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Modern Warfare 3 Using Glitchers to test for Glitches

July 13, 2011 | Posted by Adam Larck

Infinity Ward is trying to stop the glitches and exploits for Modern Warfare 3 in a very simple way: have glitchers and exploiters try to break it.

According to mapMonkeys’ forums, four members of the group “are being flown out to California on Sunday, July 10th, to test Modern Warfare 3.”

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling confirmed this, saying “They’re out at the studio to help us run Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer through its paces.”

While the group has had 2-3 days in the past to try and find glitches, this time they’ll have a full week with the game to try and find as much as they can.


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Adam Larck
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