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Little Big Planet 2 Move DLC (PS3) Review

September 19, 2011 | Posted by Mark Salmela

Title: Little Big Planet 2
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Media Molecule
Genre: Platformer
Players: 1 – 4
Rated: E for Everyone

Little Big Planet 2 came out this past January on the PlayStation 3, and it was fantastic. Media Molecule took their original idea of “play create share” and brought it to a whole new level. Everything about the sequel was improved from the original. There was something missing however, and that was PlayStation Move Support. Considering Sony put out Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves before Little Big Planet 2 it was quite puzzling to find a lack of PlayStation Move Support at LBP2’s launch. Well it may have taken almost 8 months but Move Support is finally here for LBP2.

Little Big Planet 2’s DLC is subtitled Rise of the Cakeling, and features just as wacky and charming of a story as the main game. All of Sackboy’s friends are being captured by a rogue Cakeling and it’s up to the sack man himself to stop him. Rise of the Cakeling features 13 new levels, comprised of both platforming levels and fun mini-games.

Controlling Sackboy with PlayStation Move is just as easy as it was on a controller. You still use an analog stick to control Sackboy, whether it’s the Navigation controller or a DualShock 3/Sixaxis, but most of Sackboy’s functions are performed using the Move wand. A handful of helpful tutorials will get you adjusted to the new play style. Jumping is performed with the PS Move button while grabbing objects and interacting with the environment is performed with the T trigger button. To make use of the PS Move Sackboy has a new toy to play around with, the Brain Crane. Using the Brain Crane Sackboy can pick up and interact with various, predetermined objects in the environment. Each level shows off a new way to use PS Move, and the DLC is very good at showing off all the potential ways to use PS Move in LBP2.

Using the Brain Crane you’ll often find yourself moving around various platforms to progress through levels. You’ll move around platforms to reach new heights, move around platforms to protect Sackboy from environmental hazards, and move around objects to solve various puzzles. The DLC levels are by no means difficult, but it’s very fun to play the game in such a new way. Media Molecule are masters of their craft, and you’ll be in platforming heaven moving Sackboy throughout the expansion’s various levels.

Rise of the Cakeling culminates in a boss battle that is both extremely creative and fun to play. You’ll be forced to use jumping pads to avoid the Cakeling’s attacks while grabbing various objects in the environment and slingshoting them into the Cakeling. It’s rare to see such inventive boss battles now days, and Media Molecule should be applauded for such terrific design.

The best part of the Move DLC has to be the mini-games, all controlled with PS Move. There’s a tower defense mini-game, a puzzle game, a shooting gallery, a lemmings style mini-game, and more. Each mini-game is extremely fun to play, especially with other people. It’s a shame this expansion pack took so long to come out. If this expansion pack was available back in January when the game originally shipped this would have had the potential to be the killer app for PlayStation Move. Unfortunately I believe the majority of LBP2 creators and users have moved on from the game, and I don’t see many of them going back.

The real treat of the Move DLC is the ability to incorporate PS Move into user created levels. As I just mentioned I’m not sure how many levels are still being developed today, which is a shame since I’m sure in the hands of talented people there could be a lot of great PS Move content created for the game. There are some PS Move user levels out now, but I’ve yet to run into anything worth noting. As it stands the main story of Rise of the Cakeling will take around 3 hours to finish everything. It’s a fantastic 3 hours, but it left me wanting more. Hopefully the community will step up to the plate over time and deliver some more great Move experiences.


– A fantastic use of PlayStation Move.
– The Brain Crane is fun to use, and eventually becomes second nature.
– The mini-games take PS Move support to a whole new level.
– All PS Move tools are available for users to include in their own levels.
– A charming story that culminates in a fun boss battle.


– It was over too soon.
– This expansion pack should have been available a long time ago. Most people have moved on from LBP2.

The 411

The Cakeling is not pleased.

The Little Big Planet 2 Move DLC expansion is a must buy for anyone with PlayStation Move. If this DLC content was available back in January when LBP2 came out this could have been the killer app the PS Move needed. With that said Rise of the Cakeling is a still a great experience. A fun story, well designed levels, great mini-games, and a unique way to play LBP2 make this expansion a worthy purchase. Here’s hoping the community picks up where Media Molecule left off.

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