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November 11, 2009 | Posted by Jonathan Yaghoubi

Most of you are probably playing this by now

It is a very risky proposition to have an outdoor launch party at New York City in the beginning of November. New Yorkers are used to preparing themselves for another cold and bitter winter in the Big Apple. But the weather gods had other ideas on this night as it was one of the most pleasant nights of the year for the launch party of one of the most anticipated games of the year.

It was a Hollywood red carpet kind of feel as celebrities from the world of sports to music were on hand to attend the launch party of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In addition to the celebrity presence, hundreds fans waited on line outside the Modern Warfare 2 tent located in Union Square to get their first taste on the game before it comes out at midnight.

The promotion for COD has been off the hook to say the least. Last week, while watching episodes of South Park and the Ultimate Fighter, both shows opened up their first commercial breaks with an exclusive sneak peak of the game. That is advertising at its finest and has created a buzz not seen since the arrival of Grand Theft 4. In addition to the great advertising, they have added the killer song by Eminem “Till I Collapse” that matches the intensity and feel of the game. Infinity Ward gets a big thumb’s up for the great promotion they have done and should expect great success.

As for the launch party, they could not have picked a more perfect spot to have it. Union Square is one of the most popular destinations in NYC. There is always something going at the square to capture the attention of the thousands of New Yorker’s who walk by it everyday. Instead of the usual political BS that happens in the square, it was a day for Modern Warfare 2 took center stage.

A huge tent was set up at the square where about 60-70 Xbox 360’s were setup for fans to play some serious Team Slayer action. The big time party like atmosphere in the tent was led by none other than the great DJ Jazzy Jeff was on hand to be the party DJ and share some of the sickest mixes you will ever hear.

Rapper/Actor Ice T was the first celebrity to arrive on the scene. T made it known his love and appreciation of not only COD but videogames in general.

“Playing videogames while your on tour is one of the greatest ways to kill time, said T. Some guys will read a book but most of the musicians I have toured find that playing videogames is the way to go. What a perfect way to let off some steam while being away so long on the road.”

Ice T knows that it takes whole of practicing to truly master this game.

“COD is a game where it truly takes skills to play this game at the highest level. There ain’t any cheap kills you can get. This is as real as it gets.” said T.

The rapper Jadakiss was also on hand who to share his thoughts on Modern Warfare 2.

“I love the competitiveness of this game, said Jadakiss. It’s a great way to take off a lot of the steam while spending long hours on the road. I love it. I can kill 10-12 hours playing this game before you know it.”

Other celebrities involved were actor James Gandolfini, Cole Hamels of MLB’s Philadelphia Phillies, Jerry Hairston Jr. from the New York Yankees, and Rob Halford from the band Judas Priest. All were on hand to see what the big buzz was over a video game. Cole Hamels quote was one that really summed up what the deal was.

“This game is really really good man,” said Hamels.

While the celebrities were excited for the arrival of the game, the gamers waiting to play it were just pumped to see the release of COD.

“This is the most addictive online game ever invented, said Matt Madolny, 22, of Brooklyn. “ I love the way this game runs. The game engine has got to be the one of the best I ever seen. What I really love about this game is how hard you really have to try to move up in your rankings. It would probably take you 21 days of straight playing to get to the top.”

Austin Ansboro, 22, of Philadelphia might have summed it up for a lot of the gamers.

“I love the intensity of the game. It’s really like a drug man. It’s so damn addicting.”

Probably one of the more excited people about the release of this game was 21 year old J.C. Hernandez. A native of Honolulu, Hawaii claims that this game has brought NYC and him even closer.

“This games kicks ass and the graphics are just killer. Being at this launch party has given me a chance to meet some new friends and play a terrific video game, said Hernandez. Because of this game, I am so happy to be in New York City. This game makes it worthwhile. This game would take another four months to reach the island. No matter what, this game is going to be an “instant classic”.

As for the actual game itself, the game’s visuals are amazing. Some of the locations I played in included Russia, a military base in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, and Brazil. In my book, it makes for a nice changeup instead of the boring World War 2 setting.

The first new feature I noticed is the ability to dual wield handguns. I did not even realize until I was done playing a team slayer. There is a riot control setting you can pick when deciding what kind of weapons you want. One of the settings is riot control. You control a riot shield as your primary weapon and have dual machine guns to add another awesome element of the game.

Aside from new weapons and equipment, 15 different kill streak rewards can be unlocked and selected by the player. Among these is the ability to receive a supply drop after four kills, a predator missile strike after five kills, and to call in a strike by an AC-130 gunship after achieving 11 enemy kills in a row. There has also been the addition of a new 3rd person mode which can be used in certain game types for multiplayer.

Final Thoughts: From what I got a chance to play and judging by the reaction of everyone playing it, I am going to give this a 9.5 out of 10. I loved the last game and this one just looks and feel even better. Everything you’ve read and seen of the game is right on the mark. You will not be disappointed at all!


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