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Fable Dog Breed DLC (360) Review

December 24, 2010 | Posted by Trace Aber

Fable III was released a couple of months ago and already we are on its second DLC pack. While the first one gave us about an hour or so of gameplay, many people were disappointed with the price and the content of it. Well, those same people are really going to hate this pack, as there’s absolutely no functioning reason why one would purchase it.

Forming a growing and lasting companionship with your canine friend is one of Fable’s main goals, as he will follow you on your journey across Albion, never thinking twice about your decisions (though he may glitch and get stuck behind a tree). Character customization is also another goal of Fable, as the game gives players a multitude of options for modifying their character as they wish. So, it makes sense that there would be DLC released that would appeal to both of these purposes.

Even so, the content is hardly worth the customization options here. When you download the pack you’ll receive some gifts in the sanctuary where the wrapped boxes hold various dog breed potions. These include the Doberman, Alastrian (German Shepherd), and Poodle. The poodle comes in white or pink, but the other dogs only have one skin. You’ll also receive the “Yule” outfit, which is nothing more than a Santa hat, and is free for everybody.

I just don’t understand who this is marketed towards. The dog potions serve absolutely no function whatsoever – they are just skins. They don’t give the dog stat increases, nor do people even comment on them. The hat also does nothing. So why would you pay $3? To see your hero run around with a pink poodle wearing a Santa hat? I suppose you could, but how many people are really willing to do that?

The 411
This might become the new Horse Armor of DLC. You’re spending money for nothing, essentially. I’m sure people with leftover points who just want to get rid of them might pick this up, and they’ll get a few suckers who get the game on Christmas, but I can’t imagine the logic behind releasing this. I’m seriously just astounded that something with zero functionality is being sold for $3.

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