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E3 2013: Mad Max (Multi-Platform) Preview

June 16, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Warner Bros. Interactive during E3 treated us to a hand-off “first look” demo of the recently announced Mad Max videogame based on the classic movie franchise. This new game is being developed by Avalanche Studios, the maker of the fun action games Just Cause and Just Cause 2. This new game while it is based on the movies, appears to take place independently (Similar to the Jason Bourne videogame) of them. While there is a new Mad Max movie set to get released at some point, this game does not appear to be directly tied to it. While this being a movie licensed title already makes me a bit cautious, the demo we got to see did look promising, and it looks like it will provide an immersive open world experience.

So in this new game you play Mad Max. Developers were mum on his new voice actor. I got the impression that the current voice could be a temp voice track, and a bigger name actor could be brought in to voice Max later. The temp voice did sound American though. Max is accompanied by a hunchback companion, Chumbucket, who is also Max’s mechanic. The demo focused a lot on vehicle-on-vehicle combat. In the first sequence, Max in his souped up car takes out a street gang with his car in order to gain possession of an object called a talon. Enemies who crawl onto your car can be dispatched with Max’s trademark sawed off shotgun. If your car takes too much damage, Chumbucket will need some time to do repairs. He can also fire off some harpoon guns at enemy cars. Car battles can be approached and won in multiple ways and are different every time. Graphics and character designs look strong, and it definitely appears to be in the spirit of the Mad Max world. The Just Cause games were a lot of fun, so I’m anxious to see what Avalanche can do with Mad Max.

After getting the talon, Chumbucket and Max head to a heavily guarded encampment. This next sequence showed some of combat in the game. Max takes out some of the guards and the sentries. Max can then utilize a sniper rifle to cause some chaos and take out the guards in front of the heavily walled encampment. You can take out some fuel barrels to take out multiple targets. After you blow up the wall keeping you out of the area, another automobile fight ensued. The developers emphasized that customization for your car of choice was key and that there will be no right way to necessarily customize the car. You can minimize or maximize the attributes of the car as you see fit. We also got to see the map for the game’s open world sandbox of Wasteland which looks to be immense. The game looks like it will be filled with side missions and areas to explore. So at least it looks like it won’t be a tiny, rushed movie game.

Mad Max will be released on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows PC later in 2014.

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