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Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx (Xbox 360) Review

March 2, 2010 | Posted by Adam Larck

Title: Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
Publisher: 2KGame
Developer: Gearbox Software
Genre: FPS/RPG
Players: 1-2 (1-4 Online)
Rated: M for Mature

For Borderlands fans that have been looking for new content, the wait is over.

Titled “The Secret Armory of General Knoxx,” the newest content is also the biggest by far. The content adds quite a bit for fans that have been wanting more, along with a few surprises along the way.

The content starts off with a video introducing Athena and giving a bit of info about what you’ll be facing in the content. The content focuses on the Lance army, and has quite a few new iterations of troops to fight. From shock and corrosive troops, to medics, players will face a broad variety of the army never seen before.

Before starting the content, however, it may be a good idea to run Eridian Promontory a few times on Playthrough 2. The content adds 11 new levels to gain, but hopping into the content right at a level 50 can lead to a lot of deaths. The group I was with did a few Promontory runs to get us to level 53-54 before getting into the content.

The first thing you’ll notice with the first mission is that Scooter is back, and there’s a good reason for this. The content is centered on vehicles. Besides the Races that have been in the game, you now have the Monster and Lancer. The Monster is slow, but has a homing missile function that is great. The Lancer, the slowest of the three, can actually fit four people. One drives, one fires the gun, one uses the blast seat and one can launch mines. It’s nice being able to fit all people in a car for once.

The vehicles are needed because the new area is huge with a lot of blank area to drive through. Walking through the highways gets annoying if your vehicle is blown up. Thankfully, Vehicle Depots are fairly frequent.

Also, you’ll be driving a lot as there are no fast travel points anywhere in the content except the starting one in T-Bone Junction. It can get annoying having to drive from one area to the exact opposite, but at least the vehicles made it faster. I had the same complaint when the first DLC released, but still played that content quite a bit as well.

You’ll find quite a few new things early on. New enemies, such as the Lance Assassin, will give you a warm introduction. These ladies are quick and efficient with their blades. Another new enemy type are Probes that fly around and shoot you. These can become a problem while driving around, as they can swarm you and just rain fire down quickly.

Lances can also drop cores when you kill them. The cores are part of a quest, but can give various boosts as well, such as speed, damage and shield. One also shoots out a shock radius that can blow up barrels damaging you. I don’t know how many times these things killed me just trying to get away from a barrage of gunfire.

Later on, you’ll find quite a few new midget types. Some take characteristics of other enemies you find in the game, while others actually ride Scags to attack you. Finally, five new types hide in various crates and can jump out to attack you when opened. These types sometimes drop new class mods specific to characters, and are also part of an Achievement.

Getting away from the enemies, there are quite a few new weapons to find and new class mods. These can be found in the new Crimson Lance Chests that contain twice as much as a Red Chest, and have the highest chance of dropping rare items. Plus, they can resupply quite a bit of ammo. Another new gun type, Pearlescent, is a teal color and are some of the hardest guns to find in the game, given that the best chance to get them is by killing the hidden boss talked about later.

The person that this content is based around, General Knoxx, is probably one of my new favorite characters in the game. He just generally doesn’t give a care about being on Pandora and hates that his Admiral is a 5-year-old. Plus, when you finally confront him you actually catch him in the process of trying to kill himself just to get off the planet. He really is an interesting boss to take on.

Other characters return as well, such as Mad Moxxi. Her second husband, Mr. Shank, makes an appearance as a boss later on, and you finally get to see how he’s been “broken.”

Anyways, after going through the main story and taking Knoxx out, you’ll get three minutes inside his armory. The armory has hundreds of chests containing guns. You’ll never get them all, but it’s a fun loot spree to see what good stuff you can get and how much by the time the bombs go off.

There are 43 new missions to do in total, including a few that allow you to revisit the armory to do loot runs again. There’s another “Circle of” mission series to do, where you have to survive a round with Lances rushing at you. A ClapTrap mission is also in the game to free him from his boot. Like other ones, he sometimes gives you a backpack upgrade or a grenade mod, as well as opening up a new room with a chest. Make sure you watch what happens to him, though.

Finally, I want to talk about one of the last missions I have left to do, simply titled “You. Will. Die.” The mission just wants you to kill Crawmerax the Invincible, a fully grown Crab Worm. Even on Playthrough 1, this thing is a level 64, with his minions being around a 61 or 62. Groups of four will even have a hard time taking this guy down. I’ve heard he drops good stuff when beaten, but my group still has a ways to go before we can take this thing down.

The new areas look great and have a lot to see, such as the World’s Largest Bullet (make sure you pay to see it), the armory and more. The character dialogue is also just as interesting to listen to. “The Secret Armory of General Knoxx” makes a nice endgame for players wanting one more hard challenge and a reason to come back.


  • Quite a lot of new quests
  • Can level up 11 more levels
  • New vehicles to use in content
  • Lot of new areas to see and new enemies to fight
  • Knoxx is a great character


  • No fast travel points besides T-Bone Junction
  • Lot of travel area is blank space with few enemies
  • Crawmerax is a pain to take down
  • Finding guns at higher levels that are good is hard
  • Seemed much more linear in some areas than in regular game

    The 411:

    Overall, the biggest content to date adds a ton to the game that the fans will love. 43 new missions, 11 new levels, a good variety of Lance enemies and new guns and mods to find will keep players interested for a while. Plus, killing Crawmerax will take players a while, given his high level. Borderlands owners, this is the one piece of downloadable content you need.

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    Adam Larck
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