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Mad Riders (Xbox 360 Arcade) Review

June 17, 2012 | Posted by Todd Vote

Title: Mad Riders
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Techland
Genre: Racing
Players: 1-8 online
Rated: E for Everyone

Mad Riders is the second ATV racing game from Techland, who previously brought us Nail’d. When playing Mad Riders, you might even find yourself noticing a few borrowed elements from Nail’d. Not that that is a bad thing. Nail’d is one of the better ATV racers I’ve played on this generation of consoles, so mimicking the mechanics is certainly a good starting point.

Mad Riders offers a great fast paced racing experience across over 40 tracks. The game offers up plenty of big air opportunities, and plenty of speed. What it lacks in tricks you are able to perform, it makes up for in shear speed and intense races. Not only offering an extensive variety of tracks, but also offering up several different race types inside each of the tournaments.

First thing I noticed after turning the game on was how sleek the game looked. To be honest, being an arcade game, sometimes you don’t expect much in the looks department, but rather hope for intriguing gameplay, or an interesting story to keep your attention. Mad Riders looks nearly as good as some of it’s larger, disc based cousins in the genre. The game offers a lot of new ATV’s and riders to choose from as you go along, each ATV different than the next.

The races, while not exactly a new track each time out, are big, with multiple paths, and decent looking lush backgrounds. When I speak of the tracks not necessarily being different each time out, I mean you may run in the same are more than a couple of times, but the tracks are set up on different paths so they are new races, that run a different path in the same area. I believe Need For Speed has used this in the past, certain parts of each race may overlap, but ultimately you are getting new tracks.

The games controls are solid enough, pretty standard for what you have come to expect from racing games. Tricks, once you unlock them, are done with a combination of directions on the stick or one of the two shoulder buttons, while pushing the ‘a’ button. They are fairly simple to pull off control wise, the trouble with tricks can come in if you try to attempt them while not having enough air to pull it off. Performing tricks is also one of the quickest ways to build up your boost to give you an extra advantage, so you will want to implement them where you can. I do wish they would have perhaps added a bigger variety of tricks, or perhaps a few even flashier tricks. Most of what you can do is cool, but not quite awesome, if you know what I mean. Its more California Games BMX, and less SSX

There are several different race types as I mentioned above, ranging from standard races against other riders, to time trials, checkpoint races, and some where you have to race a ghost of a different rider. I believe it to be a pro, though it isn’t made clear if by pro the mean a pro rider, or one of the developers. The multiple race types combined with the large number of races really allows you to stay in the game, and not get bored with things after just a couple of races.

In addition to a decent size single player campaign, Mad Riders comes with online racing for you to extend your experience and test yourself against other racers. The online ran decent enough, though admittedly I didn’t spend as much time here as I did with the single player portion. I had the most fun with this game passing a controller with a couple of friends trying to out run each other on each progressive race.


+ fast paced racing action
+ Plenty of tracks, ATVs and unlockables
+ keeps you on your toes with intense racing


– Would have liked some bigger, flashier tricks

The 411:
Overall, Mad Riders is a fun, fast paced racing experience for a very affordable price (800 Points). You can’t really go wrong by giving it a shot. Plenty of tracks, and unlockables for you to work for, grab some friends and pass the controller around.

Graphics7.5Racing games, especially ATV racing games can look a bit bland at times. Mad Riders can hold itself up to some of the better efforts in the genre 
Gameplay8.0The ATVs controlled really well, and the fast pace racing keeps things intense. 
Sound7.0Decently done, but rather unremarkable. I hadn't even thought much about the sound till I got here.  
Lasting Appeal8.0I can see myself turning this one on when I have some company, you know, bragging rights and all.  
Fun Factor 8.0At its best when passing the controller with some friends in the same room, but has plenty to offer to hold your interest. 
Overall7.7   [ Good ]  legend

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