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Double Dragon Neon (PS3) Preview

June 14, 2012 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Over at Majesco Entertainment’s booth at E3, I got to play the new downloadable game, Double Dragon Neon, a reimagining of the arcade video gaming classic. This is similar to the DLC game version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time which was re-released for the online arcades with new graphics. Well it’s similar in that it’s classic Double Dragon style gaming with brand new 3D graphics, however this is also a completely new game as well.

The new game once again starts with Marian getting knocked out and kidnapped by gang-bangers. Brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee spring into action as they leave their familiar garage to start the fight. This is classic arcade, side-scrolling beat ’em up action with a few nice little twists. Throughout the game you can purchase and unlock songs. The songs let you unlock new attacks and abilities such as a fireball type of attack. I’m a huge fan of action/beat ’em up games, and I used to lose hours of sleep playing the Atari Lynx version of Double Dragon (yes it did exist) back when I was a kid. I love the new graphics which have a nice anime/manga influence. The tone and soundtrack of the game is all classic Double Dragon and 1980’s inspired gaming with nice little electric synthesizer and tones. WayForward Technologies aim with this game is basically a love letter to 1980’s gaming and the era as a whole.

The control scheme works really well. You have your basic punch and kick attacks. When you stun enemies you can perform a throw or grapple attack. You can end your combos with a spin kick. The developers let me test out the Sosetsuken feature which are the mystical abilities you get from unlocking the special songs. There are environment breakables and lots of various weapons and pickups you can use throughout the game which I always like and there looks to be a nice little variety of such. With the two-player co-op mode, there is a cool feature where Jimmy and Billy can do a high five to exchange health points, and there are times where they can also do a high five or a chest bump to knock down their enemies. In an awesome little easter egg, Billy and Jimmy do a little Wyld Stallyns air guitar when they complete a stage. The game features both old and new characters from the franchise. One of the earlier boss battles with the game is with mainstay Double Dragon character Abobo.

Double Dragon Neon will be hitting the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network later this summer.


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