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Game Plan Japan News Report 05.24.12

May 24, 2012 | Posted by Ernest Lin


Konnichiwa and welcome to another Game Plan Japan! Every week I will be bringing you the top stories about games from a small country named Japan. Some games I report on you will know of. Other games you will never have heard of and will never make it stateside.

I AM IN JAPAN! Until June 3, I’ll be here in the Land of the Rising Sun to study abroad. I am staying in Chiba-shi, Chiba, which is a suburb of Tokyo and where the IES Abroad office is. If you are at all interested in life and culture in Japan, check out my Tumblr blog that’s filled with lots of pictures and videos!

E3 Updates: At last, I am confirmed for Sony’s press conference so I will be at all of the Big 3. My hands-on appointment with Dead or Alive 5 is scheduled, along with a behind-closed-door interview for Metal Gear Rising!

Stunning, Modern Concept Art and Teaser Trailer for Next Tales Game Released

IMAGE posted several concept art images of environments from Namco Bandai’s Next Tales of game. While the concept art is pretty, it does go against the usual cell-shaded style of previous Tales titles. Maybe it will retain the cell-shaded look once the final game is made or perhaps Namco Bandai will go for a little more realistic look for the new game.


Honestly, if anything, the concept art of Next Tales of seems more fitting for the setting of a Final Fantasy game than a Tales one. In a recent issue of Famitsu, the game’s producer Hideo Baba said the game would be more modern and be rich in cultural themes. A challenge Baba wants the team to overcome is taking Tales to a new level. Baba addressed possible fans’ fear of all the changes by stating that the game will still feel like a Tales game.


Also, it’s important to note is the tagline of Next Tales of: “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl?” which has connections to the overall story and gameplay.


Lastly, the teaser trailer below announces that Next Tales of will be unveiled at the Tales of Festival 2012 on June 2 in Yokohama, Japan. Unfortunately, I will not be there as I will be in Hakone, Japan all day for a class trip!

Source: Famitsu, Andriasang, Anime News Network

Atelier Ayesha Gameplay Video Is Poetry in Motion

In the past few months, I covered many updates on the new upcoming Atelier game, Atelier Ayesha. Finally, Gust has released gameplay footage! Check out the video below to see how everything, from traveling around the world to fighting in the battle system, works in action. Not only does Atelier Ayesha look visually good, but so does the gameplay. NIS America, please announce localization of it soon!

If you’re interested in importing Atelier Ayesha, you now can choose a Premium Box edition for 10,290 yen (about $125 USD). For the extra cost, you will receive a framed illustrations plus a booklet filled with flyers and pamphlets from the world of Atelier Ayesha. Both the Premium Box and regular edition (7,140 yen/about $85 USD) will be released on June 28 in Japan.

Source: Anime News Network

Two New Love Plus Patches On the Way


Last March, I reported on a number of bugs, including some major game-breaking ones, in the 3DS game New Love Plus. Konami previously said they were working on patches and now they announced two are on the way this summer. The first one will be released sometime in June and improve touch controls, the communication component of the game (e-mail and phone calls/texts between you and your girlfriend), and miscellaneous glitches. In late August or late Septemeber, the second patch will arrive, bringing more imporvements to the operating speed, To Do events, and the schedule input interface.

Source: Konami

Chun-Li, Morrigan, and More Join Project x Zone


Capcom, Sega, and Namco Bandai collaborative 3DS game Project x Zone has added more characters to its roster! The two huge additions are Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers and Chun-Li from Street Fighter. Also, Erica Fontaine and Gemini Sunrise from Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars, Bruno Delinger from Dynamite Deka/Die Hard Arcade, Valkyrie from Valkyrie no Densetsu/The Legend of Valkyrie have been added to the game.

Source: Famitsu (magazine)


Large Number of Persona 4 Golden Pre-orders in Japan


According to Taketo Matsuo (merchandiser at Tsutaya that runs 500 game stores in Japan), pre-orders of the upcoming PS Vita game Persona 4 Golden are very strong. At Tsutaya-run game stores, the numbers have exceeded those from the PS2 Persona 3 title. That’s good news, especially considering how popular Persona 3 was. Sony should be hoping for a large number of PS Vita sales come the week of June 24 (Persona 4 Golden is set for release on June 27 in Japan and this fall in the US).

Source: Mantan Web

This Week’s New Releases

The biggest release of this week is Capcom’s RPG Dragon’s Dogma in Japan, US, & Europe on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

There’s Mario Tennis Open for 3DS hitting Japan as well. It’s already been released this past Sunday in the US.

Another big title is Steins;Gate, based on last year’s critically-acclaimed anime series of the same name!

MMORPG Monster Hunter Frontier is getting a new expansion in the form of Monster Hunter Frontier Online Forward 4 for Xbox 360 & PC.

Game studio Cave brings more bullet-hell shooting to Xbox 360 with Mushihimesama HD.

Other games out this week:
Uta no Prince Sama Debut (PSP)
Elminage Gothic (PSP)
Juuza Engi Engetsu Sangokuden (PSP)
Maru Gokaku Dasshu! Care Manager Test Portable (PSP)
G1 Grand Prix (3DS)
I’m an Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero 3D Haneda with JAL (3DS)
Happy Animal Ranch (3DS)
Minna no Ennichi (3DS)

Top Selling Games in Japan – Week Ending 05.13.12


Source: VGChartz

Random Japanese (Related) Video of the Week

EVO Moment #37 (the greatest moment in esports history according to many) recreated in the anime Acchi Kocchi!

That is it for this week’s Game Plan Japan! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below or on Twitter: @ErnstyLin or by e-mail: [email protected].

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