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Crossing the Steams 11.10.12: Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

November 10, 2012 | Posted by Marc Morrison

I’m going to start this (fairly short) column off with this statement: DMC 3 is probably the worst port job I’ve ever seen. There are two major problems with the game that caused me to only play it for about 20 minutes total. One is minor (in the grand scheme), and another is MAJOR and completely breaks the game. This will be a very short column, compared to the others, simply because I can’t actually PLAY the game correctly.

The minor problem is that the game has a weird glitch of failing to load. I’m not sure what causes it, if it’s dictated by how long Steam is open, or your computer is on, or what, but eventually you’ll start seeing this message, “Failed to find Steam” and won’t have a clue what it means. Basically it just means that you have to restart Steam, and the game should work again. If it doesn’t, it means you might need to restart your whole computer, and then it should work.


The more serious/game-breaking bug is how they implemented the Gamepad functionality. You really can’t play this game with a keyboard, since the game isn’t designed to use it well at all. Your choice is to use a Gamepad and this is where the game breaks down.

You can’t use a Xbox 360 controller. You know, the one most of us have to play PC games? Yeah, that doesn’t work. Nor do any of the other pads (I tried a PDP Afterglow one, and a recent Logitech one and had the same results). The Gamepad configuration tool, GPadCfg, just says that “The Connected Gamepad is not supported”. Thanks Capcom.


There are three ways of fixing this issue, but none of them are great:

1. You have to open the DMC3SE.ini file in the game directory and paste this somewhere in it:
[Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)]
L1 = 4
R1 = 5
L2 = 11
R2 = 12
L3 = 8
R3 = 9
LR = 1

You replace whatever the “Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)” tagline with whatever your controller device is named (found in the device manager, or in the control panel). This trick gets the pad working….with one caveat. The left and right sticks are reversed. Basically the left stick controls the camera and the right stick controls movement. Everything else works, except for this problem, which makes the game even more unplayable than just with a keyboard.

2. You can try and use Xpadder or Joy2Pad to re-orient the Gamepad into emulating keys on a keyboard. This isn’t good for two reasons: 1. It feels awkward to do so (no analog movement support). And 2. No camera support. When the game only uses the keyboard, you have no camera control, which is terrible.

3. The third option is to just say “Screw it” and download PCSX2 (a PS2 emulator), Google to find the PS2 Bios, and the iso of the PS2 version of the game. This is slightly morally (and legally) ambiguous, but if you’ve already bought the game on Steam, and had the issues I had, it’s the only way to actually play it correctly. PCSX2 recognized my 360 gamepad well, and the game worked decent enough. It was a bit stuttery in spots, despite my PC being well outside the recommended specs, but it *did* work. I’m sure if I fooled around with the video plugins and settings, I could’ve had a better time of it.


The only other option is for Capcom to release a patch that fixes the gamepad issue. Yeah….I made a good joke there, didn’t I?

So, there you have it. What was once a great, older game, brought down by technical failings and issues. If you really want to play the game, I’d say buy it, and then just download the PCSX2 stuff. It’s the only real way to play it on the computer, especially since that DMC HD collection never hit on the PC. There’s no review for this atrocious hunk of garbage, other than to say, it is beyond terrible.

Other Steam News

Next week sees the release of three new games on Steam, all coming on the 13th of Nov. The first is RIFT: Storm Legion, yet another expansion to the semi-popular RIFT MMO. The second is, F1 RACE STARS, a cart-based, cartoony racing game. Finally a little known game called Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is due also on the 13th. It’s YET ANOTHER cart-based cartoony racing game, think “Sugar Rush” from the Wreck-It Ralph movie. Actually, it’s another military FPS game, yadda yadda yadda. The only way I’m interested in this is if it had controller support, like the previous Black Ops game had. If it does, I may check it out. That’s it for me, for this week. Next week I shall look at Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, as well as take a small look at Guns of Icarus Online.


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