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Doom 3: BFG Edition Xbox 360 Review

November 24, 2012 | Posted by Todd Vote

Title: Doom 3 BFG Edition
Genre: First Person Shooter
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Id Software
Players: single player campaign / online multiplayer

Doom 3 BFG edition is the HD upgrade to the successful game that released on the original Xbox, and the PC. The game is coming at you with quite a bit of extra content. In addition to the remake of Doom 3, we are also being given Doom and Doom 2 on the disc, as well as Doom 3 The Lost Mission, and The Resurrection of Evil Expansion. Resurrection of Evil is like an additional 8 level mini campaign.

For those of you who hadn’t played the game when it first released 8 years ago, here is a brief rundown of the events that are about to unfold. The game casts the player as the newest member of a team of marines sent to a civilian research outpost on Mars.Union Aerospace Corporation has begun analyzing artifacts that are being excavated from a dig on the surface of the red planet. Of course, as the name of the game implies, all hell is about to break loose, and we are off to the races.

What is suprising about this game is that after all these years, Doom 3 still manages to create such an amazingly effectively spooky atmosphere, where you actually find yourself somewhat hesitant to go running down any dark hallways at all. You never know where one of the monsters/demons/creatures are just going to come crawling out of some service hatch or drop from the ceiling. So you know… Damn the PDA’s that try to lead you in those directions for things you need like ammo, or guns…

Doom is a game that really lets you control how much of the story you want to know about. The aforementioned PDA’s are found throughout the campaign, and a lot of times they will offer little recordings or emails that offer a deeper look at just what the hell is going on. Fortunately for those of us, like myself who prefer a more straight forward approach, finding all of these is not a requirement. However this comes as a sort of double edged sword, as a lot of combinations for lockers containing very helpful items are located on the different PDA’s you can find in the game. Not necessary to find them, but doing so does hold some reward.

Making your way through the campaign offers plenty of scares. Graphically, the game is obviously a bit dated, but that doesn’t detract from what you get here. What does distract, and even draw you out of the game at times, are the extremely long load times, and the times where the game seemingly just freezes up to initiate a random yet mandatory auto save. Seriously, while this is happening you cannot do anything. It looks as if the screen has frozen and the only way out is to hit the dashboard of shut off your Xbox. The load times, and the game pausing at random for auto saves did get to be a bit of an issue at times, as it is just not really something you expect from games these days.

Another somewhat frustrating aspect of the game is that there is no way to change or customize the control scheme. The controls are set the way they are set and that is it. When the game first come out, there was no ability to look down the sites of a gun for a better shot, like there is in current shooter games. So I did find myself clicking my flashlight on and off a lot in all the wrong places. It really took some getting used to. Had I been able to map the flashlight to a different button, I think that would have helped a bit. It’s a minor complaint, but in a game that plays so much with darkness, it could get a bit frustrating turning off my flashlight in particularly dark areas.

The sound of the game has been faithfully recreated, and adds as much to the spooky feeling of the game as the great design and effects does. There should be no mistaking it, Doom 3 is still just as scary of a game as it was the first time around, and still far scarier than most games that come out intended for the current generation of titles.

Doom 3 BFG edition also comes with ports of the first two Doom games. Doom and Doom 2 have both been recreated identically to the way they were first released, which means you get the 4:3 ratio with the big black blocks on the side of the screen. It would have been interesting to see them redone with HD graphics as well. As they are now, it just sort of feels tacked on. In addition to that, if you do decide to play either of these games, there is no way to back out of the games except for jumping to you dashboard. You can’t pause and exit back to the main menu… Honestly, this is quite a bit frustrating. There is no way you should have to go to your dashboard and restart a game to get to a different portion of the game that is on the same disc.

You will also get the expansion for Doom 2 that was released on the Xbox 360 Arcade, titled No Rest for the Living. This adds another 8 levels to the game, as well as one secret level.

Lastly, within this package, you receive the Resurrection of Evil Expansion, as well as the Lost Mission. The Lost Mission is something that was apparently cut from the game when it was originally released. It is a short mission that drops you in as a member of the ill-fated bravo team. While it will not reveal any mind-blowing details into the Doom universe, it still adds a couple of hours of the intense gameplay Doom fans love.

The Final 411:
One thing Doom 3: BFG Edition is not short on is value for your dollar. With so much content, the price tag is indeed justified. Even more so when you consider that Doom 3 is a great game that offers plenty of scares to even the most seasoned gamers. While some aspects of the game have not held up well over the past eight years, Doom 3 is still a very formidably game, and one that is worth the time of anyone who calls themselves an FPS fan.

+ Scary as hell
+ Graphics reproduced in HD give us the best looking version of the game yet
+ Plenty of bang for your buck

– incredibly long load times
– mandatory auto saves that just stop your game dead in it’s tracks
– Doom and Doom 2 could have had more done with them than just being straight ports.

Graphics7.5The graphics, while not holding up in detail, still offer a satisfyingly scary experience 
Gameplay7.0The long load times and random saves can really take you out of the game a bit 
Sound7.5The sound has been recreated nearly perfectly, adding to the great atmosphere created by the game 
Lasting Appeal7.0A great deal for anyone who hasn't experienced Doom 3.  
Fun Factor 7.5Still holds up against some of the top supposed  
Overall7.3   [ Good ]  legend

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