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E3 2012: Skylander Giants Preview

June 25, 2012 | Posted by Adam Larck

While wandering the show floor this year, I got a bit of hands-on time with the upcoming Skylander Giants title from Activision.

The biggest addition is the giants themselves, of which eight are planned right now. The giants still have one of the eight elements associated with them, but are much bigger in scope than the normal characters.

They also had quite an easier time taking on enemies than the normal Skylanders. Their attacks are stronger and, like in the last game, can be leveled up. In addition, they’ll also have some specific puzzles and ways to interact with the world while you progress, like pulling an island closer to walk on.

Two of the giants were shown off at E3: Tree Rex, which will come packaged with the game, and Bouncer.

The gameplay is the same as the first game, complete with jump pads and attacks that can be upgraded. All previous Skylanders will work in the game, with the level caps upgraded to level 15.

Also being added to the Skylanders are eight LightCore figures. The figures, four new characters and four Series 2 characters (which I’ll touch on in a second), will light-up once you place it on the Portal of Power. It’s unknown how rare these will be, but look for them to sell well on eBay if the current figures are any indication.

Besides adding some new characters to the game, the 24 original characters will also be reposed as Series 2 figures. Besides being reposed, the Series 2 figures will have new abilities called Wow Pow with new upgrades.

The last thing to note is the upgraded Portal of Power. While it’s the same thing as the last title, it’s now wireless, so gamers aren’t tied to their system or pets can’t accidently rip the cord out.

The game, when it releases this fall, will have plenty of things to purchase like the first title. The full pricing list is below.

• Giants Starter Pack (360, Wii, PS3 and 3DS): $74.99: Includes game, wireless Portal of Power, Tree Rex giant, Jet Vac Skylander (brand new), Cynder Series 2 Skylander, poster and three trading cards.
• Giants Booster Pack (360, Wii, PS3): $59.99: Game and Tree Rex giant.
• Giants individual figure: $14.99
• LightCore individual figure: $11.99
• Series 2 and new individual figures: $9.99


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