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Creature Defense (PSP) Review

January 11, 2010 | Posted by Jacob Lopez

Creature Defense
Publisher: Hudson
Developer: Hudson
Genre: Tower Defense/Strategy
Players: 1
Rating: E 10+

Creature Defense is, surprise, a tower defense games with creatures in it. The game is nowhere near as charming as the flash-based Desktop Tower Defense and doesn’t have the brand appeal of South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!. It almost seems like you can create any tower defense game and put a word in front of “Tower Defense”: Puppy Defense, Puppies vs Kittens Tower Defense, Barbie Shopping Mall Tower Defense (Licensed names work best).

The objective is to fight off oncoming enemy creatures as they advance from one end of a battlefield to the other (your tower). To do this, you set up your own creature units along the area that the bad guys march. Your creatures will relentlessly attack the bad guys as they try their damnedest to travel across the screen. Add more units, level some up and repeat. Most of the game consists of watching evil creatures walk down a path while you cross your fingers and pray that your guys kill them before they reach the other side. Of course the game requires strategy, certain creature types won’t attack others. When this happens, you can do nothing more than curse as enemies travel across the field single file as your units just stand around and watch.

Creature Defense makes an attempt at adding something new to the genre by throwing in a card game element, but as far as I can see, cards do nothing more than represent your units. You buy cards between stages, then you select a group of five to take into battle and start placing your creatures. In short, it’s not really a card battler.

The music doesn’t help the time pass, either. I can best describe the game’s soundtrack as some variation of hard techno and sampled metal guitars. It has fast beats with lots of squealing synths and beeping sounds. That’s about as much as I can remember, because it was easily forgettable.

The game’s visuals don’t particularity stand out. The backgrounds are pre-rendered, and work well enough for a strategy game. The creatures’ designs serve their purpose, but look like standard fantasy monsters. Most of the different creature types are just color swapped variations of each other.

Maybe I am being a bit hard on a downloadable game that sells for less than $10. The thing is, there are a good deal of games in the same price range that I think are far more entertaining than Creature Defense. The game may appeal to strategy fans or those who love tower defense, but it may be pretty limited. Most will get enough satisfaction out of a flash tower defense game. The upside is that the game costs 8 bucks, no big loss whether you enjoy it or not.

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