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E3 2013: Murdered: Soul Suspect (Multi-Platform) Preview

June 8, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Next up on the E3 docket is our hands-off preview of the new Square Enix title, Murdered: Soul Suspect, developed by Airtight Games. This is a new supernatural-themed platform and puzzle based game. In this game you play as a literal ghost. The demo begins with the murder of the grizzled and shady detective, Ronan O’Connor. However, this is only where the journey and mystery begins. O’Connor still haunts the earthly plan in a limbo world called “Dusk.” Despite being dead, O’Connor still has all his intuition and detective faculties at his disposal as he tries to piece together the clues of his murder. The entire game is set in the town of Salem, which looks to be an open world sandbox.

The demo starts with O’Connor checking on clues at the scene of his murder. O’Connor is able to embody the living (though not possess them) in order to get their thoughts on what’s taken place. O’Connor then investigates the building in which he was flung to his death from. The apartment building is littered with other spirits and ghosts. There you encounter one of the game’s main enemies, demonic Grim Reaper-like phantoms who prey on other ghosts. You do not want to face these creatures head on. Since you are a ghost and have the ability to walk through walls, you have to use that ability to sneak up on and dispatch these creatures using stealth. The demo ran through some of the side quests you will encounter over the course of the game. You will encounter other ghosts and you can help them solve their own mysteries in order to help them move on. Eventually you get to the apartment where O’Connor goes over the fight with a serial killer. The hooded killer’s strength appears to be superhuman. O’Connor sees evidence that another girl was there at the time of the struggle and figures out her whereabouts to likely the town church which will be likely your next destination in the game.

The game definitely looks intriguing. It’s definitely not your typical action/adventure platformer. Graphics and environments look incredibly impressive and gritty. The game looks like it will combine elements both of supernatural-thrillers and hard-boiled detective stories. It’s not often you see games like this where you play as a ghost. The atmosphere looks really thick and creepy. The story looks very involved and complex. But will this style of storytelling work in an actual game? That remains to be seen.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is set for a release on Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows PC early in 2014.

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