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E3 2012: Crysis 3 (PC) Preview

June 23, 2012 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

EA and Crytek gave us a chance to play the PC demo for Crysis 3 during the E3 show. The Crysis franchise will reach its dramatic conclusion with this game. The demo we got to play was the same level presented at the EA keynote conference early on during the convention. In this game you are playing Prophet again despite his committing suicide and dying in the second game. Story details on this? We don’t know. In the demo you are in New York City and on a mission to blow up a dam built by the CELL Corporation which is heavily guarded by their forces. The coolest weapon to use during the demo was a new high-tech compound bow Prophet can utilize. You can now cloak and while you use this weapon now as well which is cool. There are different arrow types you can use such as the standard arrow bolt, an electrically charged arrow, and also an explosive tipped arrow. Early on in the now jungle-like terrain of NYC you can use your nanosuit to target the enemy guards and unleash hell with your signature bow.

After infiltrating the dam base you have to get inside and fight your way through some guards and there is a generator room where you just have to junk the thing with your own hands. Prophet’s handlers bid him a mission accomplished, but Prophet isn’t ready to go just yet and has something else to take care of. From there you fight your way out of the base and right into the line of fire of dozens of CELL soldiers. After fighting your way over the dam you sneak into an area under the dam to plant a surgical like bomb charge. Just as you plant the charges, a chopper zooms in and the gunner starts blazing his machine gun. Prophet makes a leap and blows the charges under the dam and grabs onto a steel cable and zips to safety and you can enjoy viewing the destruction of CELL’s dam. But the water starts sweeping over you and that’s the end of the demo.

The environments and maps for the game which will be Crytek’s final console based game release looked really detailed, vast, and wide open. The nanosuit is more souped up than ever before and it’s a veritable, walking Swiss army knife. What I really enjoyed in the demo was the variety of weapons you can pick up and use. Besides the ripping signature bow, there are plenty of other rifles and weapons pick-ups you could try out and figure out your best weapon type. My personal favorite was a rifle that shoots out like a spreading electric spray that disables anything in its path. Crysis 3 will be hitting Windows PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 in February of 2013.


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