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E3 2012: Samsung, Gaikai Deal Great for Gamers

June 12, 2012 | Posted by Adam Larck

Gaikai certainly was busy at E3.

During the expo, the cloud gaming platform decided to announce its newest partnership with Samsung.

All of the latest Samsung smart TVs starting within the next 30 days will having a Gaikai app added in to allow for cloud gaming and automatic timed demos.

All players will need on their end is a game controller, but any USB controller should be supported.

Samsung is still working out pricing options on the service.

In other Gaikai news, the company announced that besides being able to try demos on FaceBook, YouTube, WalMart and more, the service will be coming to the Wikipad this holiday season.

Also, Gaikai announced that they are currently partnered with Tera to offer a timed demo of the recently released MMO. You can check it out here.


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