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Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues (Xbox 360) Review

July 28, 2011 | Posted by Adam Larck

Title: Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues 

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Genre: Action-RPG

Players: 1
Rated: M for Mature

After playing through Dead Money in Fallout: New Vegas, I didn’t really have much interest in Honest Hearts.

However, when Old World Blues came around, I was intrigued not by the gameplay, but by the setting and cheesiness of what the whole content looked like.

After playing the content, I’m glad I checked it out if only for the commentary and plot, as the gameplay is nothing spectacular.

One thing to note about the content is, while you do lose your companions like always, you can keep anything you want with you to take into the Big MT. I didn’t realize this the first time, and kept everything in my inventory. I ended up restarting to take only what I need, to leave room for some of the new items I found.

The content centers around you being brought to a science outpost called the Big Mountain, also known as the Big MT. When you first get brought there, the bodiless scientists remove your brain, spine and heart.

While that would normally result in death, here, robotic parts actually give you new perks, with other perks replacing those when you get your body parts back.

The content starts out fairly slow, with quite a bit of talking amongst the scientists about you and trying to fill you in on your quests. However, even though it gets wordy, I found the talking to be the best part of the content.

Old World Blues feels like a cheesy sci-fi show. The collective group of five scientists tries to perform over-the-top science experiments, such as organ removal. Meanwhile, their enemy, Dr. Mobius, is just as crazy from his addictions, making robo-scorpions to try and contain you and the scientists. However, as you go through the content and finally meet him, you realize his true intentions, and that he really isn’t all that evil.

After the initial conversation ends, you’re finally free to roam the Big MT. Besides the main quest of acquiring trying to stop Dr. Mobius and collection various modules for The Sink, there’s plenty of other quests to do for the doctors around the Big MT.

The quests actually give you some nice items, as well. As long as you pass some checks early on, you can acquire the K9000 cyberdog gun and the Sonic Emitter. As you progress through the content, you can find a proton axe, protonic inversal axe and atomic-valence tri-radiioscillator (which can heal you), as well as find an X-2 antenna to swing around or the stealth suit Mk II.

The stealth suit is particularly entertaining. Besides automatically healing you or applying Med-X when you need it, it also has some humorous comments and lets you know when your PipBoy light is left on when sneaking.

While going through the quests, you’ll find some new and old enemies to face. Besides Deathclaws and Cazadores, you’ll also take on Lobotomites and Y-17 Trauma override harnesses, which look fairly cool. The harnesses are automated, but carry the skeleton of their users inside of them.

Outside of questing and looting, you can sometimes find new background information about Cazadores and other enemies and characters in the Fallout universe. In addition to finding out info about them, you can also find a lot of super versions of these enemies, such as the Legendary Bloatfly, Specimen 73 Cazadores or Stripe, a Deathclaw that only appears if you have the Wild Wasteland trait in Higgs Village.

Speaking of traits, there’s also six new traits you can choose from. Sure, the traits are set at the beginning of the game, but at The Sink you can change your initial traits one time. The new traits add buffs to SPECIAL, let you carry more weight and more. However, the most interesting one may be Logan’s Loophole. It makes it so you never get addicted, but can only level to 30.

Outside of the traits, the content also adds five more levels and various perks you can unlock. Also, after beating the main quest, you can still come back to the Big MT to buy and sell at The Sink, or just to talk to the various appliances you have, such as Muggy, a robot that loves mugs, or a jukebox that can change your Sonic Emitter to fire different frequencies you find.

Before I end the review, though, I have to talk about one problem that’s been throughout the series: freezing. I had a decent number of places where I would try to enter a building or go into my menu just to lock up. It wasn’t surprising, but can become a bit annoying after trying to spend a long time exploring.


  • Commentary is the best the game has had to offer so far.
  • Can find quite a few new items and take anything you want between Mojave and Big MT.
  • Even after content is over you can have a place of your own.


  • Freezing problems still apparent in content.
  • No companions in the content, save for a brief area.
  • Not a lot of places to find medicine at.

    The 411:

    I found the commentary and the banter in the game to be great and entertaining to listen to. However, if glitches and freezing have bugged you in the past about the game, don’t bother expecting anything new here. For owners of New Vegas, this is definitely the best content so far to check out, if only for the new items, areas and commentary to hear.

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