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Fallout 3: The Pitt (Xbox 360) Review

March 29, 2009 | Posted by Adam Larck

Title: Fallout 3: The Pitt
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks/ ZeniMax Media
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios/ 2K Games
Genre: Action-RPG
Players: 1
Rated: M for Mature

After a rocky initial release, Bethesda made The Pitt available to download on the Xbox 360 last Wednesday. The second of the three planned content releases, The Pitt takes place in Pittsburgh, and tasks the player with trying to free the workers in the city by finding a cure to the sickness plaguing everyone. But what does The Pitt bring to fans of the game? Are the new additions worth it?

To put it simply, of course it is, it’s Bethesda. They can release great content when they want to for games (other times, they can release pretty horse armor). If you want what makes the content worth it in one word, I’d have to say this…Auto-Axe.

That’s right, the brand new content in the game, Auto-Axe, is one of the most amazing weapons I’ve seen in the game, besides the Fat Man. For those that don’t know, the Auto-Axe is a melee weapon that consists of a spinning blade that will attack as long as the button’s held down. The weapon is like the Ripper, but with a bigger attack range and harder hitting attack. It does deteriorate quick, but one decent strike in the V.A.T.S. system will destroy most enemies. The most memorable kill I had with the Auto-Axe was inside of the Steelyard, where I launched a Wildman (new type of enemy I’ll get to later) off the top of a building. To give you a good image of this, think of the movie 300, the overhyped kick into the pit, and that’s about what it looked like in V.A.T.S.

The content starts you off with a radio call from Wernher, who needs you to help cure the survivors at the Pitt. To even get to Wernher, though, it takes a long trip to the northernmost part of the map. At least, it was a long trip for me, as my closest area was the Minefield.

After talking to Wernher, and taking a slave disguise from the local slaves being sold (you can either buy the slaves for the outfit, or kill the slavers and take the keys for the cage), you go with him to the Pitt. Be forewarned, once you go there you can’t come back until you complete the three quests there.

Once there, the slavers you first see question Wernher about returning before he betrays them and kills them all (you’ll find out why I used the word betrayal in the content). He then gives you the option to conceal a small gun or knife on you before you go to the bridge. I passed on this; as if any slaves see this they will kill you, plus the fact that you get a great weapon early on in the city.

As you walk towards the bridge, you encounter the first of two new enemies affected by the sickness, Wildmen. Basically they’re the contents Raiders, and they go down just as easily.

While I’m on the topic of enemies, I may as well mention the other type, Trogs. I was originally going to compare them to Super Mutants, but after finding out how easy they are to kill, that would be a poor comparison. In the Steelyard there always seems to be Trogs coming after you, but they’re very simple to kill. It is disappointing that there is no big enemy like the Behemoth’s in the content, but that’s a minor complaint.

Crossing the bridge itself can be a challenge as well, between the traps and sniper looking out for slaves; I got gunned down multiple times before figuring out a way to get across safely. As an interesting side note, try swimming across and see what happens, it’s worth a laugh.

After making it across the bridge, all your items except for the Pip Boy get taken from you. Interesting, any quest related items won’t be taken. I was on the side quest where the object is to kill Mole Rats, and I still had the Repellent stick with me in the Downtown area.

After talking to Midea your sent on a collection quest to get Steel Ingots. I implore you to do the optional quest here, as the weapon you’ll get will be the infinitely fun Auto-Axe. While the quest only requires that you get 10 Ingots, for every 10 you get after that you get more items when you turn them in. After the first 10, you also get a perk allowing you to do more damage with the Auto-Axe. Some of the items you’ll get from the Ingots are a special Auto-Axe, special laser rifle, steel knuckles, and many different types of armor.

The Steelyard is huge and well developed as well. Graphically, the whole content was well done. The only problems I saw was the rivets on the bridge going through debris and a jerky animation for the Auto-Axe when it was just revving.

Anyways, after the Ingots you do three rounds in an Arena similar to Oblivions, the only differences here is that you can collect weapons from people you kill, and you’re fighting in a radiation filled room. After every battle, however your radiation level goes back to 0. There are some good weapons to get here as well. I picked up a Deathclaw Gauntlet and the Infiltrator (a silenced and scoped assault rifle).

After completing this quest and going to talk to the Pitt’s leader, Ashur, you come to the final quest with three choices to make. You can either help Wernher and get the cure for him, help Ashur and stop the rebellion by getting rid of Wernher, or pass a speech check where you find a peaceful solution. Seeing as I could never pass the check for some reason, I tried the other two options. I liked Ashur’s better, as he seems like he cares about the city after it’s complete.

What’s the replay value here? Well, you’re allowed to come back to the Pitt whenever you want, you can bring teddy bears to Ashur’s child for money, and, the most valuable reason to come back, you can change one type of ammo into the other. By choosing the type of ammo and a piece of scrap metal, you can change the ammo into whatever you need.

The 411:
Once again, Bethesda delivers another great piece of content for Fallout 3. Although it is short (I finished it within a full day of play), by getting all 100 Steel Ingots and using the area for all the extra options available, fans of Fallout will definitely get their money’s worth out of this. For any owner of the game, The Pitt downloadable content is worth picking up.

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