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Details of Modern Warfare 3’s DLC Plan Revealed

January 10, 2012 | Posted by Todd Vote

The DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 kicks off this month on January 24. The plan right now is to have a total of 5 DLC drops over the next 3 months, with a grand total of 20 by September. The first DLC is a map pack featuring “Liberation” and “Piazza”. But they don’t intend to simply stick to map packs this time around.

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling states that “The first pack is traditional multiplayer maps, but we want to do Spec Ops missions, missions, Spec-Ops Survival, new game types, new game modes, and really look at adding things that we’ve never done before,” he continues “We said just do what you think is gonna be good. Do what’s fun and, as long is fits in the Modern Warfare universe, try it! Experiment with it, and we’ll take the best of the best and start polishing it up and releasing it. So that’s really where our focus has been.”

Below you can see a trailer for the first map pack:


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