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Living LIVE News Report 06.04.12

June 4, 2012 | Posted by Trace Aber


Welcome everyone to another issue of the Living LIVE News Report, and as always, I’m your host for the evening, Trace Aber. I’m one week away from graduating college, and have been pretty busy as of late. I did have time to play and review Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. It’s a fun game, but I’m not impressed by it too much.

E3 2012 Preview
It’s that time again, ladies and gentleman, when all the major names in the industry announce a bunch of new games and show off new footage. So let’s go ahead and do a rundown of what to expect this year for our favorite console, the Xbox 360.

The big question everybody wants to know is whether or not Microsoft will be officially announcing Durango, their next generation console. Rumors have been flying going both ways, but I’m not holding my breath for one. Even though a tech demo would be nice, I doubt we’ll even get that lucky.

No, instead we will probably get a lot more apps that allow us to stream movies, TV shows and music. Some might actually be useful though, such as the rumored Internet Explorerapp, which would FINALLY let the 360 catch up with Sony and Nintendo on web browser. Too bad it couldn’t have been Chrome.

Last year’s E3 conference was very Kinect heavy, and I’d expect the similar coverage this year. I’d imagine we’ll get more shovelware, easy-selling multiplayer games, a few games with random celebrity endorsements, but Ryse is looking to be a very promising game that could change things.

Microsoft is supposedly working on Kinect 2.0, which would feature much more powerful sensors. As great as that would be, the need for more engaging and worthwhile games are the only thing going to make me go buy one. Who knows, they could have something huge up their sleeves. Announcing Kinect 2.0 and a completely new AAA franchise exclusive to the new peripheral could stir up a lot of people, but I’m not sure if they’re ready to pull the trigger just yet.

Smart Phone Interaction
With the latest “metro” redesign on the 360, the console now more resembles the Windows 8 operating system and mobile OS, and one of their goals has been to achieve complete interaction with one another, similar to Apple.

Speaking of Apple, it looks like iPhone users might be able to stream media from their Microsoft consoles using Smart Glass. The app would allow content sharing between smart phones, ranging from Windows, Android and iOS, and tables for playback on a TV. Microsoft has apparently been giving presentations about the new technology, making it nothing but confirmed it’ll make an appearance at E3.

The Games
Halo 4 is Microsoft’s bread and butter heading into E3, as they prepare to present the first Halo game not produced by Bungie. Footage of the secret beta was released last week ,though the video quality was rather terrible. Microsoft has been removing the videos, but for every video taken down two more pop up. Microsoft will likely bust out some much better footage, especially that of the campaign and focus on Master Chief’s personal story. And, of course, the new Infinity multiplayer mode.

The last few years have generally started out the same for Microsoft, in which they announce the next big Call of Duty game, this time being Black Ops 2 of course. I’ve always been a fan of the Treyarch series of games, and will be picking this one up. The campaign is looking very promising, and if it’s anything like the first one we’re in for an action packed, cinematic experience…featuring horses! I’m a sucker for time travel storylines, and Blops 2 has you travelling from 1970 to 1980 to 2025, with each era getting its own set of weaponry. The levels taking place in 2025 will feature robotic warfare, which is certainly a new direction for the series. I think it’s going to be a make or break moment for the franchise, which needs a kick in the ass to keep it relevant. Ah, who am I kidding, this thing is going to break all records regardless.

One game that I think everybody is looking forward to is Grand Theft Auto V, which takes us back to Los Santos. Rockstar has been quiet per usual, and could potentially skip out on revealing anything. I think they would be wise in giving us another trailer at least, perhaps with a release date as well. We already know they’re going in a “bold new direction” and is their largest game to date yet, and is rumored to feature multiple, playable protagonists. Like most GTA titles, it’s all about earning that mighty dollar and rising to the top.

Assassin’s Creed III has been building quite a buzz, and you can expect to see some extended gameplay footage at E3. Leaving the Renaissance and entering the American Revolution, Ubisoft is creating an entirely new universe with the franchise. New gameplay elements including swinging through trees, climbing cliffs and going against enemies with guns, but perhaps Ubisoft has more tricks up their sleeves, waiting to be reveled this week.

EA’s realistic and gritty Medal of Honor: Warfighter features both single player and multiplayer modes. Because accuracy is an important element, EA has been working with operators around the world, using their expertise to bring you the most realistic action possible. I imagine they will show off another scene using “real world terror” events, which will certainly spark up a conversation.

The trailer is cool

The recently announced Injustice: Gods Among Us game has been pegged for an E3 appearance. Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash are all featured, and the title is reportedly a fighting game. It’s from the same guys that made Mortal Kombat Vs D.C. Universe and 2011’s Mortal Kombat. The trailer includes the superheroes fighting into the depths of space, tossing vehicles at one another, and uppercutting foes into skyscrapers.

Xbox 360 users are getting a special chance to be in the Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC beta. Going to official Dawnguard site allows you to sign up. Those selected will received the full expansion, including achievements. I have already signed up, as getting free Skyrim content is always fine by me. Better than spending 1,600 MP. Either way, we can expect to see more information about the DLC at E3.

Lost Planet 3, a game which I’m not at all excited for, was recently revealed at Capcom’s Captivate. The game does appear to look slicker, but nothing about the game’s universe was all that interesting. LP2 was boring, though some people are excited about it. Good for them.

I would be surprised to see something from Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Resident Evil 6. I’m looking forward to Resident Evil 6, but the logo is extremely disturbing to me. I’m not sure if the game is about zombies or giraffes receiving fellatio from a woman.

Sorry for pointing it out if you didn’t realize this.

BioWare confirmed that they would not be revealing any information about the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC, which I guess makes sense as any footage would be a spoiler. I would appreciate some technical details though, such as how long it will be and just a general idea of what to expect.

Closing Thoughts
This article goes live at midnight on Monday, but Microsoft’s press conference begins Monday, June 4th at 12:30 AM, EST. Going to Microsoft’s official website will allow you to stream the conference live, or you can watch it on Spike TV, starting at 12:00 AM, EST.
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Signing Out
That’s it for our special 2012 E3 preview issue. Be sure to post a comment below about what you want to see at E3 this week, and whether or not we’ll be seeing some new hardware from Microsoft. Next week we’ll cover everything that happened at E3, so be sure to come back on Monday for the latest.


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