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Crysis 3 (Xbox 360) Review

March 6, 2013 | Posted by Dan Watson

Title: Crysis 3
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Crytek
Genre: First Person Shooter/Sci-Fi
Players: 1 (2-12 Online)
Rated: M for Mature

Crysis is an interesting series. You basically control a person who is within a Nanosuit that has special abilities. You can cloak yourself, shield yourself, jump higher, run faster, and all the same stuff that you would think a robotic suit would provide you with. Generally speaking, it is a basic first person shooter that adds a few of its own special pieces to it. This game however falls short because of its many issues. I have to be up front when I say I have not yet beaten this game after two weeks of “reviewing” it. Each time I get about five to ten minutes into the game it freezes. I will go over the many glitches I have run into as we go through this review.

If you have never played a Crysis game before, that is okay. You could pick this game up and play without feeling like you are losing valuable information or lack of history. At the same time, if you are looking for a series to get into that you haven’t yet, Crysis is a great one to pick up cheap and have a ton of fun with.


Let’s start with the positives. This installment in the Crysis series is much more story driven than previous games. Within the first few moments you will realize that this game is leaps and bounds further in its story than the previous two games. The controls are fairly simple to get into and the visor and nanosuit make the game especially fun. In the game you can set your upgrades as you go and rotate them as you need. Then, you can go ahead and save that set up for future usage as well. Some of these upgrades include faster health regeneration, faster gun fire rates, longer periods of cloaking or armor, etc. The game does a great job of allowing you to customize these upgrades to your own gameplay style. If you are a stealth player, then you really don’t need to boost your assault rifle bullets. In addition to upgrading the suit and visor you can also change your weapon and its abilities on the go. By holding the back-button you can select the scope on your weapon, bullet or arrow type, silencer, and even fire rate on some weapons. This does make the game much better.

The visor is a weapon of its own almost. With the visor mode equipped you have the ability to track enemies, hack turrets, find ammo and weapons, and go into a night vision mode. Each of these abilities is needed as you progress through the game and each is done with complete precision.

On the negative would be the constant glitches and issues. As I pointed out earlier, playing a game that constantly freezes makes it extremely hard to stay focused. I have tried even as I started typing this to get through the parts I have replayed tens of times and yet it continues to freeze. I had installed the game on my hard drive and it still didn’t help. There was a patch this past weekend but I have yet to notice any real change in the freezing. Other issues include glitched achievements, freezing if you are in a party, and general bugginess that accompanies such visually impressive games.

To complete this compliment sandwich, the multiplayer is a nice added feature. While in games there are plenty of achievements to chase after as well as plenty of opportunities to play. One of the drawbacks that it seems like is getting better is the constant disconnects and high lag rate.


This game is visually amazing. If I were rating the game solely on visuals this would be a ten. The general concepts used by AI and as the main character were only exemplified by the visuals. There is a section near the beginning with stalkers in high grass in a blown up New York area. The stalkers are hidden very well and it makes it almost a horror game as they pop out at your throughout your run. These creatures are black with a bit of purple in them so to hide them so well in tall grass is a testament as to how good these guys did.

Outside of just the immediate images we see, the backgrounds are very detailed as well. Seeing a New York City in ruins is done in such a way that it could easily be imagined that it would look this way. In my opinion, the visuals are what make this game so good.

While cloaked in this game you feel as if you are the predator. The visor provides you with the ability to view footprints and tracks as well as the ability to go into night vision modes. Each of these modes is done impressively from a visuals standpoint. This game would be one of the top games to show off the visual abilities of gaming to non-gamers in my opinion.


I think we can all agree that first person shooters have gotten the sound of gun fire down for the past few years. You really cannot do anything to better those sounds. With that said the general footsteps, enemy chatter, and background noises are a great complement to this game. The voice acting is done superbly. You feel that characters’ emotions as you go through the game through their voices and all parties involved did a great job. I cannot really find any flaws in the sound at all.

The 411

This game is a really good game, when you can play it. I don’t want to dock the points for the game as the company states they are working to fix the freezing issue as well as some of the other inconveniences of the game. With that said, I cannot fully suggest picking the game up until these corrections are made as it really makes it almost impossible to play and even harder to enjoy the game when it constantly freezes. Once these issues are corrected, I would strongly recommend this game to all that enjoy first person shooters.


-Visually Impressive
-Great Voice Acting and Sounds
-Plenty of reason to play through the game


-Glitches and Bugs

Graphics10.0Visually Stunning game 
Gameplay7.0The bugs and glitches knock this game down a bit 
Sound8.0Solid sound and voice acting 
Lasting Appeal8.0Multiplayer and story is great 
Fun Factor 7.5The bugs and glitches take a bit here as wel. It is hard to call a game fun when it constantly freezes 
Overall8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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