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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack (Xbox 360) Review

April 7, 2010 | Posted by Todd Vote

The Stimulus Map Pack is anything but that in price. For a fairly steep price tag of 1200 MS points ($15), you will get three new maps, and two classic maps from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In this review we will break down each map a bit and then ultimately try to decide if they are worth the hefty price tag. We’ll start by discussing the classic maps.

Warning!! You remember the gas station? Yeah, well the gas pumps blow up now… Just so you know… Overgrown is basically a snipers dream, being a fairly open map. In the two years I was stuck playing this map on Call of Duty 4, I never liked it because I was always a run and gun type. Toddo was operation front line, and it wasn’t till I started practicing with a sniper rifle that I really started to get more out of the map. Don’t get me wrong, you can do the run and gun thing, but you better be damn quick in your movements.

Other than the now exploding gas pumps, Overgrown remains mostly unchanged. There are a few cosmetic changes, for example the color and detail on the houses both inside and out just seems more refined, and with a bit more detail.

Again, Crash is widely unchanged aside from cosmetic differences. Crash is one of the better maps from CoD 4, and I’d like to think it offers equal opportunity for all styles of play. There are areas for snipers, but it is also a bit of an open map so you can do the run and gun thing. Alternately, if you are one of them that likes to creep with silenced weapons, you have the ability to do that to with plenty of cover to hide behind between creeps.

Bailout is easily my favorite of the NEW maps. It’s like a small gated community filled with condos and streets galore. Easily the most balanced map of the three legit new maps, bailout is big enough that you can snipe, but enclosed enough that you aren’t confined to sniping. There are backyards, streets, and plenty of apartment buildings to run through so a sniper doesn’t quite have a huge advantage.

This map seems to be better suited for the objective based playlists, like S&D, or HQ. But I found it frustrating when trying to navigate in TDM, as I found myself dying a lot. But I seemed to have more luck with it on the objective based playlists.

Storm is best compared to Vacant from Call of Duty 4, only with thunder and lightning. It’s definitely some sort of industrial park, and offers plenty of indoor and outdoor battles. In turn this gives way to being able to play more than one way. You can hang back and try to blow everything up, or you can get up in the mix and get your hands dirty.

Storm is a smaller map though, and may be better suited towards TDM, or free for all to get the most out of it. The lightning and thunder effects really add something to the strategy, as it’s not as easy to hear approaching enemies.

Salvage is about as straight forward as the new maps get. You are playing in a sort of junkyard maze. Not much to explore here that I was able to find. Two teams start on either side and meet in the middle where chaos ensues…

Again, Salvage is probably better suited to the TDM, and Free-for-All play lists, given it’s small and restricted nature.

+ With 5 maps, there is plenty to do

+ Bailout is easily the best of the new bunch

+ The maps have already been integrated into the standard playlists which means you aren’t stuck playing just the new maps in the new playlists

-torn on the inclusion of Overgrown, and Crash. On one hand they’ve been played to death on CoD 4, and are unchanged here. On the other hand, they are better than any of the three actual new maps.

-The price, how do they justify that?

-New playlists are simply the new maps with or without hardcore mode

The 411:
While I am not completely in love with any of the new maps yet, I absolutely love Crash from Call of Duty 4. I can see why some are upset at their inclusion, and I think they would have been better if given as free bonus maps, then just charge less for the three real new maps. I just can’t justify the $15 price tag considering how little NEW you actually get.

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