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Crackdown 2 Deluge DLC (360) Review

November 30, 2010 | Posted by Trace Aber

Game: Crackdown 2
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Players: 1-4 (co-op)
Developer: Ruffian Games
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studio
Rated M for Mature

When Crackdown 2 was still being hyped, one of the features talked about was an eight person survival mode, which would have added to the game’s strong co-op lineup (and help make up for its lacking single-player mode). Unfortunately, the feature was cut due to increased focus on four-player co-op and it seemed as though the idea of surviving waves of enemies with some friends was dead. The latest DLC released for the game, “Deluge,” is essentially this cut content, although it instead features four players instead of eight.

Purchasing the premium edition of the pack causes a new menu options to appear when you start the game, which leads to the match making process. You are able to host your own game or hop into somebody else’s game, and thankfully its drop-in and drop-out compatible. And, even better, this DLC doesn’t crash the game like the first pack did!

Deluge is a new multiplayer mode that has you teaming up with three other agents as you fight against endless (well, a 150 waves worth) hordes of various enemies in a race against the clock to save Pacific City. Your time is increased by completing a wave, though due to the large open areas of the maps (three in total and all of them are simply subsections of Pacific City) sometimes you’ll have troubles finding that last guy. There’s four different types of waves you have to worry about, and it helps to keep the mode from getting boring.

You have the standard enemies and freaks rounds, where you’re just taking out enemies that appear on the screen. These are the easiest of the rounds, but once you reach the higher levels every round is difficult. Capture point rounds requires agents to stay within a capture point for a specific amount of time. I have found more frustration in these rounds than any other, but it’s more of the “dang, that was challenging” as opposed to the “this is completely unfair” frustration. Finally, there are the stronghold rounds in which enemies are grouped up in specific areas.

Agents can rack up combos in Deluge as well, challenging them to kill enemies in specific ways. This usually amounts to racking up a specified number of kills using the same weapon or while in the air, but it does add to the mode’s diversity. The way the points are given to you also gives the mode a more ‘run and gun’ feel to it, making it feel like you’re playing an arcade game. This is not a knock on it in any way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter how many points you score as there’s no leaderboards or anything like that.

The downloadable pack also contains the new 16-person “Capture the Orb” mode, which follows the basic rules of Capture the Flag. When you consider all of the crazy things that can happen in a PVP game of Crackdown, CTO is a great addition to the series. It’s hard enough to survive with flying cars, homing missiles and explosions everywhere, but when you’re trying to locate an object and return it to your base during all of that, it gets really hectic. I would go as far as to say I enjoyed Capture the Orb a bit more than Deluge, but the two can’t fairly be compared.

The 411
Overall, Deluge is a very fun mode that has some flaws. In addition to the lack of leaderboards, you’re constantly pestered about purchasing the Crackdown game on the Windows Phone 7, which really isn’t something I’m trying to do. Purchasing that game unlocks a couple of things on the console version, but thankfully you can earn those rewards by playing with somebody who went ahead and purchased the game on their phone. That being said, it is extremely fun to take on a ton of enemies and the variety in gameplay helps to spice things up a bit, and the scoring system helps motivate agents along the way, even if they only matter in that specific game. Capture the Orb manages to be a serviceable take on the popular CTF mode and can create some climatic moments, though it’s not anything you haven’t played before. You could spend $7 in worse ways, but only diehards will be likely to get this.

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