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Joe Danger 2 :The Movie (XBLA) Review

September 15, 2012 | Posted by Stewart Lange

Title: Joe Danger 2: The Movie
Developer: Hello Games
Genre: Arcade/Racing
Players: 4 Local/Online
Rated: 7+

“The World’s Favourite Cartoon Stuntman is back,” they proudly claim. Unfortunately so, and it was up to me to review this new title for the site. A while ago, Trace Aber reviewed the Xbox release of PSN hit Joe Danger and gave it a soaring 9/10 so when I saw that, I almost purchased it. I didn’t, so I have no frame of reference to any original here, but from what I read it has a fairly big fan base. This is what has me confused.

While Joe Danger 2 is no doubt aimed at veterans of the first game, there is little introduction to the controls. The basics are simple, RT accelerates you while X either ducks Joe or makes him jump, depending on how long you hold it. Further tricks can be done with the bumper buttons, but by the time the game tells you this, you may be fed up of it already. Like I was. The game is set into “movies” for Joe to star in and each movie is made up of “scenes,” or levels to you and I. The issue with these is that the fun ones are over in seconds while the ones that suck (anything in a jetpack) take too long comparatively. There are some comparisons to be drawn with Trials, but believe me, I don’t like saying that as I’d go so far as saying that is one of my favourite downloadable games ever.

The graphics are bright and fun, which is a suggestion this is aimed more for kids. Everything is colourful and lovely which is fine, but I found it made things a little weird when you were going fast and you had to avoid tiny little spikes on the floor. Certain obstacles can be smashed through, but they look like another obstacle that, if you hit it, crushes Joe into a small ball of dead stuntman. Caution must be taken and sometimes, trial and error outweighs skill.

With all of that said, the game did start to endear itself to me. Once you start learning the game and care enough to go back and replay early levels, it becomes a bit more obvious what to do. The stars you earn by completing objectives don’t fly past you quite as quickly as they did the first time and you can start noticing all the little nuances that make the game fun to play. The problem I still had though, was for whatever reason, I found the game awfully annoying. My gripes about the fun levels being too quick remained and I have already put this game down in favour of playing Skyrim Minecraft. I mean, Hearthfire. Not a good sign when I’m bored of a game before it’s even released.


  • Bright, fun graphics
  • Levels based on classic films like Indiana Jones


  • Boring quickly
  • Long loading times
  • No real explanation or tutorial

    The 411:

    I’m glad to be done with Joe Danger, it really wasn’t my cup of tea. I’d hoped a kid-friendly version of Trials would have been great, but instead I found it frustrating and pretty annoying, but for all the wrong reasons.

  • Graphics8.0Fine for what they were, cartoony and bright. 
    Gameplay5.0Not fun. Very repetitive in an irritating way. 
    Sound6.0I can't say I even noticed it. The voice over guy gets annoying. 
    Lasting Appeal5.0I was done by release date. Not great. 
    Fun Factor 5.0Not my idea of it, anyway. 
    Overall5.0   [ Not So Good ]  legend

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