areas. The borderlands symbol, known as a vault symbol now, is hidden all over the world of Pandora. If you find them, they will increase bad ass rank and also unlock new skins. The first one is in the Claptrap’s house in the first area, to the right when you enter from outside.

Well guys and gals, that is it for me this week. Have a great weekend, and hopefully the Vikings can pull off a big win this week against the monsters known as the 49ers.

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